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Leather Oxfords



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You’ve arrived at the perfect collection of leather oxfords for men. Let’s discover new fashion together. Our leather Oxford shoes include classic leather oxfords and black leather oxford shoes with newer trending. Take a moment. Saty stylish with a pair of Bruno Marc brown dress shoes or black formal shoes. These Bruno Marc men's leather lined dress oxfords shoes make you make a statement and feel confident wherever you go. Now lace up your oxford formal shoes and amaze the crowd.




Attention to detail on front display. Each leather Oxford is designed with special attention to style and long-term comfort. The process is simple. We only use the good-qaulity material and designers. We choose safe and high-quality leather or PU leather for a comfortable fit. Detailed stitching. Classic designs. Where high fashion meets comfort, you’ll find Bruno Marc.




You’ll know you made the right choice when you never have to worry about being confident again. Go after everything you’re gunning for, and win. Survive meetings, formal weddings, awkward lunches, and brunches in style. If you reach for the stars in our intricately designed stand-out Oxfords, you just might touch the sky. 

How to Style Leather Oxford Shoes

  • Classic Leather Oxford Shoes With Suits

    Leather Oxford shoes usually come in neutral colors like black, brown, or beige, which are better options for any dress. The high ray feeling of pairing leather Oxford shoes with suits is undeniable. Another thing about leather Oxford shoes is their durability, smoothness, texture, and versatility. They go with any outfit, any time, and give you a better look. They give your feet a feel of royalty when put on. And not just that; they also give you a bright look and make you walk smartly. Leather Oxford shoes are also smooth, shining, and attractive based on their texture. You can wear them with traditional suits of many colors, other formal outfits, and casual outfits. Even during the winter, leather Oxford shoes are a better option. 

  • Style Leather Oxford Sneakers 

    You can pair  brown leather oxford sneaker with black blue suits or black Oxford sneakers with a black suit. Just ensure you match your shoes with your belt, and you’re good to go. Sometimes you have to check your suit color with Oxford sneakers to have the best formal look you desire. Oxford shoes are better when a shirt and trousers with a tie are the options. Just wear socks that won’t show under your pants, or wear colorful socks if you want to bring attention to them.

  • Styling Black Oxford Shoes

    You can wear black Oxford shoes traditionally with black suits. Other colored suits and more formal suits are better ones to choose from. You may decide to wear square-toed shoes, but rounded-toed shoes aren’t a bad one to use because they’re classic, smooth, and visually appealing. They will surely give a dashing look at the end, but make sure you choose a black belt, especially when you consider using black Oxford shoes, and don’t let your socks be visible unless they’re of the same color as your shoes. Styling Oxford shoes are relative, which means you choose your shoes and the dress you want to wear with them, but no matter what you pair them with, they will always give you a desired handsome look. 

  • Styling Brown Oxford Shoes 

    Choosing brown Oxford shoes, especially when you want to wear brown or beige suits, is the best idea. The elegant traditional look that will be the outcome can’t be underestimated. Brown Oxford shoes have always been in fashion, and you can wear them with almost anything from formal outfits like suits to casual outfits available in your closet. Other tips on how to style Oxford shoes: a.Use pants or trousers that break at the top of the shoe. b.When you want to draw attention to your shoes, pair them with brightly colored socks. c.Wear your shoes without socks if you want the shoe to be the focus. It all starts with picking the best Oxford shoes in the right colors and matching them with the right outfit to make a harmonious look.  


Determining the preferable one between leather Oxford shoes and suede Oxford shoes is relative. Some prefer leather while others love them in the same proportion. Meanwhile, it boils down to the fact that the number of leather shoes in people’s racks is higher than that of suede because of their features.


First, your preference between leather and suede Oxford shoes has to do with their material. But there are differences between them beyond the feel and style. The reason why many prefer leather Oxford shoes are: Leather is a material that can adapt to many environmental conditions due to its nature. It’s also a material that goes with many fun occasions, seasons, events and can be worn with all manners of outfits. Leather is a bit more textured and partnered than suede. When the appearance is looked at, the scars, bites, and other blemishes on the leather give it a different texture. This texture is what some consider before getting leather shoes.


Other reasons why people go for leather are: The leather is smooth and buttery and leather has a nice sheen. Also, leather has retained its high preference when a formal or a traditional look is required. Though it might not be the best option when a casual look is needed, leather Oxford shoes can still go for night & day outings, clubs, and the likes.

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