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Suede Oxford Shoes

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A Classic Style

Class is the goal when you turn on the heat and get a pair of our suede Oxford shoes shipped to your home. Catapult into a bold new adventure and let the world see what you’re capable of. A classic style that has been around for a reason is one that we love to see. Enjoy the moment and grab a pair for yourself today.

Never Back Down

Our brown Suede oxfords are ready to go with your favorite cardoray pants. Our black suede oxfords are prime to take a twirl with your favorite black suit pants. Our suede Oxford shoes never back down from a challenge. It’ll be tough to find an occasion, event, or outfit that doesn’t have a matching pair of suede Oxford Shoes waiting for you.

Smooth, Sexy, Cool

Suede is one of those materials that can absorb the shock of a long day with class and elegance. It’s suede Oxford Shoes that can handle office meetings, wedding parties, or a simple lunch. This material stays cool even after hours of long wear and exudes sexiness with its smooth texture. This is the collection where we brag about all things suede because we believe it’s a material you need to have and experience to understand. 

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