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11 Types of Men’s Shoes That Go With Everything

There are already hundreds of shoes out there tailored to match different outfits and occasions. Nevertheless, there are also men's shoes that go with everything. Meaning they're versatile and can complement a vast number of styles and occasions.

If you’re the minimalist guy, or you’re just building your wardrobe and need some versatile shoes for a start, there are some shoe types you can’t do without. And that's where these six types of men's shoes that go with everything come in.

Popular Men's Shoes That Go With Everything
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Best Men's Shoes That Go With Everything

Casual Loafers

The third type of men’s shoes that go with everything and I can recommend without a second thought are the Men's loafers. They are not only versatile; they are one of the shoes that'll save you from the scorching heat in the summer.

Loafers are great because of their dressiness, ranging from professional dressing to casual dressings. You can’t go wrong with them for your casual, smart-casual, business casual, and even formal looks.

They're also easy to wear since you don't have to spend time lacing them up—just slip on your loafers, and you’re ready to go.

When adding loafer shoes to your wardrobe, you may only need a pair of black leather or white leather shoes for versatility. With that, you can pair them with a wide range of dress colors.

Oxford Sneaker

Sneakers are a must-have for every man who wants to look chick. Their versatility makes them one of the men’s shoes that go with everything. And if you’re left to only wear one type of casual shoes for the rest of the week, I bet it’s a pair of white sneakers.

Why a white sneaker, though? Well, its solid color makes it wearable with any casual outfit style and shade without being too flashy or too dull.

And while you can get your sneakers in multicolors, I'll just recommend you stick with neutral colors—white in this context. With that, you have the confidence of wearing them anytime with almost dress color combos of your choice.

Fashion Sneakers

Fashion sneakers are the best choice if you want a stylish, comfortable look that settles well with your daily outfits. With time, new varieties of sneakers come onto the market with unique styles and designs, and fashion sneakers are one of them. You can wear it with many outfits. They have chunky pattern soles with a variety of combinations of colors and styles. These shoes are getting louder over the years, making you look good and feel good. 

You can buy white or black comfortable sneakers, which go great with all outfits. Try white sneakers with white chinos, a navy blue shirt, with a grey coat for hanging out, and enhance your look with sunglasses and a watch. For lunch, pair a white t-shirt with black jeans and mutated color sneakers. Are you looking forward to a casual look? Try blue sneakers with a blue shirt and light brown chinos. If you like funky colors, try a dark green long coat with blue jeans and elevate this look with green and blue combination sneakers.

Combat Boots 

When it comes to winter footwear, combat boots are the best slip-resistant shoes for men that look classy, feel comfortable, and are warm. These heavy-duty boots give ankle stability and protect your feet from harsh weather. They have excellent grip when tackling snow, water, or rocky terrain. These are the fashion statement and an essential part of the wardrobe of boots lovers. You can wear these boots with almost every outfit. 

These traditional boots have a tall shaft, are made of leather, have a thicker sole, and have a lace-up design that fits perfectly on your feet. But now, other materials like nylon are also used in making these boots to give them a more edgy look. Many boots are also available in a waterproof range.

You will look handsome when you wear them with earth colors. Wear a white t-shirt with brown pants and beige combat boots for a more casual look. If you want to go for a walk and enjoy the chill weather wear black denim and a T-shirt with a long brown coat with black combat boots, and see people around you turning their heads. 

A dress shoe – Oxford or Derby

Inconsiderate of the stage you are in life, you honestly can't do without a pair of dress shoes, making them one of the men's shoes that go with everything.

In this case, you can either choose from a leather Oxford or derby dress shoe in black or brown shades. In most settings, they’re the essential dress shoes you need for your formal outings.

Based on personal preference, you can opt for a cap toe or plain toe style. However, try as much to do away with brogue designs as they’ll make the shoe less formal.


And regarding choosing between Oxford and derby dress shoes, the fundamental difference between them is the lacing style. Oxford shoes come with a closed-lacing style, making them more formal. While you'll get derby shoes in open lacing styles, giving you the casual vibe.

Mesh Sneakers

Mesh sneakers are getting popular in the men's fashion industry. As the name shows, these sneakers have mesh instead of fabric from toe to heel, making them lightweight, breathable, and flexible so that you can wear them with or without socks. They are famous for their comfort, style, and amazing fit. When it comes to summer and heatstroke, they are best. This mesh material helps keep your feet cool and allows air to pass, making it suitable for long walks.

