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The Most Stylish Oxford Wedding Shoes for Men

Your wedding ceremony is undoubtedly the most important day of your life, and you want to look perfect. That means buying the perfect suit and the right dress shoes for your big day. Wedding shoes should be perfectly fitted, well-designed, and polished. It might be confusing when you have so many options available in the market. But don’t worry, we will help you to make your day memorable. Among all dress shoes, Oxford wedding shoes are one of the most stylish and elegant footwear. This article will lead you to the best wedding shoes for men, so you can confidently decide on the right pair.

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Traditional Oxfords for Wedding

Whether you are a groom or a guest at your friend’s wedding, a well-chosen Oxford pair can make you look elegant and sophisticated. Traditional Oxfords are made up of premium leather and lack toe caps. These well-constructed classic shoes are perfect for a subtle wedding look. Classic Oxfords are varnished shoes with a closed lacing system that gives the best formal appearance.

Many people choose to wear a tuxedo or suit on their big day, and these groom shoes go far beyond great. Moreover, these shoes are highly comfortable and don’t hinder your celebration moments. Oxford wedding shoes can make you feel relaxed and cozy all day due to their comfortable structure.

Cap-toe Oxfords for Wedding

Another great option for Oxford wedding shoes is cap-toe Oxford. These shoes are available in several colors and materials that can complement any fabric suit or tuxedo. You can easily dress them up or down according to your outfit formality needs. Black and brown leather cap-toe oxfords look amazing with navy, black, or grey colored suits.

Cap toe oxfords have been around for generations. Go for round toes over the square as they look more classic. Designated by a broguing pattern that goes around the lacing on the upper vamp makes these shoes more beautiful. These wedding shoes also feature metal toe caps to minimize the damage to the sole. The cap-toe oxfords are elegant shoes that can make a fashion statement on any occasion. After wearing these shoes, we assure you that you will find people staring at you with praising eyes.

Wingtip Oxfords for Wedding

Wingtips are Oxford shoes with a cap-toe attached and a side-reaching low wing. These shoes are best considered for traditional occasions and wedding receptions. If you are a best man or even a groom, these luxurious shoes can make you the center of attention.


When paired with perfect black or navy suit, crisp pocket square, beautiful cufflinks, and a patterned tie, no one would be able to take their eyes off you. Wear the lighter color of brown wingtip Oxfords with lighter suit shades. Keep your accessorize game simple and decent. Match your belt and watch with the shoe’s color.

White Oxfords for Wedding

White oxfords are exemplary in forwarding fashion; hence, many beautifully designed white Oxford wedding shoes are available in markets and online. Stunning aesthetic conjunction, exquisite details, contoured shape, and remarkable craftsmanship make these shoes one of the most demanding wedding shoes for groom.

You can find these spectacular shoes in many artistic designs, from crocodile prints to plaid. These patterned shoes look amazing with formal suits. White Oxfords can easily be found in various colors and are usually made of leather.


Whole-cut Oxfords for Wedding

These Oxfords comprise a single piece of high-end grain leather, mostly of calves. Whole-cuts are the simplest of all Oxford shoes. If you are not a fan of broguing or medallion, then you can choose these shoes over cap-toes and wing tips. Simplicity and classiness are the key features of these shoes that make them another viable option for men’s brown wedding shoes. Whole-cut wedding Oxfords look stunning with dark-colored suits and blazers.

What Makes Oxford the Best Wedding Shoes

So, what makes Oxford shoes best for a wedding? Firstly, Oxford wedding shoes are made up of highly durable and comfortable leather material. These shoes have a cushioned bed so that you can wear them all day long without discomfort. Above all, Oxfords are highly stylish and classy shoes and can easily be dressed up without much hassle. These wedding shoes are the dressier and classiest shoes among all dress shoes. Oxfords will rescue you through the situation if you are a short, heightened person. Go for elevator oxfords that feature a heel to save your big day.


More Tips for Groom

Here are a few tips for the groom that can be beneficial and valuable.

1.Buy Wedding Suit First

Buying a suit for your big day should be on the top of the list. Discover your style, body type, and choice, and buy the formal suit or tuxedo accordingly.

2.Choose Shoes Color Wisely

With cap-toe oxfords, wear dark-colored suits. Wingtips with medallions cap-toes will look amazing with tuxedos. Wear dark brown or black for your wedding day. Avoid light hues of Oxfords with dark fabrics. Oxfords with designed and patent leather is perfect for daytime events.

3.Prioritize your Comfort

Wedding day holds memories for years, and we don’t want you to ruin it by choosing any shoe that is not comfortable for you. Check comfort level along with style and color before purchase.

4.Stop Experimenting with Socks

Dress shoes like Oxfords always look great and fashionable with dress socks. Sports or ankle socks with different patterns, colors, and designs should be avoided.


For a more dynamic and dressy wedding look, consider no other shoes than the Oxfords. These shoes certainly bring tradition to the table. From classic oxfords to whole cuts, you can find them in various designs depending on the lacing system, eyelets, construction style, and broguing. Despite being classy, these shoes are also affordable and easily available in markets. You can also find these groom’s wedding shoes online. 

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