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Top-Notch Shoes To Wear With Tuxedo For Wedding

Wedding seasons can be really exciting, and you want to be perfectly dressed for the event. No attire gets complete without wearing appropriate shoes; ranging from leather shoes to slip ons; you have plenty of options. If you do not have a clue on what shoes to wear with tuxedo for wedding, check out the below recommendations. We have gathered the list of the top shoe to pull off a killer look at wedding events therefore, take a quick look at the below shoe recommendations. 

Types Of Formal Shoes

When picking out footwear, consider the wedding dress code, how formal the event is, and your own style preferences. That way, you can ensure your shoes not only complete your outfit but also give you an added boost of confidence during the event. 

Before choosing the right shoes to wear with tuxedo for wedding, make sure these hoes will uplift your look and boost your confidence. 

Leather oxford shoes that go with Tuxedo

One cannot miss having the fun with oxford shoes at wedding. These shoes are the classy ones that have closed lacing and low heel options. These shoes are similar to derby shoes, but they are made of one-piece leather. Therefore, if you are aiming for an elegant, smart look, grab oxford shoes with a two-piece tuxedo without a doubt. You can also go for whole cut shoes if you want to pull sophisticated style at wedding events. Moreover, you can grab the crowd's attention with your refined look by pairing elegant Tuxedos with a tie and leather oxford shoes. These shoes are the first choice when it comes to formal wear, and you can prefer patent leather shoes to wear with tuxedo for a refined and polished look.


Loafers are known to create aesthetic styles, and they are different from penny loafers and tassel loafers since they don’t have any designs on the upper soles. Moreover, you can opt for loafers that don’t have tassels, patterns, and buckles. The loafers with minimalistic patterns are well suited shoes to wear with tuxedo for wedding. And you can look effortlessly charming in your new loafers. If you want to play with colors, keep it subtle and look for materials that can elevate your tuxedo look. 

Opera Pumps

Opera pumps are the traditional formal shoe style that helps you achieve the prime look at a wedding. These shoes come with a deeper cut; so you can show off your socks. Moreover, the opera pumps are highlighted for their elegant bow that instantly adds to the classiness. If you are looking for a timeless shoe that can uplift your overall appearance in a tuxedo, wear Opera Pumps. You can definitely win over the audience with a sleek and sophisticated look by matching your Tuxedo with fashionable Opera pumps. But ensure you don’t overdo the style that put in outdated fashion trends.

Velvet Slippers

If you are looking for shoes to wear with tuxedo for wedding, then velvet slippers can be the best choice. Though slippers are considered less formal footwear, you can wear the vibrant velvet slippers with Tuxedo and it helps to elevate your style. These shoes are available in various colors and they can be worn on semi-formal occasions. Moreover, you can choose the velvet slippers with effortless designs to pull off your exquisite style. For your semi-formal meetings, velvet slippers can make you appear cool with the black tie and tuxedo. 

 Quick Tips

Things to Avoid

While getting ready for the wedding, you need to avoid certain things to appear trendier and cooler. 

Final Thoughts

Now you have some idea of what shoes to wear with tuxedo for wedding but keep in mind that all dress shoes are suitable for several occasions. If you fail to choose the appropriate shoe it will result in downgrading your look. So consider the above shoe tips mentioned in the article to achieve the required formality for the occasion. Also, you can try pairing the tuxedo with different shoe styles mentioned here to create variant looks. 

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