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Challenge Yourself

Dare to be different this season and choose something surprising from our Men's Oxford dress Shoes Collection. Oxford dress Shoes exude endless class. Now that you've made up your mind to make a difference in your wardrobe by purchasing premium oxfords, spice it up by adding a pair to the cart that goes beyond what you would normally grab. Maybe that's black leather oxford shoes, instead of the usual brown. Choose wingtip dress shoes this season that'll challenge the norm.

 Long-Term Goals

Bruno Marc offers Oxfords that are just as resilient as you. Wear-resistant outsoles are the perfect companion to your long-term goals. Suede Oxford Shoes with a modest heel and PVC sole are in line with the future you already have set up for yourself. They reflect the supportive, flexible, and durable intentions you've already set up for yourself. The ability to think in the long-term is embedded into every Oxford included in this collection.

A More Confident Man

Leather Oxford dress Shoes naturally produce a more confident man. By virtue, Bruno Marc is sure to create a shoe that showcases the best version of you. Strong, long-lasting, and tough. The ability to thrive in any terrain. These are the values rooted in the sole of every Bruno Marc Oxford dress Shoes.

Types of Oxford Dress Shoes for Men

  • Cap-Toe Oxford Shoes

    Next up, we’ve got the cap-toe oxfords, which is basically an addition of "a cap on the toe" of a plain-toe oxford to make it sophisticated. And that stands out, making them one of the most popular types of Oxford shoes available.   

  • Pain-Toe Oxford Shoes

    Oxford shoes are best known for their formality and dressiness, which is based on how they look. And as far as that goes, the plain-toe oxford shoes are by far the most formal type of oxford shoe available.They come in a classic, elegant design with no unnecessary (extra) designs or additions. All you'll find on these shoes are the vamp and the quarter that holds up the lacing system. 

  • Oxford Sneakers

    Another trendy type of oxford circulation now is the oxford sneakers, and they look nicer than I’ve thought. So, what are oxford sneakers? As you’d guess, it’s just like bringing the best of sneakers and oxfords into one shoe. You’d get the formality of an oxford and the comfort of a sneaker. Pretty simple?   

  • Wide Width Oxfords

    Wide width oxfords are perfect to be worn for people who have wide feet. Wide width oxfords come in different styles including wingtips, plain-toe, cap-toe and more. These shoes are usually built with a wide toe box so that you can feel comfortable all day. 

How to Style Oxford Shoes for Men

  • Oxfords shoes With Suits

    Wide width oxfords are perfect to be worn for people who have wide feet. Wide width oxfords come in different styles including wingtips, plain-toe, cap-toe and more. These shoes are usually built with a wide toe box so that you can feel comfortable all day. 

  • Oxford Sneakers with chinos

    If you’ve got some chinos you want to rock in your wardrobe, a way to make a statement with it is by wearing an oxford shoe. These pairs are excellent, not just in a formal setting, but in casual as well. When shopping for oxford shoes that go well with chinos, black and brown should be your priorities. These colors would go with arguably any kind of chinos you have. And once you've set with what's below, grab a nice, fitting top that spices up your look. 

  • Oxford Shoes with Pants/Trousers

    Whether you’ve got trousers or suit pants, Oxfords are an exceptional choice of shoe to pair with them. Oxford shoes are always ready for formal outfits, so you can’t make any mistake wearing them with your formal pants. When you think of a nice outfit for that cocktail event, wedding, work, and maybe dinner, oxford shoes with your favorite pair of pants/trousers make an excellent choice.   

  • Oxford Shoes with jeans

    Many, because Oxfords are dress shoes, think it's perfectly wrong to pair them with jeans. But that's not always the case. If you have the right pair and know how to do things right, you can nail your look with a pair of oxfords and jeans. Depending on your taste, you can opt for the dressier open-toe or cap-toe oxfords or spice things up with the brogues. It’s even better if you have Oxford sneakers; with that, you need not worry anymore. And that's why you need a premium pair of Oxford sneakers in your closet so you can switch things up in situations like this. These shoes can also be a replica of your regular sneakers when the occasion doesn’t accept them.   

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