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What to Wear With Brown Shoes for Men

As you know the first impression is your last impression, and your shoes can play a major role in creating this impression. Everybody wants to look awesome which is not possible if your shoes do not compliment your dress. While it might seem absurd to think about color coordination when it comes to shoes, there are some basic guidelines you can follow that make the process easier. Keep reading our article to know what to wear with brown shoes for men

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Basic Rules to Wear Brown Shoes for Men

You can never go wrong with a brown shoe. It's the perfect neutral and will match any outfit. The perfect pair of shoes to invest in is a classic pair of brown oxfords or brogues. Whether you're dressing up or dressing down, brown shoes are the epitome of versatility. There are basically three rules for wearing brown shoes.

  1. Do not wear brown shoes for a more formal or professional look i.e. weddings, funerals, business etc
  2. Brown shoes are for the less formal look so don’t mix black with brown. For example, do not wear brown shoes with black business suits. Try with grays, blues, charcoal, whites and greens instead.
  3. Try a monochrome and contrast look. For example style skin pants with a light shirt and dark brown blazer.

    What to Wear With Brown Formal Shoes for Men?

    You can wear your brown shoes with business suits. Yes, you heard that right. Don’t think that brown shoes are only casual or semi formal, you can also pair them with selective suit colors. If your suit is black don’t combine it with any other color shoes. Style it with black. Brown works well when used in moderation. You can add fine detail to your formal look by wearing a brown watch, tie etc. while you can easily go with black shoes and black accessories, it must be understood that black creates more professional and sophisticated look while brown can create a less formal and casual look by retaining the professional tone.

    1. Wear your formal brown shoes with a blue pinstripe suit with a white shirt and simple tie for creating an elegant look for business meetings. This will make you look stylish and classy.
    2. Style your light checkered shirt with skin-toned chinos and dark brown monk strap shoes. This contrast will create a semi-formal look. It is also recommended for a date and weekend look.
    3. Create a stylish look by wearing blue jeans, a grey shirt and dark brown shoes.
    4. All kinds of dress and formal brown shoes can go with blue suits. In mid grey suits, brown shoes look more perfect than black.
    5. Brown shoes require brown accessories. You can match your tie, belt or pocket square with your shoes.
    6. While toned down any look while still keeping up professional attire, it’s hard to go wrong with the fashionable classic navy blue suit paired with brown formal shoes.
    7. Grey or charcoal suit with brown shoes always looks best on every person.

    What to Wear With Brown Casual Shoes?

    Brown boots are most versatile and stylish and best for semi-formal to casual occasions. Below mentioned are some outfit suggestions on what to wear with brown boots for your part night, dinners, hang out or any casual occasion. Brown boots are strongly recommended for students if they are planning to buy any boots. We suggest you go for dark brown or mid-brown shoes. Brown shoes are often thought to be reserved for office and professional careers. But if you have your heart set on pairing brown boots with your favorite dress, there's no reason why you can't rock them all year round.

    1. Pair your straight brown pants, olive shirt and denim jacket with your brown boots chukka or Chelsea boots.
    2. Create a monochrome look by wearing your light-toned jacket and style it with your chinos and brown boots.
    3. Style your black jeans with a white casual shirt and dark sweater with dark brown sneakers.
    4. Slim fit jeans, a t-shirt and a brown sports jacket look really great together with mid-brown boots.
    5. Grey pants with brown turtle neck, blazer, and brown boots are a perfect combination for your semi formal look.
    6. A light t-shirt with black pants and brown shade boots is perfect for your weekend look.
    7. Black corduroy, light brown t-shirt with a blazer or coat and tan leather boots is the most stylish blend.
    8. All brown leather casual shoes and boots work great with blue jeans.


    Brown Shoes are a style staple that can elevate the look and enhance the outfit when worn properly. Brown is flexible enough to work in both semi-formal and casual environments. The perfect pair of brown shoes can be versatile, classic and add an extra punch of color to any outfit. A nice pair of brown shoes can complete your wardrobe and make you look like a million bucks without even trying too hard. You can style your own combinations in a hundred ways by keeping in view the above suggestions.

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