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We all know that Oxford shoes are formal and come with closed lacing. Then, what else? Men's Oxford shoes are versatile shoes that are not too formal to be inappropriate for casual occasions or too casual to be a perfect match for a black-tie event. Well, what that means is that they're the type of shoe that should never be found wanting in every elegant man’s wardrobe. If you're in the market and stuck with what dress shoes to go for, over here are our favorite types of oxford shoes for men. Oxford shoes come in diverse types based on what they look like and how they’re built. Here are the top six types of men’s oxford shoes that are never out of style.

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Types of Oxford Shoes for men

Classic Oxfords

Also known as the Classic Oxford Shoes, this style is elegant, hence, more formal than the other types of men’s oxford shoes. You’ll find them with only the quarter, the vamp, and no extra detail, like a cap on the toe or unnecessary broguing.


Plain-toe oxford shoes with their usual leather build and dark colors make them the best pair for formal attires like suits and tuxedos.

Cap Toe Oxfords

Essentially the plain oxford shoes with an additional cap on the toe, cap-toe oxford shoes are arguably one of the most popularly worn oxford shoes we've seen. While the traditional plain oxford shoes are as simple as we call them, cap toe oxfords throw some extra sauce into the mix; and that adds to their elegance.


You’ll find them with an additional leather stitched to the toe to give it a distinctive look. And what’s more, this style of oxford shoes comes in both leather and suede, and a variety of colors like black, tan, brown, burgundy, etc. Nonetheless, you're likely going for a black leather cap-toe oxford shoe if you want something more classic and formal.

Wingtip Oxfords

While the regular cap-toe oxford shoes come with a simple, extra piece of leather above the toe, wingtip oxfords take it a little further. Their overlay extends to the sides of the shoe, forming a 'W' or 'M' shape (or wings), depending on what angle you're looking at it from.

It's not just that; wingtip oxford shoes come with broguing across all the attachments, hence referrable to as a Brogue. And, of course, the broguing makes them even less formal than the cap toe and other types of oxford shoes for men.


In terms of material and colors, wingtip oxford shoes are available in leather and suede build and commonly in Oxford sneakers.

Suede Oxfords

One thing you can take away from such a design is “minimalism,” and that makes the suede oxford shoes an excellent shoe for any occasion: be it formal or casual. As you’d expect, suede oxford shoes are available in many colors like the other types of oxford shoes.  


Oxford Sneakers

While it's easy to get lost in the formality of oxford shoes, every stylish gent also needs at least a pair of casual oxford sneakers to spice up their weekly shoe collection.


The sneakers version of oxford shoes comes in all the types we've mentioned above—plain toe, cap toe, wingtip, wholecut, and others, but with extra sauciness. Besides being casual, oxford sneakers exhibit all the characteristics of a sneaker. They’re extremely comfortable, stylish, light, and pair well with almost any outfit.

You’ll find them in various, universal, versatile colors and materials like leather, suede, mesh, etc. What’s more, these types of oxford shoes usually come with a soft, removable insole and flexible, durable outsoles, which add to their lightweight-ness and comfort.

Casual Oxfords

Casual oxfords are up for those who want to dress to impress. They’re a kind of relaxed oxford shoes, bringing in distinctive characteristics that join to become elegant footwear.

These casual oxfords come in different styles and designs, flaunting a trendy look, and most importantly, supplying extra comfort. 


Add to that is their versatility. Whether you’re up for a date night or a friend’s birthday party, your casual oxfords will give you an elevated look and make it easy to express your style. Besides that, you can take them to your most formal events show them you are serious.


As an elegant man, Oxford shoes are what you can’t overlook while building your footwear collection. You’ll need at least one pair of these classic shoes to remain in style when it comes to rocking formal, semi-formal, and even casual outfits.

And while the plain toe, cap toe, wingtip, and wholecut oxford styles are widespread, you can add some oxford sneakers and Chelsea oxfords to the mix to improve your weekly choice of footwear for various occasions.

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