Best Tips And Styling Ideas On How To Style Suits With Loafers

Loafers are always the cozy footwear option for every man, and they are extremely versatile. If you don't know yet, loafers can be effortlessly paired with suits for a tempting look. Though loafers are not entirely a formal footwear choice, they can be very well matched with suits, but you need to consider the loafer style, color and material account before pairing. Therefore take a look at this article to learn how to match your suit with loafers for a stunning look.

Types of Loafers that can be paired with Suit

Though there are several types of loafer shoes available on the market, you need to know about the below loafer types to pair your suit. Let's get into it.

Suede or Leather loafers with suits

While pairing your suit with loafers, you will get doubt whether you have to go with loafers made of suede or leather. So read on to clarify your doubt.

Loafers made of suede material are best suited for casual outfits, whereas leather loafers can be worn on casual and formal occasions. Since the finish of suede material in loafers are way more casual, rough and napped, wear the brown suede tassel loafers for your casual events. At the same time, if you like to dress up better, opt for leather loafers instead, and these loafers can be easily paired with your business suits as well.

Penny Loafers

Penny loafers can be exclusively paired with casual suits, and they are popular loafer choices among others. The penny loafers are identified by the leather strap that runs across the vamp with a diamond cut in the centre. The penny loafers with suit is an ideal semi-formal outfit idea that can be worn for a garden party or a summer wedding.

Tassel Loafers

Another type of loafers that go best is - tassel loafers with suit, and they are a bit more casual than other loafer styles. These shoes have a tassel on the top with unique decorated elements. Also, the tassel loafers can be worn with casual suits without a doubt. But never try to pair them with your business suits since they don’t fit into any formal attires.

Styling ideas to pair your suit with loafers

Socks or no socks while wearing loafers with suits?

Is it necessary to wear socks while wearing dress loafers with suits? The answer is yes! We recommend you to wear the socks regardless you go with formal or casual suits. The loafers are designed to wear with socks since they lack great cushion, and they make it difficult to walk for longer periods. Moreover, the sweat accumulated in your loafers will invite the microbes to reside and cause a bad odor. Therefore for a casual-looking appearance, you can achieve the sockless look by wearing the no-show sock and looking stylish.

Tips on wearing Men's loafers with suits


Styling your suit with loafers needs little effort since you want to look subtle and cool at the same time. Also, the loafers are preferred for casual occasions and if you like to wear them on semi-formal occasions, go for high-quality leather loafers in darker shades. Moreover, remember the tips and styling ideas mentioned in this article before pairing your suit with loafers next time to achieve exquisite style and have fun.

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