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We can't walk without shoes, and the best bet is to find a pair that always fits you. Shoes come in a variety of styles, ranging from Oxfords to Loafers. Hence, prices vary, and it may become difficult to find an exact pair of men's shoes under $50.

Here in this article, we have simplified the search and compiled the best cost-effective shoes that will work for you. We have helped reduce the monetary stress while you sort out the rest -style. Read on to take the leap, grab a pair, and wear them in your best style

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6 Types Of TMen's Shoes Under $50

Men's Casual Oxford Shoes

Start your fashion quest with classic and fashionable Men’s Casual Oxford shoes. Want a pair at a fair price? Great quality for the value, you could say, as they are at a price range of $45.99. The shoes serve a dual purpose: they are casual and suitable as an alternative to formal shoes. And, unlike other men's shoes under $50, you will get their styles right without a ditch.        

The casual Oxford shoes have a lace-up closure for a secure fit. If you want to wear them all day, the durable TPR rubber outsole with soft memory foam insoles offers the utmost cushioning. The shoes' sole can hold up longer, and the upper design is easy to clean. However, they may become damaged if exposed to excess water. So avoid using them in rainy periods.


Wear the shoes with a complete men's suit to show courtesies in the office or business-casual events. Alternatively, take the pair with a blazer on jeans to strike a stylish appearance on weekends. Either way, they are ideal for standing or walking for a very long cycle. Find their different colors in brown and black for simple styling.

Men's Loafers

Smart up a casual look with the sleek penny loafers. With a simple slip-on design of moc stitching, you can reckon the shoes are stylish and easy to use. Besides, they are the ideal alternative to most pricey dress shoes. No cracks; pull on the vibes. Wear the Men’s casual loafers on different terrains as they are durable to use for long periods. Their flexible outsole is slip resistant for stable footing and better traction. Hence, you won’t get stuck in them. With a soft cushioned insole, the trampling impact on the foot reduces.

If you wish to leverage the decorative emblems on these shoes, they are ideal for any occasion. In simpler terms, the shoes are appropriate for offices and weekend outings. Wear their black with gray suits to add a top-notch tone. Want to look more casual? Pair with jeans in their brown varieties.


Casual Sneakers

Find the mesh sneakers combined with a sleek microfiber in a modern casual look. These shoes comprise a combination of comfort, style, and function. They may arguably be the least priced men’s shoes under $50 to come across in recent times, as they are at a price range of $19.99. Regardless, they are good leverage for fashion, comfort, and simplicity. The lace-up sneakers have an elastic collar design around the ankle for easy wearing. Walk for hours and stand all day in the breathable mesh upper that allows air circulation and comfort. With a supportive insole, the shoes are flexible for you to use on different terrains. Concerned about dirt? You will find pairs that are easy to clean after use.

To make a simple yet stylish style, find white sneakers and combine them with black jeans and a short shirt with stripes of black and white. You can also wear shorts with their blacks to maintain the casual style status quo. Monochrome may not be an ideal choice for the colors. But their varieties of hues are an excellent choice for dates, work, night outs, commuting, or traveling.


Leather Oxfords

Want a timeless and classic look in men’s shoes under $50? Fix your plans on leather Oxfords. A clear departure from casual leather shoes, you can buy these shoes at a modest price of $42.99. While they are ideal to use for men, you can get the pairs to impress male kids. It features an elegant lace-up closure for a snug fit that delivers classic style for young and old. The Leather Oxford shoes are of leather design with a durable rubber sole for different foot sizes. At 0.5 inches, they are shock absorbing and have a cushioned soft foam insole. The rubber outsole adds stability and is comfortable to wear over time.

For business parties, weddings, dating, and other formal occasions, these shoes are ideal business dress shoes. If you work in offices, they are convenient to wear at work and exude a smart-formal look. Their black, dark, and light brown tones will let you spin your formal wear in different styles.



The Chelsea Ankle Boots are comfortable and perfect typical slip-on men’s shoes under $50. If you are on a minimal income, these shoes are affordable to enlist in racks. With a less-whooping price of $45.99, you can create and establish preferred styles with their easy-to-use design. Wear them with a flannel or blazer to create a fashionable look. If you are addicted to old styles, the shoes will help break existing norms to try something new. Select their black, tan, and brown hues with semi-casual menswear to exude a modern tone.

Their quality stretch bands design is easy to wear and keeps good elasticity after a long time of wear. With a durable outsole, you will enjoy good traction and tear resistance. Although they may not be ideal for use in water areas, the shoes will keep you warm and dry all day.


Walking Shoes

Want to find yourself comfortable in shoes of lower prices? You’ve come to the right place to find a match in these slip-on shoes. At a price tag of $26.99, the shoes are a great value purchase. Even better, they are a suitable alternative to athletic footwear for walking short miles.

The walking shoes are lightweight and easy to wear all day. If you are rough on shoes, get a pair. They are durable right out of the box. There is also an attractive padded collar design that adds a classy casual look to men’s outfits. Their colors of black and brown are ideal for consecutive occasions. Go casual in jeans and long-sleeve clothes like men's sweaters. Although black shoes are versatile for different tones of jeans – light or deep tone, add a blazer to maintain a semi-casual style.


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