How To Dress In Sneakers With Suits For A Sleek Outfit

The world has evolved, and fashion trends are transcending to new forms with the introduction of novel styles. Once associated with students off college, sneakers with suits have begun to make waves. And, of course, find a relatable spot in the entire fashion scene.

Suits are familiar staples in men's and women's wardrobes - especially for fashionistas who love a formal accent. If there is any shoe styling that comes to the fore for this ensemble, it would be either brogues, Oxfords, or female heels. This results from existent cues in the past and the belief that suits are only appropriate for formal shoes.

But is there any reason to stick to old rules when you can try something new? Of course, not. Not even when the proposed style is sleek and voguish.  

While we have carefully outlined how to style and wear sneakers with a suit, we will walk you through the hues and clues. Now, you can change the trend and walk down the street with a new look while you keep reading.

How to Style Sneakers with Suits

There are a handful of styles if you are dressing all-casual or applying a mixture of tones; suits with sneakers. The combination of this ensemble is smart yet casual. Hence, follow these guides to learn the know-how.


The business-casual style of sneakers with suits might not be the perfect replica for a combination of loafers and suits. But you can never go wrong in a mixture of blue suits with white sneakers as business-casual. A trend of casual attire yet formal, you could say.

Wearing the duo could diminish the formal wear suits with sneakers, but you can still maintain them within the range with blue tones. Reserve the style for work if allowed and not for business meetings. Herein, you don’t need suit ties to complement the ensemble, unlike in brogues. And lastly, keep the suits to one color at most.


Opt for sneakers with suits, and you're ready to style the most in a simple yet casual form. There are no rules nor intense tips for the sneakers hues except if you wish to deviate a bit. Wear your black suit and go in all colors with the sneakers on your rack.

Casual suits with sneakers may not necessarily be black. You can go with orange, and they will maintain the sleek look. If you are new to suits, keep the colors within range. However, avoid the error of wearing tie suits in this setting. It's inappropriate and creates a mishmash.

How to Wear Sneakers with Suits

Wear Sneakers with Black Suits

Create a sleek yet simple style with the combination of sneakers and suits in dark hues. More than the existing conventions with black Oxfords, the look is ideal, clean, and crisp when filtered with proper attachments. More importantly, they are versatile to wear on different ranges of occasions.

A combination of black suits with white sneakers is basic but classic for females. Stay consistent with the default tone if you are new to suits and want to avoid mishmash. Wearing other sorts of ups and downs may result in ruins.

To change the nuance, switch to a colorful costume based on your shoes. Black sneakers with dark suits are utterly inappropriate, except for a casual date with a friend. However, white clean leather tennis shoes are the best sneakers for suits with these trads. And you can take them out on the street for evening dates.

Wear Sneakers with Blue Suits

Want to feel relaxed and classy in a pair of white sneakers with suits? Opt for a blue-colored suit to exude style and elegance. The combination is in the utmost form, and you can brag about them at business-casual events. Whether for summer or winter events, you can always tell it is an all-weather style.

Blue suits with white shoes are easy to style, and you can consider them for events. Navy or brown sneakers will also look good with blue suits, although they may not be as vibrant as they should be. To create a stylish and classy impression, dilute the colors with a white shirt.

When it comes to events, opt for slim-fitted cropped trousers to show off your ankle and the sneakers. You can wear white sneakers with blue suits to work if it is accepted. In either case, you will get a clear and sharp outlook from them. However, a word of caution - don't use these pairs for weddings.

Wear Sneakers with Navy Suits

Simple yet sophisticated. A combination of sneakers with navy suits comes in an accent of elegance for fashionists. You can't skip the style if you want to get the most out of your sneakers in a casual tone. It is flexible for every man and woman to hop on and try out for the weekend.

Wear your sneakers with a well-cut-out navy suit for a minimalist look. To maintain the tone, avoid differentiating the pants from the ups. However, the presence of a white shirt in the dressing is handy to elevate the look.

Pair them with other accessories like watches to complement the look in a dapper form. You can leverage the style both for weekend events or casual dates. It is also appropriate to exude a cute winter look on cold days.


At times, most fashionistas are hesitant to pair shoes with suits since they do not want to make a casual decision just yet. However, the combination is never out of place and is something you should try. Although Oxfords and Brogues are most appropriate for suits, sneakers are still fashionable.

Ordinarily, they are ideal as smart-casual in offices or if you are just out for a friend’s wedding that doesn’t demand getting tucked up. But we would reinstate that what works for others may not work for you. Hence, know how to style these shoes before settling for an option of sneakers to wear with suits.

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