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How to Style Grey Pants With Black Shoes

A pair of black pants with black shoes may be your ultimate go-to, but that's not the only one you should have in your closet. If you want to add another color to your pant collection for an office and casual look, consider grey pants! Grey pants with black shoes is a combination that goes well. We have six grey pant outfit ideas for you to draw inspiration from. So, grab your pen and take notes!

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How To Style Grey Pants With Black Shoes

Below are different ways you can style grey pants with black shoes:

Black Mesh Sneakers with Grey Pants

Black mesh sneakers keep an outfit casual but still neat. They let your feet breathe on hot days. The back sneakers paired with straight-leg grey pants in the photo above create a clean, relaxed style that's perfect for every day. 

The breathable material keeps things light while colors keep it simple. Give this style a shot when running errands or hanging out.


Black Chelsea Boots with Grey Pants

Chelsea boots add some flair to your grey pants and are probably one of the most comfortable shoe styles too. The stretchy sides mean you can just slip your feet right in without having to bend over to tie laces. We know after a long day, the last thing you want to do is fuss with shoelaces!

Chelsea boots and grey pants work well if you're on your feet a lot, like if you have an active job or like to explore on weekends. The elastic lets your feet breathe better than a regular leather shoe. We would recommend wearing this outfit when you're going to be out and about, walking around the city or on trails. Chelsea boots support your foot and ankle, so you'll stay comfortable.


Black Leather Oxfords with Grey Pants

Leather oxfords are always a sharp choice to dress up your grey pants. This outfit will be helpful if you've got meetings or presentations at work - it shows you mean business from the neck down!

The leather is nice and durable too. These shoes will last you years if you take good care of them. If you need to look professional but want a more relaxed alternative to dress shoes, opt for oxfords with tailored grey pants.


Black Dress Loafers With Grey Pants

Grey pants and black loafers always look clean and put together. Throw a button-down shirt and you have a whole outfit. Or you can dress it up a bit with a nice sweater or jacket.

Dress loafers are comfortable shoes that don't squeeze your feet like other dress shoes. They have that neat look of oxfords or bucks but are easier to walk in all day. For days when you want to look put together without too much fuss, dress loafers with gray Pants are the way to go.


Black Casual Oxfords With Grey Pants

This outfit looks tidy without being too formal. The gray pants are wrinkle-free and smoothed out nicely. The black Oxford has a laid-back style without patterns that could seem messy.

Together, the simple gray pants and plain black Oxford make a neat match. Black socks finish it off well. This outfit works great for regular daily activities that aren't dressy but shouldn't feel sloppy. On cooler days, a soft sweater or jacket over the shirt keeps you warm. In warmer weather, a polo or t-shirt replaces the button shirt. Stripes or patterns could add fun.


Black Wingtips With Grey Pants

Black wingtip shoes are a classic choice that go well with many different looks. Paired with grey pants, this outfit suits business-casual environments like most office jobs.

Solid-colored button-down shirts in whites, light blues, or pastels would complement the black and grey below. Sweater vests or lightweight cardigans are also nice layered top options.


Rules on Styling Grey Pants With Black Shoes

Grey pants with black shoes are a timeless match that always looks good. Here are some tips for putting these two together perfectly:


To wrap things up, grey pants with black shoes are an excellent pair that can take you from work to relaxing. Best of all, gray pants with black shoes flatter different body types. Add this easy pair of pants to your closet. Then you can style them with different black shoes for any occasion.

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