7 Types of Casual Shoes for Men Who Wants to Look Chic

Having the right pair of shoes to match your stunning casual dress is as essential as the dress itself. And since our goal is to make you look stylish, here are the requisite types of casual shoes for men who want to look elegant. Owning these pair of shoes would make you look the best on your next occasion. And yes, they pair well with your existing outfits!

Oxford Sneakers

Oxford sneakers are one of the best casual shoes for men to look chic. You can pair them with jeans or chinos to look stylish and also stay comfortable.

The oxford casual sneakers are comfortable and fashionable. You can get a perfect pair of brown or white oxford sneakers to add comfort when walking all day.


Chelsea boots

What makes Chelsea boots stand out amongst others and why every man should own a pair is their ease of comfort.

Chelsea boots have functional elastic on their side to help you pull on and off the shoe without stress. That makes them the pair of shoes you can wear without knotting laces since they don’t have one.

Owning a pair of suede Chelsea boots in your closet gets you ever ready for your next casual outing. Meanwhile, their leather build is more versatile, pairing well with jeans, trousers, and others.


Chukka boots

Chukka boots are preferably the minimalist guy shoe style, coming with just 2 – 3 lacing holes, rounded toes, and hitting just around the ankle. Chukka boots are one of the very best types of casual shoes for men.


Having a pair of light-colored chukka boots – preferably cream or tan – is necessary for every man who wants to look chic. Just pair them with your next casual outfit for the elegant look you’ve always wanted.

Chukka boots were mainstream footwear back in the 1940s. And now, they’ve become more popular over the past few years. Nearly every good-looking man has a pair of chukka boots in their wardrobe.

Slip-on sneakers

A man’s closet is barely complete without a pair of sneakers. And this time around, we recommend owning a pair of good-looking slip-on sneakers. They’re lace-less, have many characteristics of loafers, and some, the elastic idea of Chelsea boots to make wearing the shoe comfortable.

Initially, sneakers are made for functionality and comfortability, so it makes sense that slip-on sneakers are adding to that.


The beauty of slip-on sneakers is that they go well with a variety of casual men dresses. Get yourself a pair of white slip-on sneakers with minimal design, and it will be more than worth it for most of your occasions.


Moccasins are one of the types of casual shoes for men that are usually confused as loafers. Yes, they have similar characteristics, and you might not be able to differentiate them until you look closely.

Nonetheless, moccasins have some key differences from loafers, most of which is their flat soles. Moccasins come without heels, and their soles could either be hard, soft, or flexible, depending on the build.  

Moccasins are the Native American shoe style. They often come with laces not necessarily meant for knotting but to beautify the shoe even more.

Perhaps the most exciting part of moccasin as one of the types of casual shoes for men is its versatility. You can wear them with various casual outfits without the fear of looking bad.



Loafers are one of the vital types of shoes for men, and you should have them in your wardrobe. They save you from the heat in the summertime, as well as showcasing the well-dressed man you truly are.

And for your casual looks, you can’t go wrong with a pair of first-class, fashionable loafers. Their short and lace-less design makes them smart and suitable for various outfits.

Whether it's a formal or casual event, a pair of brown loafers adds elegance to a variety of outfits. And if you’re in for some white, beige, or green dress, a pair of navy loafers won’t go wrong.



Like loafers, sandals are also one of the favorable types of casual shoes for men during summertime. And while sandals are very different from every shoe mentioned above, they’ll surely complement your casual outfit if you style them well.

Sandals come in various designs/build ranging from rubber to leather, slide and others. Their principal importance, and why you should own a pair is how good they can be a life-safer in the summertime, allowing you to go all day without breaking a sweat in your foot.

More so, sandals are a perfect fit with a short pair of jeans, knickers, and more. You can also match them with a pair of long trousers if your outing requires that.

However, in whatever way you’re styling your summer outfit with an elegant pair of sandals, be sure you don't wear socks. They don't go hand in hand.

The bottom line

Handsome men like you don't go about cluttering their closets with tons of messy footwear. After all, the thing is: you don’t need every pair of shoes; you only need the essential ones.

And to get ready for the most appealing casual look in your next event, the seven types of casual shoes for men mentioned in this article should be in your closet.

As the popular saying goes by "Your shoe can either make or mar your look", it's essential you always ensure you look the best whenever you set out your fit.

And as always, remember that your shoe is as essential as the cloth itself. Don’t go out without looking chic.


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