Types of Men’s Dress Shoes that Every Man should own

There are different types of dress shoes for men and their selection is so important that it can alter your whole attire. Shoes are so important that they were known as a marker of status and wealth in history for a long time. Most stylish guys endeavor to have a well-rounded wardrobe that is prepared for any situation they find themselves in, and it is no different for shoes, which are the foundation of personality.  

When you need a new pair, you find different types of dress shoes for men but can’t decide what to buy. Don’t get confused we got your back. The purpose of today’s article is to explain to you the difference in the formality of those different types of dress shoes. We have short-listed some basic shoes that every man should own regardless of style, age, or personality.

1. Oxford Shoes

The oxford shoes are essential in a classic, masculine wardrobe. The lacing system is closed and a center seam is prominent. The back part of the shoe quarter goes right underneath the vamp. It comes in a number of varieties, like plain, whole-cut, wingtip, saddle, and cap-toe. The most famous is the cap toe, which has no perforations.

They work nearly in all formal occasions. These shoes can go well with tuxedos and suits as well as button-down shirts, polo shirts, with pair of jeans or chinos. It's appropriate for an interview, casual office days, boardroom meetings, and even dinners. Style it with a jacket or blazer while going out to some nice place with friends. Always invest in quality while buying different types of dress shoes, especially when it comes to Oxfords.

2. Chelsea Boots

Chelsea boots have tight-fitting ankle length, rounded toes, and low heels. It has no laces and comes in leather and suede in different colors. Because Chelsea boots have a tight and slim profile, the outfit also must not be ill-fitted. You can style it with pants and t-shirts with jackets or pair it with chinos, jeans, with turtle-necks, and blazers. They give you a casual to formal look and can be worn at office, casual events or even weddings.

While purchasing Chelsea boots, don’t go for too pointy or too rounded shoes. Grab the one that has a nice rounded toe, which gives your foot a slim shape.

3. Derby Shoes

The Derby is characterized by its open lacing. It has an additional piece of leather for laces stitched on the body of the shoes. It’s suitable for people with bigger feet because it fits more comfortably. People often confuse Derby with Blucher as they have a very strong resemblance. The only difference is the way a piece of leather is attached to the shoes from the sides to the back. While choosing a derby, go with the derby that has an angular pointed toe. Remember one thing while buying different types of dress shoes for men: always avoid shoes with fancy designs, and broad square toes; the simpler the shoe the more it looks classy.

They are slightly less formal than oxfords and are designed for outdoors and more casual occasions. It can go well with coat combinations, chinos, and jeans. Derbies are very versatile and have a corporate-casual classy look.

4. Monk Strap Shoes

At first, monk strap shoes had a single buckle, but over time, a second buckle across the insole was added to create a different look. You may see three buckles as well, but two buckled monk strap shoes are trending these days which give a truly classic look. Buckle and strap positions can vary in different shoes but go for the shoes with straps that are not aligned or parallel. The Monk Strap shoe is a low fitting, stylish, and comfortable shoe of all time. They also have a cap-toe with broguing.

It is a casual wearing shoe and can be suited with everything below formal. You can grab a pair of jeans or trousers and a pullover and style them with monk shoes. It can also be worn with less formal suits like navy suits or even shorts.

5. Chukka Boots

Chukkas Boots are ankle height, fit closer around the ankle, and have an open lace system. They usually have two to five eyelets. They can be crafted in typical leather, suede, or cow skin. Chukkas have smaller heels and a rubber sole, which is a lot more common in casual suede boots, but leather soles are more common, especially in dress chukkas. The inside of a chukka’s material, whether it is leather or suede, is raw and un-padded to make the shoe soft and comfortable. They are simple, classy shoes without embroidery, fancy patterns, or cap toes.

Due to its versatility, it looks great with jeans, chinos, and even trousers. Style your outfit with blazers and overcoats. It works with a lot of combinations and is hence strongly recommended for students if they are planning to buy any boots. I suggest you go for dark brown or mid-brown shoes. If you are a formal dress lover, these boots are not for you.

6. Loafers

A loafer is a shoe with no laces. It has a separate sole with a low heel. They have a shorter vamp and a neatly stitched structure. There are different types of classic and stylish loafers, including  penny, and tassel loafers and more. The materials used in loafers range from leather to suede. They can be perforated, have buckles or tassels on them for a classy look.

They are casual shoes and hence not recommended for formal dresses. They are great for spring and summer looks. Loafers look great with polo shirts, jeans, or chinos.

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