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9 Types Of Business Casual Shoes For Men To Look Stylish

If you are amongst the ones, who don’t have any idea on what shoes to wear for business casual days, then don’t be worried. Fortunately, we are here to help on the best business casual shoes. Business casual attire is the style of modern era dressing. It’s been gaining popularity since the past two decades and it’s not changing anytime soon.

Business casual clothing style dates back to American and British culture.  Business casual dress code is basically a casual wear but with smart and modish components of a proper lounge suit from traditional attires. Business casual outfits are gaining popularity day by day because of their unique casual style with a formal attire touch. Pairing up of appropriate pair of shoes with business casual style is also of pivotal importance because if you don’t wear a suitable and worthy pair of shoes, it can ruin your entire look.

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9 Popular Business Casual Shoes To Wear With Casual Attire

In this article, we have explained all the important points for you to consider while choosing the best business casual shoes for men.

Popular Business Casual Shoes For Men
Select your favorite business casual shoes to look impressive

Penny Loafers

Penny loafers are invariably one of the best business casual shoes for men. The significance of these shoes lies in their versatility because you can wear them with all kinds of outfits. They give you a casual look while simultaneously also comes up to the grace of the formal shoes. 

Always keep a neutral color loafer in your wardrobe. But experimenting different colors is also a great choice.


Oxford Sneakers

Sneakers can also help you embrace a good-looking business casual style. They make you appear fashionable and trendy while maintaining business casual attire.

 They can be worn with sweat shirt, t- shirt with blazer which can be paired with chinos or jeans. Suede or faux sneakers are the best choice for your sneakers.


Fashion Sneakers

Fashion sneakers are indeed one of the most recommended options for nearly all business casual environments. These shoes are adaptable to any format situation as fashion sneakers can be best fit for both formal and casual look. 

It’s always a good choice to have a neutral pair of fashion sneakers in your wardrobe in a neutral color.


Casual Oxford Shoes

Casual oxfords are a classic and traditional choice for business casual attires. These shoes are a must to have for every man because they can be worn in a variety of formal or semi-formal occasions.

Oxfords can be found in a wide range of materials that includes calf leather, suede, faux, patent leather and canvas. The best choices for colors are black or brown. You can style them with plain or patterned design.


Suede Derby Shoes

Suede derby shoes also go well with business casual wardrobe. Like oxfords, these shoes are also available in a range of materials including calf leather, faux, suede, patent leather and canvas. Their design permits to have you a less streamlined and bit more casual profile. 

Try wearing classy leather with simple colors and suede designs to make it inclined towards semi-formal attire.


Monk Strap Shoes

Monk strap shoes are no doubt a  kind of comfortable business casual shoes for men. They look so classy because of their sleek and modern design. Their semi-formal yet sophisticated design ensures that they are the perfect choice for business casual attire. 


While choosing the quality of business casual shoes for men, opt for patent leather shoes for a refined and attractive look.

Dress Boots

The idea of using dress boots for business casual may sound weird but actually they can be worn with style yet maintaining a sophisticated formal or semi-formal look. They are commonly available in neutral colors i.e. black, brown or tan. However they are also a lot of other types and colors of dress shoes. 

Their classy and sophisticated design lets your rock at your workplace.


Chelsea Boots

Originating from the Victoria era, Chelsea boots have persisted the test of time and still continue to grace the wardrobes of the people. Chelsea boots are elastic side panel containing ankle-high boots.   

Chelsea boots come in different shapes and designs but they are generally dressier than other types of business casual boots.         


Chukka Boots

Chukka boots are also in fashion since many decades. These boots have ankle length height with open lacing system that contains several eyelets. 

These boots are the best to wear for any business casual look. They work very well with dressy jeans, chinos and dress pants.

Shoes to avoid with Business Casual Attire

Athletic Shoes

Sports shoes running shoes or trainer shoes don’t fit with the business casual attire because these sporty shoes are too much casual for business casual attire.


Sandals or flip flops are probably the worst shoes to pair with business casual clothing because it makes you look unattractive and awful.


Espadrilles also do not go well with business casual attire. You may have seen someone wearing it, but it doesn’t well-proportioned.

Velvet shoes

Velvet shoes are also not a smart choice for business casual because these shoes do not match with the dress code of the business casual attire.

Shoe Material to Wear with Business Casual

Patent Leather Shoes

Patent leather shoes are invariably the best choice to be worn with the business casual shoes. Their glossy and shiny appearance adds style to your appearance.

Calf leather shoes

Calf leather shoes are also a good choice for business casual attire. These shoes give you a sophisticated yet refined look.

Faux shoes

Faux shoes are made up of PVC or polyurethane. Selecting them is also a smart choice because these shoes definitely give you an attractive and modern look.

Suede shoes

Suede shoes are one of the best choices for business casual setting because they help give you a stylish and elegant look.


Canvas shoes are also popular these days because these shoes help you build a modern look with sophisticated and modish style.


Business casual is a dress code that blends traditional wear with more casual style that is still an excellent choice for workplace. But wearing most suitable shoes is also as much important. In this article, we have explained all the details necessary for you to know before buying the best business casual shoes.

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