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How to style a button down shirt like a fashion expert-Bruno Marc

A button-down shirt is a type of men's dress with buttons that fasten the collar to the front panel of the shirt. These jerseys were originally made to look like those worn by polo players. As a result, men's button-down shirts are mostly regarded as a sporting style. Even though it was created as an informal shirt, it is now considered more formal than a t-shirt. Button-down shirts can now be fashioned as formal, sports, or casual shirts, and combined with appropriate accessories to fit the occasion. Let’s check out the versatile styles about how to style a button down shirt

Over a t-shirt

A button-down shirt can be worn over your favorite T-shirt even if it’s worn out and faded. Wear a shirt over it to create a fashion statement while retaining your emotional attachment to the t-shirt. For a unique look, try mixing & matching color combinations.

Tuck in or no tuck-in

Some styling techniques never go out of style. When tucking a button-down shirt in, either button it up or leave the first two buttons open. Depending on the season, the latter goes well with jeans or corduroy pants and chukka boots.

Rolled-up sleeves

Have you ever wondered how to style a button down shirt? Then choose rolled-up sleeve style. Rolling up one's sleeves not only makes one feel more comfortable but also gives one a more casual appearance. Roll the sleeves to just below the elbow and loosen the cuffs. This appearance is best achieved with a wrinkle-free button-down shirt and matches it with casual sneakers.

Wear with right pants

To complete a style, your shirt must be paired with the appropriate pants. Sometimes it's necessary to match the shirt and pants to the season. During the winter, for example, you might choose to pair a button-down shirt with corduroy pants and ankle boots. In the heat, though, this combo is a no-no. So, match one of your men's luxury shirts with a season-appropriate pant that is also incredibly comfy and give you confidence.

Layered style dressing

Autumn is the season for layering. Wear the shirt over a full-sleeved shirt with the cuffs rolled up or under a well-fitting sweater. V-neck sweaters go well with such shirts. Wearing men's button-down shirts under a blazer and tucking them into the jeans is another full style. Wear leather belts and chukka boots to complete the look.

During the spring and fall, these shirts look great with quilted vests. When the weather is cool but not chilly enough for a winter jacket, the shirt can be worn under a fleece vest and casual boots.

Check out the style tips on how to style a button down shirt:

White and Waistcoat - A white shirt with a black waistcoat is usually a winning combination. With a pair of blue jeans and sunglasses, you may make it more casual. A brown tie adds a splash of color, and  a pair of oxford boots complete your style.

Swag style – Swag look consisting of a white shirt with blue jeans and a checkered jacket. Match this outfit with a pair of Chelsea boots and shades will complete this style perfectly.

Street style – If you are looking at how to style a button down shirt choose a street style; and a white shirt is a great option to do that. This style is completed with black suit trousers, black smart shoes, and braces. Finish with a suit jacket, leather loafers and sunglasses for an edgy style.

Evening style - Grey suit trousers with a white shirt makes your even style outstanding. To create a statement, pair this suit with a black tie and matching black oxford shoes.

Classic style – If you care about a friend who asks how to style a button down shirt? Suggest them classic style since it is best suited for any occasion. The black trousers and a white shirt with a lovely striped tie can elevate the look. To add more fashion to the outfit, wear a beautiful watch, wingtip oxford shoes and a great tie clip to complete the appearance.

Summer style - Because you are well aware that summer makes you sweat, consider wearing light-colored clothing. If you are going to the beach in a white shirt, attempt to open the buttons and roll up the sleeves. Wear it with a pair of shorts or sweatpants and slip-on shoes to achieve the style.

Smart casual style- With this attire, men with a well-groomed beard and hairstyle will look much more attractive. Wear a white shirt with chinos and tuck it in to show off your fantastic belt. A recommendation for you is to match the color of your belt to your casual oxfords and other accessories such as your wristwatch and sunglasses.

With Tailored Chinos- This is a good option for those who prefer to wear tailored shirts. Wear your white button-down with skinny jeans and chinos for a uniform look. Tuck the shirt in, roll up the sleeves and add topsiders to complete the appearance. There's no need to wear socks, and showing off your ankles once and then is not a bad idea.

White Shirt with a Blue Suit- A classic blue suit is worn with a white dress shirt underneath, and it is flattering on guys of all ages. Socks are not required and it's preferable not to wear any at all. Finish the ensemble with white casual sneakers, and you are ready to put on a show!

With an Earth Toned Sweater- Whenever you doubt how to style a button down shirt, Raise the bar on your street style! Wearing a white shirt over a light-brown sweater, jeans, and your oxford sneakers will make you seem stylish enough for today's errands or even a date.

Final Thoughts

For button-down shirts, you can use the above and other styling techniques to look trendy and classy. But keep in mind that you need to pair your outfits with proper footwear to achieve the essential look. Always, choose a style that flatters you, makes you feel confident and at ease, and aids in making a good first impression. Best of luck!

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