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How to Style Blue Suit with Brown Shoes

Suits come in different shades and can be tricky to match with men's dress shoes. For their colors, it takes careful thought to create a perfect fit with other ensembles, such as a combination of a blue suit with brown shoes. And if you are new to menswear styling, their fabrics such as wool, linen, or tweed may be more or less demanding.

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Historically, black shoes are the most viable option for men with various suits, including those without any idea of putting together a trendy style. Herein, both newbies and existing stylists can reel out their best styles in several combinations of black suits with black shoes.

It has, however, become an alternate choice for stylists who have found their way around the age-long cycle. More so, the trend has since changed.

Blue suits are the latest versatile suits for brown shoes. And you can plainly tell when you get the style right on the perfect spot!

Blue Suit With Brown Oxfords

In the simplest terms, this is the ideal pick for a stylist looking for a formal mix.

A blue suit with brown Oxfords is a chic combination to try if you wish to carve your look to splendor. Aside from being ideal for corporate and professional events, the combination earns you the desired compliments.


While brown and black Oxford shoes are usually formal, a pair of blue suits with brown Oxfords is nothing short of handsome. Wearing a white shirt with a navy blue suit and brown shoes is also modern, and adding a pop of color with monotone belts, ties, pocket squares, and cufflinks ultimately elevates the look.

If you would love to show off your well-built skin, loosen the top buttons of your button-down white shirt. However, a fully buttoned shirt with a tie is most suitable for the workplace and other formal occasions.


Blue Suit With Brown Wingtip Shoes

Wingtips shoes have long been in the fashion arena to provide the best menswear view, including for suits. Although these shoes are not as formal as Oxford's, they are comfortable and fashionable to wear. Simply say they are; simple and sleek.


Wearing a black-brown wingtips with blue suits is trendy. And to a greater extent, more professional. Other shades of blue, such as navy and royal blue, also go well with wingtips.

If you are planning a workout, an evening date, or a weekend event, blue suits in a light color tone with wingtips are suitable. To make the style more appealing, dress it in jeans or chinos. However, get your colors right to avoid mishmash.


Blue Suits with Loafers

Slightly casual but chic. A combination of brown loafers with blue suits is a trendy style to hop on if you wish to flaunt your well-packed blue suits at informal events.

Wearing a blue suit and brown shoes is fashionable and appropriate. Even better, Loafers styling comes naturally, and you don't need a long list of guides to get it correctly. Simply dust your shoes, and you are ready to hit the street with this ensemble.

A mix of blue suits and loafers is ideal for weekend parties, nights out, or casual dates. Adding a tone of light-colored Loafers is also acceptable.


Blue Suit With Brown Sneakers

Wearing brown sneakers  with a blue suit is simple yet classic. The combination is not just easy to spot but also gets you a compliment from bystanders. And with other fashion collections such as sunshades on a hot summer day, you will look great.

If you would love to make a not-too-flashy yet noticeable style at a casual event, pair brown sneakers with a navy blue suit. For both weddings and professional events, it is also a viable option.

Considering a more professional appearance at work? A dark blue suit brown shoes fit your thoughts. And with every variety of blue Suits, you can always have your plans well reeled out with oxford sneakers.  


How to Wear Blue Suits


Wearing a blue suit with brown shoes is ideal for formal occasions and tones, even in various forms.

For formal events such as weddings and offices, a combination of navy or dark blue suits looks best with dark brown shoes. And a pair of Oxfords, derbies, or monk straps will round out the look.

With a white button-down shirt and navy tie, button-up and down, or leave the upper section open. However, it is advisable to button up the entire set and ensure the suits are not saggy.


A light blue suit with brown shoes, such as tan, is ideal for casual occasions. You might, however, try on alternative suits, such as grey or royal blue, which will not look out of place.

Wear a patterned tee shirt with suits to a night out or casual weekend gatherings. And to complement the style, pair your blue suit with loafers or another casual shoe.

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