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A Timeless Classic

Men's Chelsea Boots are trendy, classic, and on-brand. Wear our leather Chelsea Boots out to brunch or to your next wedding. A wardrobe staple dating back from the 1800s, this British-inspired style lends the appearance of elegance and class to all men with the fashion sense to wear it. Tall strong ankle boots with a rounded toe, side panels, and a rear pull tab are all trademarks of this classic style. Pick a style that never ages.

 Well-Constructed and Durable

Premium material. Thoughtful Design. Longevity. Our men’s suede Chelsea Boots are available in white, brown, tan, or grey. Pair your favorite brown Chelsea Boot with a rich in-season beige corduroy. Then enjoy the magic of a great TPR outsole that’s wear-resistant with good traction and a soft EVA foam footbed for all-day comfort.

Stay Ahead of the Curve

Officially earn your title as the best dressed in the office with our Chelsea Work Boots. Win the crowd and secure that promotion in white, brown, tan, or grey. Black Chelsea Boots win the prize of being the most likely to demonstrate trendiness. A clean white tee, black blazer, and a pair of your favorite Bruno Marc Chelsea Boots will put you ahead of the curve. Enjoy a crispy clean look that exemplifies your attention to detail and love for fashion. Pick a style that never ages.

What is Chelsea Boot

Chelsea boots come in when you need a pair of versatile footwear that is also comfortable, trendy, and cool. These boots are close-fitting ankle-high boots and come without laces, thanks to the elastic panel on their side. And that makes them easy to slip on and off the foot; no, you don’t need to worry about wasting time on lacing.  

Men’s Chelsea boots became popular in the 1960s and, since then, have been a must-have for every stylish gent out there. Add to the elastic side panel that makes them easy to dress and undress, Chelsea boots come with a premium, breathable upper that allows proper airflow, hence protecting your feet from stinking sweats that may lead to annoying blisters, no matter the weather condition.

And besides the comfort they bring, Chelsea boots are so popular because of their versatility. Is it a casual occasion or a well-dressed events? Chelsea boots can serve in almost any scenario. From having a night out with your partner to dressing up for an interview or business meeting, you can rock your outfits with Chelsea boots. Once you’ve got the right pair and matching apparel, there’s nothing else to delay.  

And talking of the ‘right pair,’ Chelsea boots are readily available in both suede and leather build and mostly in black and brown colors. If you’re shopping to look more presentable professionally, black leather Chelsea boots are a lifesaver. And that's to say: go for suede Chelsea boots if you’re planning a casual event.

How to Wear Chelsea Boots for Men

Look chic casually

A perfect way to style your Chelsea boots is for a casual look. That’s when you can look sophisticated as much as possible. For this type of setting, you can throw on skinny jeans, a T-shirt, a jacket, and a pair of suede Chelsea boots. Alternatively, you can swap the T-shirt for a white buttoned shirt for a dapper look.

While you can wear either suede or leather Chelsea boots, the former looks better with a casual outfit. Wear a pair of brown suede Chelsea boots to avoid looking too formal.

Keep it simple with the smart-casual style

Besides looking sophisticated casually, you can keep things relaxed by going for the smart-casual style. Since the goal is to keep things simple and stylish, you can’t go wrong with simple attires like black jeans, a nicely-fitted sweater, and a matching jacket. To seal that, opt for a pair of black leather Chelsea boots. You can also wear a suede Chelsea boot to a smart-casual event. But since the goal is to keep things simple, suede style might be overkill.

Up for a business-casual look? Chelsea boots are a perfect match

While Chelsea boots are readily a perfect match with casual outfits, you can’t go wrong with them if you’re up for a business-casual look as well. Here’s when you won’t want to “overdress." So, we recommend opting for a pair of leather Chelsea boots. Once that's out of the way, you can put on tailored chinos, a shirt, and preferably, a blazer.  

Also, remember to choose a matching color and keep it simple. For instance, you can wear tan chinos with a white long-sleeve shirt, a navy blue blazer, and a pair of brown leather Chelsea boots. Sure, you can experiment with colors, but remember to keep it simple to keep the "professional" look.  

Present yourself formally and semi-formally

“Can I dress in Chelsea boots for a professional look?” Absolutely Yes! You can appear elegant in your semi-formal and formal outfits with Chelsea boots. All you need is to choose the perfect pair that fit the occasion.  

Chelsea boots go flawlessly well with suits, helping you present yourself without putting in much effort. For this look, stick with black leather Chelsea boots, especially if you’re wearing a black or grey suit. Avoid playing with too much color when you're up for a formal look. One more thing; you may need to take your suit trouser for tailoring. It looks better when your trousers fall nicely on top of your boots.

Are Chelsea Boots Formal

Chelsea boots are an excellent replica of popular dress shoes like Oxfords, loafers, and brogues. They work surprisingly well with both formal and casual outfits, making them one of the most versatile men’s footwear available.

Even so, are Chelsea boots formal? Yes, they are, but it depends on the occasion and the type of Chelsea boots. While black leather Chelsea boots are suitable for formal dresses, it's not the same story with suede Chelsea boots.

When wearing Chelsea boots with formal outfits, there are certain things to note:

  • Go only for a leather build, preferably in black. Suede Chelsea boots just don’t work with formal outfits.
  • Ensure your pants/trousers are slim and fall nicely on top of the boots. Avoid pants/trousers that break. Even a slight break could 'break' your look. So ensure you've got the perfect trouser length and width.
  • Consider the dress code. If you’re going to a black-tie event where you will probably wear a tuxedo, consider wearing the appropriate black dress shoe like an Oxford.

Chelsea boots aren’t particularly formal, at least not like an Oxford shoe. Nonetheless, you can rock your Chelsea boots with suits in a business-casual, semi-formal, and some formal setting, in as much it’s not a black-tie event or with a tuxedo. If you must wear Chelsea boots to a semi-formal (or even formal) event, ensure your pants/trousers are smart enough, not too wide to look baggy or too long to break. Conclusively, Chelsea boots are formal, but not to the extent of wearing them with a tuxedo or a black-tie event.  

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