How to Style Oxford Shoes for men and women

Oxford shoes are versatile, which makes them suitable for different apparel. If you possess a pair, you can leverage its comfort and style it with male or female clothing. You can wear them to offices, honor occasional invites, or evening dinner party.  In any of your preferences, these shoes are every ready for a smart casual or professional look. It is only up to you to decide how to style oxford shoes and become fashionable.

Are Oxford Shoes only for Students?

There are subtle opinions that Oxford shoes evolved from student descent. Although, in the earliest years of the nineteenth century, the Oxford shoes were popular and used by students. But, presently, it is the other way round. It is of use to various wears available in your wardrobe.

The shoes are traditional, generalized, and can match different sex wears. You can pair them with male pants, jeans, or even female skirts. You will only ensure you have it fitted with the right-wear, and it subsequently becomes what you want it to be.

How to Style Oxford Shoes for Men and Women

1. Black Oxfords with Pants

It is common knowledge that shoes are a prominent and visible feature in any attire. The more classic it is, the more the outward appearance becomes attractive. Wearing a black oxford shoe with pants could be regarded as a less formal outfit. Yet, you can be in simple casual clothing and still appear attractive.

You can pair your black oxford shoes with any set of pants you want. Be it the baggy, knitted, or cropped flare, you are good to go. Just ensure the shoes are of nice width with the pants.

If you have a business or formal occasion around the corner, try the black oxford shoes, and you are sure to look dapper. More so, if you are feminine, it is a style you can also try.

 2. Oxford Shoes with Long or Straight-leg Jeans

Don’t be on the verge that shoes are only suitable for formal wear and occasion. Erase that thought. You can have your Oxford shoes styled with the variables of jeans you have. Even better, wear a  colored shirt on the jeans and adopt a leather oxford shoe.

Oxford shoes with long jeans are a perfect match all year round. Who knows? You can be the cynosure of all eyes when jogging every morning with these shoes. Try to attach your black socks when it seems cold. Nothing less than perfection will emerge.

3. Oxford Shoes with Trousers

Oxford shoes with trousers are also an excellent choice of how to style Oxford shoes. It is that outfit you can wear to the outing scheduled for the next couple of days. If you are the type that loves making your outfit edgy, you can have any color of shirts and tops worn with it.

Black oxford shoes look more thrilling with trousers. You will always go unnoticed when you have them on you. Perhaps, you chose the wide-leg or tapered trousers. Just wear a brown coat if the weather is not too warm. The complement will give you a perfect look.

4. Chinos with Oxford Shoes

Did you have chinos among your wardrobe apparel? It is the best time to pull them out. Wear it with those Oxford shoes on your shoe rack. Oxford shoes are an excellent choice itself, and it fits perfectly with Chinos.

When choosing your chinos type with oxford shoes, you could be selective with colors. Black and brown Oxford shoes should top your option, and they will match any color of the chinos you intend to wear. To make the styling complete, you can wear a short-sleeved T-shirt on it.

Other Ways to Style Oxford Shoes for Women Only

1. Oxford Shoes with Mini or Midi Skirt

If you have got a mini or midi skirt in your wardrobe, you can try to wear them with Oxford shoes. A simple means of how to style oxford shoes for women is to wear them with the skirt you have. Once you have the pairing, you are sure to have a look you envisage. You do not have to get clumsy with colors because you can nail the look with any color available.

It could be any time of the day, and you wish to visit your friend down the street. You can wear the shoes with any of your skirts. Oxford shoes with mini or midi skirts are dynamic and will radiate your look even more.

2. Oxford Shoes with a Dress

You can take a look at those dresses in your wardrobe. Just like most of the shoes or boots out there, you can perfectly style your Oxford shoes with a dress. You do not have to fix a single attire for Oxford shoes. It is your choice to wear the one you feel like wearing.

In most cases, wearing your Oxford shoe with dresses often showcases the casual look. You might think it is changeless. No. You can still have that formal look just by styling it with any other attachment; Hand Bags et al.

When you want to wear your Oxford shoes with a dress, you can opt for any color, and you are good to go.

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