The Top 6 Types of Party Shoes That Are Worthwhile for Men

The year is winding up, and the festive season is here.  In the next couple of days, you will continue to get party invites from friends or perhaps be present at a soiree to celebrate wins with business colleagues. Shrugs! You don't party? Even if you are not a fashionista, these party shoes for men are there to help you look polished and fit in with the vibes.

When it's time for banquets, informal, or get-together parties, I'm here to get you prepared with shoes that impress. Sounds exciting? Now, let's uncover the perfect shoes you will need.

What are the Men's Party Shoes?

While you can always lay your hands on several men's shoes, it is best to be super selective when it is party time. Shoes define not only your personality or fashion sense, but they are also essential for your appearance.

Hence, here are some party shoes for men; wear these any time, and they won't let you down.

Oxford Shoes

The Oxford shoe is one of the best party shoes for men that come in handy when you want to party and maintain your formal status quo. Just like they make you polished at offices, these shoes are reliable to elevate your look when it is time to party. When it comes to men's ups and downs, you don't have to fix your thoughts on a single piece of clothing. These shoes are versatile for different men's apparel.

The flat soles of Oxford shoes allow you to swerve your body around to the party rhythms. Don't think your feet are at stake when you make different bends. The rubber or suede soles are there to protect your feet from blisters or pains. With your oxford shoes, you will enjoy every moment of the party.


One thing is to have footwear that appeals to your fashion sense, and the other is to have a shoe that is the focal point at a party. When it comes to balancing the duo, loafers have what it takes. That is superb, right? If you don't want to worry about lacing your shoes, these are an excellent alternative.

Loafers are versatile to wear with various party dresses present in your wardrobe. You can also choose between the shoe varieties, such as the penny or tassel. Any of the party wear loafers go with less formal and casual wear. When it comes to comfort, the shoes maintain balance for your foot and minimize pain.


Brogues are broad to fit different occasions, including weddings, dinners, or family parties. These party shoes are one of the best you can get out there when you intend to look polished at parties. Brogues are sleek and stylish for men, and they are comfortable to wear throughout night parties.

These shoes have breathable holes that allow air inflow and outflow in your leg. More so, you don’t have to be worried about how to style them with the variety of clothes in your wardrobe; Brogues are versatile to fit with different menswear.

Chelsea Boots

Chelsea boots might not be the typical footwear for everybody; but for parties, trust me, they are super appropriate. Although Chelsea boots may not be among your top choice when it's party time, if done correctly, they will always blend in and attract attention from other guests.

You could feel concerned about the comfort of your feet. When you swerve your bodies about, these boots contain closely fitted elastic side panels that ensure you have a balanced leg. You can pair it with your pants or several other pieces of menswear. It is always what it is with Chelsea boots when it is time to party.

Derby Shoes

These shoes are also one of the party wear shoes for men you can choose. Derby shoes are attractive when worn, and you can always count on them when it is party time. They are suitable for a wide range of outfits that you may opt to wear.

Unlike the Oxford shoes, they have open laces. Besides, these boots are super comfortable and are always stylish. For every of your dance steps, these shoes are there to help you till the end. You could probably try them out in your next outing.


Sneakers are also one of the top casual party shoes for men. Though they’re probably not appealing to everyone’s fashion sense, but you can wear them to casual parties and still have a sleek look. They are simple and easy to slip on when wearing them.

For your foot comfort, weightless shoes like sneakers are suitable, lightweight, and are easy to carry around. You can leverage them for hours, and you can't rule them out when it is time to party.

How To Wear Men's Party Shoes with Outfits

Business Formal

When it is time to party with your business colleagues at formal events, it is appropriate for you to maintain a classic look. You shouldn't just settle for anything, so you won't look behind the times amongst your peers. If you're to go by anything, it should be Oxford, brogues, or Derby.

Leather Oxfords in black shades are party formal shoes that look great with black suits. If you're not a fan of oxfords, black derbies are exceptional alternatives. While you can wear them with a white shirt, be sure to complete the appearance with a tie.

Smart Casual

Your next party could require a less formal party wear shoes and demand casual dressing. Although there's no need to be professional, you also need to dress up. There is a need to add a touch of sleekness to your look.  

You can wear your blazers with black leather shoes or close ranks and opt for a suede derby shoe. You can also elevate your look by wearing your jeans with a sweater if it's cold. Either way, you must get it right and make it appropriate.


When it is time for a family get-together party during Christmas, you may choose to go casual. It may not be necessary to fix your informal shoes. Brown loafers, sandals, or sneakers can be your go-to. All you have to do is to be conscious of your color choices so that your outfit does not appear vague.

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