Shoes are everyday essentials worn with men's pants like most other fashion collections. From Flip-flops to Brogues and laced shoes to slip-on, they are limitless and found around men of all ages. Although casual or formal shoes can be in different varieties, it is entirely up to you to select the casual shoes to wear with dress pants. Or perhaps with the latter; formal.

But, when it comes to choosing men's shoes with dress pants, the options can be overwhelming. Or quite hard for fashion newbies who are unfamiliar with shoes and pants.

However, as difficult as it may appear, you can find the best slides from fashion stores and pair them with your favorite pants. Here in this guide, we have broken down the list to narrow your search.

Best Casual Shoes for Men

We are all aware that men's casual shoes come in different styles and that it can be hard to find the perfect pair. However, it is not always a hard nut to crack. The list below includes the best casual shoes to wear with dress pants. 


If you are on the lookout for casual shoes to wear with dress pants, you can’t make a wrong choice with loafer shoes. Loafers are men’s shoes designed for varieties of menswear, including dress pants. These simple yet sleek shoes are comfortable and easy to pair with any dress pants.


Loafers have a slip-on design built on durable soles. And unlike most other men’s shoes, there are no laces or fastening systems on their upper vamp. Some, however, possess structural decorations, including tassel loafers.

When it comes to dressing your pants, the Loafers decorations make it easier. Even better, you can create different styles, and loafers will fit in. However, having your loafers worn with pants and a blazer on top is not out of place.  

Derby Shoes

Derby’s is one of the top best casual shoes for men to own in their shoe racks in 2022. From its earliest days in the 20th century, the sturdy shoes are a perfect fit for men on the lookout for casual shoes to wear with dress pants. Besides the design that comes with trendy styling, they readily add a touch of glamour to varieties of menswear.


Derby shoes feature shoelace eyelets sewn on top of the vamp, and onlookers can quickly notice this when you wear them. They also comprise an open-laced style design with durable soles that make them easy to walk in and outlive annual cycles. While the material used varies, you can find them in suede and leather to suit your preferences. The styling is endless.


When it also comes to summer and winter seasons, derbies are great shoes to wear with menswear. From chinos to trousers, they complement and enhance your overall appearance. However, if you would love to keep things stylish yet casual, wear chinos with plain tees and socks on black suede.

Chelsea Boots

Historically, London Men had the best of these Chealsea boots, and they won’t forget how they transfigured their styles so soon. Upon their first appearance in London County, Chelsea, the shoes were popular amongst men stylists. They have, however, become a must-have for men who want the best casual shoes to wear with dress pants today.

Chelsea boots are laceless, made with a round toe structure, and come in sizes to accommodate different feet. Their sleek soles are also durable to wear with men’s dress pants, taking you all around the year.

In contrast to most men’s boots, Chelsea boots are low and steep – on terrains. With their elastic side panel, you can wear them with several pairs of pants over time.

If you would love to take on a business-casual look, brown leather Chelsea boots are an excellent choice. However, other dress pants like your trousers are not out of place to style with these boots.

While their hues could be picky to choose from, blue and brown Chelsea boots are the best bet, especially in the summer.

Chukka Boots

Chukka Boots are yet another type of casual shoes that men can wear with dress pants. Also known as the work boots, Chukka’s are sleek and versatile with men’s ups and downs. With a perfect tone of extra styling, they look great with male ensembles.


Apparently similar to the Chelsea boots, Chukka boots have an upper vamp made of leather. Also found in their exteriors is an open-laced style designed to taste.

Besides the leather-made types that tend to be more durable, the suede goes best well as casual. Pair your trousers with summer and winter menswear on suede Chukka boots, and you are sure to get positive compliments in the street.  


Their hues of brown and black Chukka are the trendiest types you can find today. While you can choose to wear them in specific seasons, they are an all year round boots.

Dress Sneakers

We won’t outline the top best casual shoes without including the dress sneakers in the list. Dress sneakers are appropriate for men looking for casual shoes to wear with dress pants. Besides being a suitable alternative for Slip-on Loafers, their canvas-made material creates a stylish fashion tone.


Dress sneakers have no heels but soles built with canvas. Their hues of white and black are the trendiest, and you can hit them anytime on the street.

If you want to party on a casual weekend, your plain tees with dress sneakers will ooze nothing less than radiance.


Brogues are men's shoes designed to style with dress pants, including other ensembles you may find pleased to wear. The sleek shoes comprise a thick leather sole and closed-lacing with elegance for menswear.

Their interiors contain perforations and thickenings that allow draining when working in wet conditions, thereby keeping your feet warm all through the day. You can also use them on marshy or swampy land.

While most casual shoes aren’t the comfy type, brogues are low-heeled and allow your feet to sit well. Think about hitting the street with your pants on a long term? Brogues are there to take you through as long as you want.

Their hues of black and white are appropriate to style with different menswear in your wardrobe. Even with your tees, you can style them to taste.

A pair of blue long-sleeved shirts with chinos is classic and having them worn with brown brogues is also not out of place. Brogues are worth a stylist investment, and you can always style them with your pants ensembles to vogue.

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