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How to pair the derby shoes with jeans and look classy?

The derby shoes match with jeans effortlessly, and it is pretty easy to bring the best style to you. Also, the tapered jeans with derby shoes can create a more casual style. If you like to wear derby shoes, choose suede derbys with jeans for a less formal look. Moreover, if you are looking for styling tips to look better in derby shoes with jeans, continue to read this article.

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Best styling tips while wearing derby shoes with jeans


1. Keep the outfit balanced

Jeans are a versatile outfit that helps create a business casual, professional and party occasions. Though derby shoes are an absolute fit for formal events but pairing jeans and derby shoes may look odd in casual settings. If you wear a vest or hoodie top with derby shoes, it won't fit. But the derby shoes add a smart look, and jeans give the casual look. You can also prefer wearing light brown shoes with jeans for a trendy look. You can wear this combo to your dinner parties, date nights and shopping. If you have doubts about tops, choose polo shirts, oxford shirts and sports jackets.


2. Mix match laces

While wearing derby shoes, change the laces to look extremely stylish. You can check out your derby shoes in your wardrobe to look trendy and cozy. But it can make you look more formal than causal so it is essential to buy a few pairs of laces in contrasting colors to add a casual vibe to your overall look. Though it looks like a kind of time-consuming chore, you will absolutely love the final result. So it's time to try them on your own to enjoy having fun with derby shoes with jeans.

3. Avoid Distressed Jeans

Whenever you wear derby shoes, avoid distressed jeans since it doesn't go well with your overall look. Since derby shoes are more formal, it doesn't go well with casual pants. The problem is wearing derby shoes with jeans will only look good if the jeans are on the formal side. You can also wear jeans that are somewhere middle between the formal and casual side. At the same time, you can avoid jeans with tears, frills, rips and embellishments since they look way more casual. For a more refined look, you can avoid acid/stonewashed jeans and prefer regular-fit jeans.

4. Prefer suede material

Derby shoes are available in several materials, such as leather, and suede; suede adds a more casual-looking appearance since it does t have a sheen. So it is recommended to choose derby shoes that are made of suede to look more casual. Moreover, the suede derby shoes are a must-have item in your wardrobe. The derby shoes can display a rugged nature similar to denim, and this is why this outfit combo works better, There is one more reason leather shoes don't work well with derby shoes they are shinier which looks more casual style.

5. Dark jeans are the best match for Derby shoes

If you dont know yet, dark jeans work better with derby shoes than light-colored jeans. When you try to match your derby shoes with jeans, carefully choose the color to look more casual. Also, blue jeans are the prominent shade when it comes to jeans, so prefer dark blue jeans instead of light blue to look more formal. At the same time, you will look bold in dark jeans shades, and you can restrict wearing bright colored jeans. Instead, you can choose black and dark grey as alternative blue jeans. The risk of wearing bright-colored jeans is they draw more attention and spoil the look of derby shoes, SO always stick to dark pair of jeans and avoid more distressed and straight-fit ones.

6. Derby Brogue

You can choose derby shoes with brogue patterns to pair with jeans. The brogue derby shoes have a horizontal edge in the toe cap has perforations. Moreover, the semi-brogue shoes have perforations on the sides, edges and also on the toe cap, It looks great and creates a more formal look when combined with jeans. You can wear the wingtip derby shoes and create more fun, and you can play with several derby brogue shoes. But ensure you can pair the derby shoes with jeans and chinos, not with formal suits.

7. Choose a Tapered Fit

While wearing dress shoes with jeans, go for a slimmer fit than tapered ones. At the same time, you can avoid boot-cut jeans flared jeans, and wide-leg fits. Moreover, you can choose jeans that are not too tight or too loose. Though straight jeans work well with derby shoe, it is not preferred since it creates a less formal look. Therefore as a tip, we recommend choosing formal jeans to look impressive in your new derby shoes. Your aim should be to balance the outfits to look classy and smart in your derby shoes.

Final words

Derby shoes are an excellent footwear option to look instantly impressive in your jeans. Therefore it is time to invest in good pair of derby shoes but considers the above tips to grab the right shoes. Also, consider the denim that works for your formal events. Since you do want to mix and match the derby shoe with casual pants to pull down your style. It's time to experiment with your new look with derby shoes and jeans. Good luck!!

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