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How to Style Black Suit with Brown Shoes for Men!

Black suits have always been a sign of sophistication and a classy appearance for men in formal attire. But styling a black suit with brown shoes is quite a difficult task because this combination is often frowned upon in the fashion faux pas. If worn incorrectly, it can ruin your entire look and make people think that you are outdated and lack fashion sense.

Do you want a comprehensive guide on how to style a black suit with brown shoes? If yes, then you at the right track. You can rock your black suit with brown shoes with proper matching and considering trivial details. Keep reading this article, and we'll state all the details necessary to know before styling a black suit with brown shoes.

Our Top Picks

Brown Oxford Shoes with a Black Suit

Brown Oxfords are the first shoes that come to mind when styling a black suit. Oxfords are typically made up of polished or matte leather. These shoes have a closed lacing system, with characteristic stitching along the bottom. 


Try pairing a black suit and brown shoes for the wedding for an eye-catching classy look. You can opt for brogued oxfords if you want a less formal look.

Brown Derby Shoes with a Black Suit

Derby shoes are similar to oxfords, except they have an open lacing system with a less intricate design. However, the derbies are less dressy than Oxfords but are more comfortable. 


While styling with a black suit, suede derby is an excellent choice for standing out at formal or semi-formal events. Avoid wearing a light-brown shade because it does not go well with black shoes.

Brown Brogues with a Black Suit

Brogues are embellished shoes with decorative perforations and visible edges. All shoes, including oxfords and Derbys, with decorative perforations and serrations, are brogues. Broguing adds style to your regular look.


Brown Monk-strap Shoes with a Black Suit

Monk-straps are must-have shoes for every man's wardrobe. Monk-strap shoes have over-the-top straps in place of laces, adding to the style and updating your wardrobe. 


Stick with polished leather or suede to maintain a classy and sharp look. Dark-brown monk straps uplift your personality when paired with formal shoes in business casual attire.

Brown Loafers with Black Suit

Loafers are the most versatile shoes that should be a must-have for every man's wardrobe. Loafers are versatile and can be worn with a wide range of outfits. Brown loafers are an excellent choice to style with black shoes because these shoes are perfect for adding a more casual and relaxed look to a formal black suit. 


Choose between suede and leather depending on the event you're going to.

Brown Boots with a Black Suit

You might be hesitant to pair boots with your suit. But, if matched correctly, they can uplift your style game. Brown Chukka boots are a fantastic choice to pair up with a black suit because they are comfortable and help you create a sophisticated and stylish look. 

Chelsea boots also go well with a black suit because they give a modern finishing touch to a man's formal look.


Things to Consider Before Matching

While styling the black suit with brown shoes, you should consider some of the suggestions given below:


While suits are to be worn at most formal or semi-formal events, that doesn't mean you have to style with the same old boring shoes. Here are some suggestions on what to wear on different occasions.

Brown Shoe Shades

Choosing the right shade of brown shoes to pair with a black suit is also important because improper matching can ruin your appearance. Feel free to experiment with different shades of brown to figure out which shade of brown goes best with your shoes.

Quality of Shoes

The quality of shoes is also significant when opting for a pair of shoes. Although high-quality shoes are expensive, they are more durable and comfortable than low-quality shoes. Therefore, it is advisable to invest in high-quality shoes.

What to Avoid While Styling Brown Shoes with a Black Suit

Keep the following suggestions in mind while pairing a black suit with brown shoes:


Black suits are a must-have outfit in every man's wardrobe. If you are inclined to try unique and classy outfits, we recommend investing in a brown pair of shoes to style with your black suit. It is quite a difficult task; therefore, we have broken down all the necessary details you need to know before matching your brown shoes with a black suit. Following the suggestions mentioned above, you can style sophisticated and classy and stand in good stead on every occasion.

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