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7 Best Loafers That Every Man May Need

Laces are cool and fun, but come on, when the weather’s warm, loafers feel like heaven. They are an excellent choice because they are made of smooth, premium suede, leather, and a variety of other comfortable materials.  There are different types of loafers for men that fit in so well with distinct shapes and sizes to choose from for your formal or casual outfits. In this guide, we have shared some of the most widely renowned loafers that would add charm to your outfits this summer.

Our Top Picks


The Penny Loafers

First on the list are the Penny loafers, which feature a semi-formal style for men. Penny loafers are among the most common types of loafers for men that include a strap around the vamp. Pennies are known for their lip-like strap that is wide enough to hold a penny, which gives them their name too. 

They go well with semi-formal outfits, and they’re often designed with a slightly round toe box. Sport them with khakis or chinos with a blazer if you want to dress more formally, or a bomber jacket for a more casual appearance.


Leather Dress Loafers

The dress loafers have the authentic loafer shape with different designs. Pairing them with a tuxedo offers a stylish appearance and surely makes you the star of the event. They correspond to the most authentic types of loafers for men that were first made. 

You can pair leather dress loafers with suits or a tuxedo for formal and business casual occasions.


The Horsebit Loafers

As the name suggests, they do have a metal bit on the vamp. You can choose from a lot of designs, and most of them feature stylish patterns. They are not a very great pick for professional wear, but they go perfectly with casual outfits. 

You can wear them for interviews or other casual occasions. They work as both semi-formal and casual loafers when worn with dress pants and jackets.

Moc Toe Driving Loafers

Moc toe driving loafers are one of the most casual loafers that could be. They are made with leather or suede materials and come in a lot of pop colors. 

Moc toe driving loafers are perfect for driving and they make you feel comfortable all day. They are not at all for formals or even semi-formals. But the comfort level and tread pattern make them comfortable to wear while walking. 


The Tassel Loafers

As the name suggests, the tassel loafers are the ones with an embellishment on the vamp. The tassel on the vamp is given a design that resembles the tied shoe laces. The shape is very round from the toe, and the heel is a little elevated from the surface for a taller appearance.

 They are best worn with your casual outfits during the autumn and summer seasons.


Casual Slip-On Loafers

Slip-On loafers are usually for casual outfits and not at all for business formals. Made with comfortable materials for the upper, they are super comfortable to wear all day.

They come in a variety of colors, and the stitch accents around the sole give them their style. They’re pretty unique and are still worn all around the world today. Wear them with chino pants and linen jackets and stroll around town in style.


The Boat Loafer

Yes, that’s a boat loafer. Just how you imagined it. They are known for their low-cut, hand-sewn work. The sole is mostly made with rubber and the upper is mostly crafted with leather, canvas, or suede. They are the perfect summer staple for your wardrobe, and they fall under that category that fits both casual and formal outfits. You can wear them anytime, be it to your office or a BBQ party at the beach.

How to style your loafers?

Styling your loafers might be hard, especially for the generation that’s all about sneakers only. To get the most out of a pair of loafers, opt for smart-casual outfits. Choose penny loafers for most of your outfits or tassel loafers for more formal occasions.

Wear it with a tuxedo and try not to pair it with a tie; it doesn’t go well. Just remember to keep it basic, fit in your style and choose good colors. Loafers make for outstanding casual attire, and we hope this guide helped you learn about all the types of loafers for men.

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