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From Oxfords To Loafers: Men's Wedding Shoe Outfits

The perfect men’s wedding shoes play an important role for the couple and the guests. All guests need to dress properly to make a good impression. But choosing the right pair of shoes to match the suit is a challenging task for every man. In this article, we will tell you all the trendy men’s wedding shoe outfits that will help you show your style.

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Black Oxfords With Blue Suits

If you want more traditional and formal shoes then Oxfords are the best way to go with. With closed-toe and formal appearance, these shoes are a good way for traditional and formal weddings. The choice of colors plays a significant role in dressing up for a wedding.

A navy blue suit and dress shirt when paired together make an ultimate stylish outfit. Pair this outfit with a navy silk tie, white pocket square, and black Oxfords for an on-point and trendy men’s wedding shoes outfit.


Black Dress Loafers With Grey Suits

Loafers are indeed a stylish and versatile option for the wedding season that offers a unique twist to formal footwear. Depending upon the dress code of the wedding, you can wear loafers that strike the perfect balance between refinement and a sense of style.

Wear a grey-colored checkered suit with a white colored tee for a dash of refinement. A nice pair of black dress loafers will help you to pull this look together in just minutes. Pairing a grey dress suit with a white shirt and black tie is an absolute wardrobe essential. Not sure what to wear with this outfit then black dress loafers are the way to go.


Black Wingtips With White Suits

This amazing shoe refers to the special type of wedding shoes for men that have a distinctive decorated toe cap. These shoes are often associated with the classic and formal style. Best for the wedding, they give you a more charming and enhanced look.

There are several ways to style this shoe more amazingly. If you want to get ready for the marriage, then wear a white suit with a white shirt and a black bow. Now if you are aiming for the proper fashionable get-up, then wear black wingtips.


Brown Oxfords With Blue Slim Fit Blazer

An all-time classic, these shoes are considered the king of shoes. If you want to go for a formal look, then Oxford shoes are a must-have accessory that will take your look up a level instantly.

Whether you are the groom or you are his best man this is one of the best men’s wedding shoe outfits. Wear khaki-colored dress pants with a blue navy slim-fit blazer and complete the outfit with bridegroom shoes for a more polished look.


White Oxfords With White Suits

White oxfords were designed as the popular and one of the best wedding shoes that have always been on trend. No matter what outfit you wear, they are sure to make you look more impressive and bold.

When you put together the perfect outfit with the brown oxfords, you are sure to attract everyone’s gaze towards you. There are several ways to wear the oxfords, but the best way is white suits and a shirt. Just wear a light white button-down shirt with white suits to look like the perfect gentleman. To give your ensemble a more formal finish, wear the blue bow.


White Sneakers With White Suits

Wearing white sneakers is a tasteful way to induce elegance in your wedding outfit. The white tone of the sneakers enhances your look in just minutes. The white sneakers bring you the subtle element of the charm.

These comfortable shoes allow you to enjoy every moment of the wedding day when you want to dress in a stunning men’s wedding shoe outfit. Wear a white suit with a white button-down shirt with a golden watch.


Penny Loafers With Chinos

If you want to go to the wedding with a look that reflects the charm and the style, then adding penny loafers to your outfit is the best way to go. These shoes add more comfort and style to your whole look.

The combination of brown chinos with a black blazer will look incredibly smart and stylish. For a more modern and edgy touch, wear the black penny loafers with this amazing look.



The right men’s wedding shoes plays a crucial role. The perfect pair of shoes can display both elegance and functionality with your style. Whether you want to wear a suit or you want to wear a blazer and pants, each look can be enhanced by choosing the right footwear for the big day.

The right footwear can either make your day very special. Keep reading this article to learn about men’s wedding shoe outfits. 

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