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How To Wear Navy Blue Suit With Brown Shoes

Navy blue is the perfect color for a lighter and summertime feel. Navy blue suits work well in different semi-formal and formal settings. No other color can beat the charisma of navy suits, whether business meetings or weddings. The deep hue looks amazing, especially when paired with brown dress shoes. But consider a few things before styling a navy blue suit with brown shoes. It’s easy to get intimidated by suits and how they can be styled. Today’s article will walk you through different guidelines and suggestions. These tips will help you correctly wear a navy blue suit and brown shoes.

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Popular Brown Shoes To Wear With Navy Blue Suits
Select your favorite brown shoes to wear with navy blue suits

5 Best Brown Shoes To Wear With Blue Suits

Explore some best brown shoes that can be paired with blue or navy suits below. 

Navy Blue Suits with Brown Oxford Shoes

Navy blue is undoubtedly the most trendy and elegant color for men and women. It depicts reliability and professionalism, making it perfect for job interviews or other important business meetings. But before pairing a navy blue suit with brown shoes together, you must know how to incorporate them to look like a true gentleman. Following are the keys to remember when wearing navy suits for a perfect corporate look.

But if you want to wear lighter shades of brown shoes, you must balance them first. The contrast between dark blue and light brown can be striking. If you want to tone it down, try wearing a shirt in a similar color to the suit, such as light blue. This will create a more subtle look.


Brown Wingtip Shoes With Blue Suits

There are numerous brown shoes available in the market, and their formality level differs depending on the vamp shape, lacing system, and other aspects. Brown wingtip shoes with navy suits are the perfect choice for any formal event, especially a black tie event. Brown derbies can also work well for business meetings, conferences, and weddings, thanks to their versatile appearance.

The important point to remember here is to keep the outfit formal. A dark shirt and a tie would be a good combination.  Wear medium to dark brown shoes with navy suits when styling wingtps.


Cap Toe Brown Shoes With Light Blue Suits

A pair of cap toe brown oxfrods styled with light blue suits can make your outfit pop. Match your belt, tie, and watch strap with the shade of your brown shoes. It will add to your personality and style.

Light blue suits with cap toe brown shoes can give you a polished and decent look if you are going for a formal event. Select a pocket square with patterned contrast, and don’t forget your other essentials. A nice leather watch or matching cufflinks can instantly elevate the look.


Brown Monk Strap Shoes With Blue Suits

Other formal and exquisite brown wingtip shoes are monk-straps which are not less than classy and stylish oxfords. These formal brown dress shoes can smoothly go with any navy blue suit. Always wear simple dress shoes with minimum to no embellishments when pairing a navy blue suit with brown shoes. The simpler the shoes are, the more formal they look.

Brown monk strap shoes with navy suit can elevate your style while going for business casual events like business holidays, corporate parties, etc. This combination creates a subtle look while balancing formal and casual looks.


Dark Brown Dress Loafers With Blue Suits

There will not be a better option than dark brown loafer shoes if you want to pair brown shows with blue suits. This amazing color combination is the easiest way to become the center of attention and can add extra visual interest to your outfit. 

But here the question arises, what shade of brown will work for a navy suit? The easiest answer is; the darker the blue shade of the suit, the darker should be the brown shoes.


Styling Tips For Different Occasions

You can style your navy blue suit with brown shoes for various occasions depending on the formality.

For Classic Look

Stick to a French cuff white shirt and a solid patterned tie to stay classic. Complete this look with brown shoes for a perfect daytime business lunch. 


The key is to keep the rest of your accessories and clothing less and simple.

For Business-Casual Look

For a business casual look, you can skip the tie. Wearing suits without a tie is a big dilemma, but you can break this but creating a simple no-tie look. 

Instead of classic white, add a patterned or striped shirt and leave one or two buttons open. Pop up the look with a crisp pocket square, wristwatch, and brown leather derby shoes.


For Business-Formal Look

If you need a suit specifically for a strict formal business environment, Choose suits with flat pockets over patch pockets. But if you want to give your suit a business casual look, you can go vice versa. You can choose a monochromatic look for a more formal look—select navy blue hues for your outfit, and style a navy tuxedo with brown shoes.

Go for a denim shirt if you want to dress down your classic formal look. Pick a textured tie and a flared pocket square. This combination of a navy blue tux with brown shoes will be perfect for semi-formal events, dinners, business parties, and even weddings.


A navy blue tuxedo with brown blutchers is perfectly appropriate if you’re attending a daytime event like a lunch or a wedding.

Things To Avoid

Avoid too tight or too lose suits. Make sure your navy blue suit is well-tailored and fits you well. It should be comfortable to wear. A poorly stitched suit may cause discomfort and uneasiness. Go for brown wing-tip shoes for the best results.

Avoid patterns and busy prints, and stick to solid colors. Too many accessories can also ruin the look, so keep it minimal with just a watch and maybe a pocket square.


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