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What’s the Difference Between Oxford and Derby Shoes?

Among several types of popular shoes, Oxfords and Derby shoes are the ones that are at the height of fashion these days. You can wear the Oxford shoes in formal settings; however, Derby is more absorbent for casual settings.  Scroll down to know the difference between Oxford and Derby shoes, including styles and much more. Not only limited to the type and techniques, plus color and proper selection are equally important.

Oxford and Derby Shoes

Let’s know about both shoes in detail. Oxford shoes refer to the type with shoelace eyelets tabs under the vamp at the part of shoes known as closing lacing. With these shoes, you can enjoy durability with rubber soles and sturdy as leather dress shoes. In other words, these elegant shoes come with a closed lacing system hidden in the upper part of the shoes.

You can opt for these cultured, classic, and perfect shoes suitable for tuxedos, separates, and suits. In some cases, you can prefer to wear them as semi-formal and smart-casual shoes.

In contrast, Derby shoe features with laces go through and stitch on the top of the vamp. In other words, these shoes are popular as ‘open lacing’ shoes and provide the essence of opening outwards.  The shoes are less inevitable in appearance incorporating looser tightened laces that offer you freedom of movement. You can enjoy the utmost comfort while walking with its fiber system. Interestingly, the sole constructed from direct-injected PU make shoes a lightweight fit and offers excellent absorption.

The Difference Between Oxford And Derby Shoes

Differentiating between the two shoes may not be easy, while both represent fashion in distinctive styles. There is a good standard in men’s fashion shoes and a wide variety. Let’s know what differentiates them from each other in terms of quality, material, style, and other.

Men’s Oxford Shoes

Men’s Oxford shoes with a sleek and sophisticated look are a bit similar to the Derby look. However, the difference is its lace-up shoe that is closed. In terms of material, these shoes feature leather or faux leather. Plus, they have eyelets tabs attached at the bottom to provide it a more organized look.


You can wear them at parties, occasions even you can wear them in professional meetings and day-to-day office work. In addition, these shoes feature with low accoutre heel, visible ankle, and interior and exterior quarters under the vamp.

Men’s Derby Boots

Unlike Oxfords, Derby boots feature an open lacing system that is easier to wear and good-looking. You can feel relaxed with both formal and informal dressings, and you can wear them at weddings and semi-formal functions.

Plus, they come up with stitched leather sole with an extended toe and consist of sections including two quarters, a vamp, and a tongue. Moreover, you can prefer them whether you have wider or narrower feet to fit them better and it enables you to tighten up properly.


Which One is More Formal?

When it comes to deciding which one is more formal, Oxfords are preferable with a professional and traditional look. You can wear them in formal attire. Besides, Derby shoes are not as proper as Oxford’s. However, you can wear them with intelligent causal outfits. After all, there are many variations in terms of colors that make Oxford look more formal.

In terms of color choices, you may opt for black color with a suit; it will give a more formal look. While dark and light brown look a little casual but you can wear them for semi-formal occasions. Also, you can consider material whether you want leather or other types of materials.

How to Select the Oxford and Derby Shoes?

Now that you have known the differences between Oxford and Derby shoes, it will be easy for you to opt for the one you desire. But it is essential to keep in mind that these differences are tailored to several ambiances and have situational variations.

How do you define fashion? It is all about appearing good-looking and feeling comfortable. Considering its finish based on material, color, and adornment, you can select the one. However, it depends on your choice and likes to buy a pair of shoes.

If you want men’s wear with a super comfortable feel, so your choice should be Oxfords. Interestingly, many companies also use mixed strategies in constructing shoes and incorporate styles that share a new shape and style.

All of us desire to keep more than one pair of shoes in different colors. While buying any of them, take into account and pick the one that meets your needs and provides you with utmost comfort.

Note: It is noteworthy that Oxford and Derby boots both look formal. However, Derby has some color specifications, like light brown, that make it look more casual.

Final Thoughts

This post discussed the difference between Oxford and Derby shoes in detail concerning style, material, and appearance. Considering all factors in mind, you may prefer either of them. Generally speaking, it is more desirable to pick the more formal one. Not having the perfect matching shoes as per dressing style may look awkward and put a nonprofessional impression on your personality.

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