They are sweatproof and odor free. You can wear them in school, and they are good for all types of casual wear. They come in laces and slip-on designs, which you can select to your taste. Various colors and designs of mesh sneakers are present in the market today. You can wear it with tapered jeans, a t-shirt, and a hood for a casual look. For a less casual look, you can wear a light-colored blazer, like grey or charcoal, with a Black T-shirt, compliment it with white or blue mesh sneakers and complete this look with a watch and a decent perfume.


The Chukka boot

The first ultra-versatile shoe you should own as a man is a pair of chukka boots. By being versatile, I mean they are shoes you can dress up for most events, be it casual or formal.

The ankle-high boot pair well with a vast number of attires like chinos, jeans, trousers, polo shirts, and even cords. More so, they're one of the few shoes you can wear round the year—whether cold or hot.

For versatility, we recommend a pair of brown suede chukka boots. And of course, you can't go wrong with a leather build as well. Just remember to choose a color that pairs well with your existing attires.

A black leather shoe

Owning your preferred pair/style of black leather shoe in your closet gets you ready for any event. But why a black leather shoe? Being black and made from leather means you can wear them with most outfits without looking unkempt.

And since it’s a “black leather shoes” and not a black dress shoe or a black casual shoe, that means you’re free to explore any shoe style that pleases you. It can be a pair of all black shoes, sneakers, dress shoe, or anything.


Now, the advantage of the black leather shoe is that you can pair them with almost any outfit in your wardrobe—be it jeans, chinos, trousers, and even denims.

When choosing one, though, you’d want to make sure it’s of high quality. That’ll ensure you can wear them round the year with no issues.

Chelsea Boots

If you want something stylish that goes with almost everything perfectly comfortable and gives you a sleek look, then Chelsea boots are the best option. Chelsea boots have a rubber sole, usually a low heel with an upper leather part. The shaft is ankle length or a little more. The toes of these shoes are rounded, and a loop at the ankle side helps in wearing shoes easily. The elastic part is the main part of these shoes, joining the upper parts. You don't need buckles, laces, or anything that might waste your time; you can easily put on and off these shoes quickly. Chelsea boots are one of the best non-slip work shoes to feel comfortable.

They are flexible, simple, and comfortable. They are trendy because of their versatile nature. You can even wear the same boots with both casual dresses or with a suit. You can go with light straight jeans and pair them with t-shirts and brown Chelsea boots. Try burgundy color boots with a black suit to wear at the office or a dinner. Wingtip Chelsea boots are the most liked boots when it comes to wearing them with the suit.

Monk Strap Shoes

They were made in the nineteenth century but got famous in twenty century. They have simple, elegant, classy, and trendy designs. They are the more refined and advanced form of the monks' traditional footwear; this is why they are called monk strap shoes. Instead of lacing for grip, they have straps on the upper part of shoes with a buckle that also looks elegant. They have various varieties according to the number of straps one, two, and three; they are named single, double, and triple straps, respectively. 

Monk shoes also have unique styles like wingtip style or cap toe style. These shoes are made of leather and suede material, giving you absolute comfort and a fashion statement. Wear a black single monk strap with grey pants, a black shirt, and a grey blazer for a formal dinner and in the office. You can also go in burgundy shoes with a navy blue suit. These shoes come in different colors brown, black, grey, and even blue. Try triple monk strap shoes with chinos, pants, or trousers for an elegant look when going out with friends. 


The Athletic/Trainer Shoe

One of the men’s shoes that go with everything is the athletic/trainer shoe. You probably are thinking they're meant for fitness things only, but no, they pair well with most casual outfits, too.

For multipurpose usage, we recommend sticking with neutral colors like black, white, and maybe grey. That way, you can match them with any outfit of your choice without looking bad.

Besides that, athletic shoes are light, super comfy, and easy to wear. So they're an essential shoe you can wear all day without feeling foot pains.

There you have it - the six men’s shoes that go with everything

Nothing match having the essential men's footwear and knowing how to style them for various occasions. Chances are you’ll end up with tons of shoes in your wardrobe later in the years if you wish to. But if you only need a few ones for a start, the six types of shoes mentioned in this article would sustain you for the long run.

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