6 Best Driving Shoes To Pull Off A Relaxed Look

The driving shoes are the must-have shoes in your wardrobe, and they are a combination of a penny loafer and traditional moccasin loafers. These shoes are a more classic choice of boat shoes, and you can prefer these shoes if you want to dress in a relaxed style for the vacation. You can wear these driving shoes on various occasions to display your versatile dressing style and look fantastic. If you want to know more about driving shoes for men, continue to read below.

What Is Driving Shoe?

Driving shoes are made of moccasin construction slip-on shoes that aid snug feels and coziness. These shoes offer more grip on the heel, and they also aid in flexibility. If you prefer shoes without laces, driving shoes can be your ideal pick. These shoes are closer in style to sneakers, and they are made of various materials such as reverse calf leather, suede and other synthetic ones.

6 Best Driving Shoes For Men

There are various types of driving shoes available for men, and we listed the popular choices here.

Our Top Picks

Penny Driving Loafers

Penny loafers are slip-on shoes with small details present on the vamp. Also, you can find the stylish leather piece on top of the shoe with a simple cutout design. Though they are simple in style with a laceless design, these shoes can work well with your casual and workwear. You can wear the penny driving shoes with slim dark denim for a cool look. If you want to wear raw denim, you can absolutely pair black jeans with a dark t-shirt to achieve the off-duty look.


You can also wear your penny loafers with wide-leg trousers by showing off the perfectly hemmed pants above the socks and pair a knitted polo shirt for a sophisticated look. Penny loafers are essential to achieve the smart casual look, and you can effortlessly pull off the minimally styled outfit by wearing slim trousers with a plain shirt. For a classic look, you can complete the outfit by wearing the mac coat.

Slip on Driving Loafers

Slip-on driving loafers are one of the ideal driving shoes for men, and they can create a casual vibe to your overall outfit. These driving loafers can make your driving cozy and easy. The slip-on driving loafers are designed for driving enthusiasts, and it is made of moccasin-type materials with rubber soles present around the back of the heel. 


Moreover, these shoes have excellent traction and grip features, so you can move your foot without any hassle.

Moccasin Driving Loafers

Moccasin driving loafers are easily identified by the studded sole, and they are fantastic driving shoes for men. These shoes offer flexibility and comfort when you pick the shoes of the right fit. The moccasin driving loafers are basically moccasin shoes with extra durability.

You can choose the driving moccasin with rubber pebbles on the boot that offer more grip while you drive. Also, the body of the shoe looks similar to a regular moccasin with a slightly heavier construction. Moreover, you can wear these shoes throughout the year and style them in various ways.


Leather Driving Shoes

If you love to choose the perfect driving shoes for men, take a look at leather driving shoes. These are cousins of regular loafers and we suggest you wear them during driving. The leather driving shoes display some level of classiness, and the primary attention of these shoes is the sole since it works on the pedal. Invest in premium quality leather shoes for greater durability. 

Moreover, these shoes can be also used for other regular activities, you don't reserve the shoes only for driving since you can pair them with multiple outfits.


Casual Driving Loafers

You can opt for casual driving loafers, made of rubber soles that provide excellent flexibility. You can choose the driving loafers with great interiors, cushion padded insoles for breathability, and you can wear these shoes for long hours of driving without any discomfort.

Moreover, these shoes have incredible designs with a good touch of modernity. Also, these casual driving loafers are available in various colors, therefore, you can wear these shoes anytime, anywhere to enjoy the coziness.


Suede Driving Shoes

Suede driving shoes are one of the best driving shoes for men since they are ultra lightweight and made of rubber soles. These shoes are built with suede leather that is smooth and comfortable enough to wear during driving.

By wearing exquisite workmanship-made suede driving shoes, you can pull off your cool relaxed look. Also, it is a great alternative to traditional leather shoes, and it can be worn at parties, weddings, and beach occasions. Therefore if you don't own a pair of suede driving shoes yet, it's time to buy one.


How To Wear Driving Shoes?

Styling driving shoes with your outfit can be quite overwhelming since there are a few rules you need to follow. Don't worry since we have broken down the rules in a simple form here.

●The driving shoes are known for their relaxed style you can choose the outfit to be as relaxed yet elegant while matching. Try pairing driving shoes with slim jeans, chinos or shorts.

●If you want to wear long pants, go sockless and show off your ankles for a casual and contemporary appearance.

●For a dress-up look, you can choose a slim-cut suit in casual fabric but avoid going too formal. It is also important that you keep your driving shoes clean and polished for a well-defined look.

You can wear the driving shoes for various occasions, so get to know them to display your elegant style.

For Your Date Occasion

You can wear the moccasin driving loafer with any casual attire for your next date, and you can easily pull off your best look. If you get ready with a full suit look, pair leather driving loafers to look more sophisticated.

For Road Trip

You can wear driving shoes with jeans, a t-shirt and a nice pair of biker jackets or morning coats with a nice pair of driving shoes that can complete the road trip look. You can also wear these shoes with a sleeveless T-shirt, and denim shorts with a matte-finished driving loafer.

For A Peppy Look

For a sophisticated look, driving loafers are the absolute choice, and they can be worn without socks to establish the comfortability of the new style. You can pair these driving loafers for men with a button-up shirt with striped shorts and a vintage watch for a cozy preppy style.

For Business Trip

Driving shoes are the primary shoes for flight travel since they are comfy and lightweight, you can easily slip on and off the shoes when you go through security checks at the airport. For the business trip, you should wear socks along with your driving loafers. It is recommended to wear long, patterned cotton socks to pair with dark loafers in blue or gray. You can wear a plain shirt with a dark tie and tailored trousers with no break since the driving loafers come with low heels.

Poolside Look

You can also wear driving shoes for men on vacation days, especially when you pass through airports. If you have doubts about whether you can wear these shoes around the pool or near the beach, leave your worries. Since you can effortlessly match these driving shoes with a knitted polo shirt, swim shorts and a water-resistant watch. Moreover, you can wear classic sunglasses to enjoy the relaxed vacation look.

For Beach Wedding

Have you tried wearing driving loafers to your friend’s beach wedding? If not, carry these loafers with you since these shoes will complement your suit look, and blend with your elegant attire to make you appear charming. Replace your regular flip-flops for the beach occasion with beautifully made driving loafers that look impressive. There is no doubt, you can party with your style.

For Casual events

Driving shoes are the ideal choice for casual occasions, and they can be easily paired with beige chinos and a blue shirt for an interesting look. You can also go with cotton trousers with a cotton shirt and silk toes to achieve a nonchalant look. Wear your cozy bright-colored driving loafers with the outfit combo and get a cashmere coat to complete the look.

Final Thoughts

Driving loafers are the wise choice for men to wear with multiple attires on various occasions. Therefore it is one of the essential shoe staples that should be present in your wardrobe. If you lack the shoe pair, explore the various styles and grab one soon. Moreover, the matte-finished driver loafers are known for casual occasions, but reserve well-polished leather loafers for weddings, and party occasions. Knowing what kinds of driving shoes to buy and how to wear them is a fashion trick. And now all the secrets get revealed here, so get the perfect driving loafers for you to lighten up your day. 

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