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6 Best Shoes to Wear With a Blue Suit

You've seen it before: the calm, self-assured man who seems to command attention the moment he enters the room. Naturally, men wear suits to look their best and make a good impression, and while a well-fitting suit will undoubtedly achieve that goal, you can add extra flair and delicacy to your ensemble by carefully selecting accessories. Blue is one of the safest colors to selec for the suit. In this article, we will share some tips about what to wear with a blue suit.

The wide-ranging shades of blue, ranging from the softest baby blue to sky blue, turquoise, and even deep, dark navy blue, represent a variety of emotions. A blue suit can be worn practically anyplace. When it comes to men's suits, you'll want to get off on the proper foot, just like everything else. This means that in order to make the best decisions, you must know exactly how you want your suit to look, or at the very least have a decent notion of how you want to look.

The smallest details create the biggest impact. In the world of men's fashion, this is especially true. The importance of shoes cannot be underestimated. Your shoes are usually the first thing people notice about you. The cornerstone of a man's strength is his shoes: they represent his confidence, stride, and stability. That is why, when wearing a custom-tailored blue suit, you must learn to pair it with the best shoe in order to avoid flashy and needless characteristics. This is where the question comes in; what shoe can you pair with your blue suit.

What to wear with a blue suit?

Even if you've put together the perfect outfit, the wrong pair of shoes may completely ruin it. The first fashion rule is that you should not always match your shoes to your men's suit pants. Color is very important in presenting a professional image. Colors like black, brown, cognac and navy convey a trustworthy, corporate, yet stylish image. However, the color of the shoes isn't the only factor to consider. Learn about the different styles of dress shoes available. Oxfords, loafers, monk-strap shoes, formal boots, and more are all available and each one of them can alter the appearance of your suit in numerous ways. Therefore, what to wear with a blue suit perfectly?

Brown Oxfords With Blue Suits

These are the perfect shoes to pair with your blue suits. The more formal the shoe, the thinner the sole should be. This type of footwear is available in a variety of colors, patterns, and designs. They have lace-up closures, and some have decorative punching in the toe areas or across the top of the foot. 

However, you might be thinking what color shoes to wear with blue suit. You can wear a black, olive green, burgundy, or brown Oxford with your blue suit.


Black Derbies With Blue Suits

A Derby is a type of open-laced shoe with shoelace eyelet tabs stitched underneath the vamp. Pairing a derby with your blue suit, you just cannot go wrong with these shoes.

 In fact, every man should own a pair of brown derby shoes. Derby shoes are formal, attractive, and can be worn with a navy blue suit. They are available in cognac, black, and navy.



This is a timeless classic that fits a navy blue suit perfectly. The Brogue is a low-heeled shoe with numerous pieces of tough leather uppers with decorative holes and serration along the clear edges of the sections. What shoes with navy blue suit do you consider? When it comes to brogues, we prefer brown. 

You can choose between a tan or oxblood pair or a chocolate brown pair. Because these shoes go so well with navy blue suits, they elevate your style to the very best.



The classic sneakers are elegant enough to make any blue suit look smart and sophisticated.  With a navy blue suit, you may easily style up. They also boost a man's confidence. These famous boots keep a man on his feet, whether he's standing all day or kicking back at his desk enjoying a brandy after closing a deal. 

A man in sneakers takes the confident stride, listening to the sound of his footsteps as he goes along his route, regardless of his line of employment or what line of leisure he happens to be pursuing at the time. They're available in basic black, cognac, navy blue, and suede, and they'll look great with your navy suit.


Monk Strap

A Monk shoe is a type of shoe that does not have any laces and is secured by a buckle and strap. When a shoe has two straps instead of one, it is known as a Double Monk Strap. This is more like a fashion statement. The Monk is a classy shoe that will complement your navy blue suit nicely. What color shoes to wear with blue suit. 

A chocolate brown or navy monk strap shoe will bring out the best in your outfit.


Dress Loafers

Loafers are indeed one of the perfect shoes to wear with a suit. They have a sophisticated and stylish appearance. Your blue suit will look great with the classic leather penny shoes. The slip-on loafers provide a sense of formality while also contributing to a more casual appearance. 

They're a slip-on style, which means they don't have any fastenings. The leather loafers for men are available in red, traditional black, brown, burgundy, camel, pewter (grey), tan, and have sturdy rubber bottom soles. Which of these shoe colors rocks well with your blue suit? Your blue suit will look great with black, white, and grey loafers.


A blue suit with big cuffs, a high collar, fine pearl buttons, and cognac shoes might be regarded bold and one-of-a-kind. Wearing your suit with the right shoe can help tie the whole ensemble together. The textured fabric gives character to the outfit rather than implying a simple shade of blue. It's always a good idea to be pleased with what you're wearing. Others will think you look good if you believe you do. Take your time when shopping for shoes because there are so many to pick from. Furthermore, always choose a pair that is both comfy and well-fitting.

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