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Support for An Active Lifestyle

Pursue support for an active lifestyle with Bruno Marc Sneakers collection. Dignified support. Cultivated design. Before you set yourself up for a successful run, start with a distinguished choice. Bruno Marc sneakers are here to support you and your active goals by making sure you look good while you doing. Confidence is key to achieving most of our dreams. Start here.

A Brilliant Decision

The radiance of an active lifestyle will shine brighter with protective casual sneakers. Protective Bruno Marc men's sneakers that are lightweight, comfortable, and lined with elastic for extra flexibility. Define your look and do it in a way that supports your inner athlete. Our men's casual sneakers offer supreme support for all your adventures.

Pave The Way

It’s the perfect pair of Business fashion Bruno Marc Sneakers to wear at the office. Casual but chic. Fashionable but supreme. Lightweight and comfortable with a secure fit. Feel the lightness in your entire body as you walk, stretch, and breathe through your day. Pave the way for bigger and brighter milestones with lightweight men's sneakers that support your every move.

How should Men Style With Casual Sneakers

Sneakers are one of the best options for men since they are comfortable and versatile shoes. You can look cool and classy by wearing casual fashion sneakers to meet your friends at the café as well as heading to the basketball court. If you like to know more about styling your outfits with men's sneakers, check out the below article. 

How to style the Basic sneakers?

Basic sneakers such as lows, and canvas kicks are the ideal choice for every man. You can pair up your basic sneakers with denim, shorts, and chinos of different shades and colors. You can also pair your basic sneakers with printed t-shirts, and blazers for both a casual look and a professional look. Moreover, you can match your basic fashion sneakers with skinny denim and chinos for any small hangouts. 

How to style the Leather casual  sneakers?

The leather sneaker is another best favorite among men to create a distinct look. You can wear leather casual fashion sneakers with slim denim, customized trousers, chinos, and even casual suits. 

But not to wear the leather sneakers with the shorts whereas you can wear any smart shirts, polo, and basic T-shirts with a blazer or a knit tie to look more elegant in your leather sneakers. Moreover, you can choose men’s white casual sneakers for your holidays and save the black for formal occasions.

How to style the Classic Sports Sneakers?

Classic sports sneakers are the ones that can complement your outfits and bring the best in you. If you like to match your classic sports sneakers with outfits, choose a loose t-shirt and tapered fit denim. Also, you can opt for any casual attire to pair up these sneakers. 

You can also match the sneakers with chino shorts during the hot summer to enjoy being cozy. However, you can match your sneakers with the color of your outfits. The classic sports sneakers are the most versatile, which can be worn with everything from jeans and a t-shirt to tapered pants and a blazer.

How to style breathable knit mesh sneakers?

Who doesn’t love to wear breathable sports sneakers? You can look cool in your fashion sneakers by pairing them up with a tracksuit. Also, go for the men's sneakers with trendy fashionable edges. However, you can wear the breathable knit mesh sneakers for your gym practice or your running event during the weekend.

Choose slim denim or chinos or elastic cuff wear to go with sporty casual t-shirts to pair up with your knit mesh sneakers. You can choose various colored running shoes to pair up with your outfit to create a perfect look.

How to style casual fashion sneakers?

The casual fashion sneakers are the top-notch sneakers for everyone who wants to dress up classy and trendy. You can wear sneakers with slim denim and open plaid T-shirts. You can choose to wear black denim with loose-fit t-shirts to add more elegance to your overall outfit. Denim is the best friend for any casual fashion sneakers therefore you can choose neutral color outfits to go with your trendy casual sneakers. 

How to style the Slip-on Sneakers?

Slip-on sneakers are the shoes that stay between the loafer and the traditional sneaker. These sneakers can provide comfort with their sleek design and create a more sophisticated look on you. These slip-on sneakers are the best choice for any non-formal occasion to appear stylish.

But when it comes to men's sneakers choose a non-neutral color with a minimal design for any casual meetings. You can wear the slip-on sneakers with dark indigo denim and casual tees for a splendid look.

Can Casual Sneakers Be Worn For Formal/Business?

The material from which a sneaker is produced is frequently the first step in dressing it up. The perfect business casual sneaker is made of shoe materials such as suede, and leather. If your office is more professional, consider a neutral-colored material. Black or brown casual sneakers are generally a safe bet.

If your workplace permits for more casual attire, have some fun with colors or other details like stitching or unusual laces. Even though you are wearing professional footwear, you may show off your particular sense of style.

Keep it simple

Start by matching your sneakers to a simple appearance if you are unclear about the rules of professional decorum when wearing sneakers. For a stylish and office-appropriate style, pair pants with a single-color button-down shirt and neutral leather sneakers.

Tailoring is Key

When worn with well-tailored clothing, business casual shoes look best. Baggy clothing will create an unkempt appearance, emphasizing the sneakers' more informal aspect.

Balanced look

Balance the formal and informal looks by pairing the sneakers with a more formal outfit, such as a well-fitting suit. The combination of the sneakers' casual attitude and the professional suit creates the ideal business casual look.

Prefer quality over others

While gym shoes should be kept on the court, fashion sneakers have occupied a primary place in office closets. Therefore look for a modern style and high-quality materials while choosing the sneakers for any formal/business occasion.

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