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6 Best Shoes to Wear with Chinos: A Comprehensive Guide

Chinos have become an imperative part of men’s clothing. The most considerable thing about chinos is their versatility and adaptability. Chinos can dress up and down for any event whether it’s formal or casual and you have unlimited choices of shoes to wear with chinos.

The light-weight chino fabric is used in the making of chino pants. This fabric is a cotton twill fabric that is extremely comfortable. Chino pants are not as formal as dress pants but they are certainly classier and more stylish than jeans. In this article, we’ll explain to you the complete guide to pairing your chinos with the most suitable footwear to make you look more classy and stylish so you can ace every occasion.

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6 Best Shoes to Wear with Chinos

Sneakers With Chinos

Sneakers are instinctually casual footwear. This means that chino-sneakers pairing will be perfect casual attire. Sneakers should be a must footwear to be worn with chinos. Sneakers are very fashion friendly and informal which will more your look more modish. 


A bonus point for sneakers is that they are easy to accord with chinos. Over and above that, if you are confused about the choice of color of your sneaker your chino, and then the white sneakers should be your choice.

Loafers with Chinos

Loafers have an enormous advantage over other pairs of shoes. Pair your chinos with loafers and style them in all the events ranging from casual to formal. For casual events, suede loafers with no-show socks are the best choice if chinos are augmented and paired with a t-shirt. 


Conversely, if you are up to a formal event, then wearing a loafer with chinos should be paired with a blazer and socks for a classy and elegant appearance.

Boots with Chinos

It is commonly believed that boots should only be worn in winter but that’s not the case. So the question arises what types of boots should you pair with chinos?

 If you want a more casual look then Chelsea and Chukka boots should be your priority. The minimal design of these types of boots grants them the ability to be worn with casual and semiformal events. But if you want to pair your chinos with some formal shoes, then brown casual dress shoes go well with the chinos.

Dress shoes with chinos

Dress shoes give a formal and even semi-casual look to your style. Oxfords are the better choice if you are to go to a semi-formal event.

Derby shoes are better for creating friendly casual yet sophisticated looks which go well with cocktail dress codes. One thing for you to consider is the color selection of your lace-up shoes with your chinos to make them biased toward a formal or casual look.


Casual Loafer shoes with chinos

Casual loafer shoes are the smarter choice for your casual or semi-casual attire. These slip-on walking shoes make you appear classy and debonair when paired up with chinos. 

These shoes should be a must to have if you are thinking out to go on holiday. You can pair your chinos with any colors but the bolder and darker colored shoes go well with all colors of the chinos


Monk straps with chinos

Monk straps have a semi-causal look means they do not look too much sophisticated with chinos or too casual rather they are intermediate. 

They can be worn throughout the year because they never go out of style with any chino. Try to pair your chinos with bolder and darker color monk strap to give you a dapper and snappy appearance


Shoes you should avoid wearing with chinos

Following are the shoes you should not wear with chinos:


Pairing up sandals with chinos is a no-no.  Sandals certainly do not go well in formal and semiformal events. Sandals do not go well with chinos except in case you are heading towards a beach or pool but honestly in that case wearing shorts would be a better option.

Sports shoes

Sports shoes running shoes or trainers also don’t go well with the chinos because chinos do not give a sporty or athletic style that does not look good with the chinos

Shoes to wear on different occasions

Pairing up chinos with the right pair of shoes can be a perplexing task according to different occasions i.e. formal, semiformal, or casual.

Formal semi-formal events

For formal or semi-formal events, you should always choose dressy and classy shoes that match the formal attire of the occasion. You can try pairing up your chinos with oxfords, loafers, and monk straps to find the best option for you.

Casual events

For casual events, you should style up your chinos with shoes that match the vibe of the casual events. Sneakers are always the best choice for casual events. Moreover, boat shoes or suede loafers can also go well the casual events.

Shoes to Wear in Different Seasons

Chinos are usually made up of light fabric but some chinos are also available in heavier fabric and can work well in the cold season. So pairing your chino with the right shoe choice in different seasons is essential.


In hot weather conditions, you should try chinos with shoes which are minimal and breathable. You can select between brown leather sneakers, boat shoes, and chukka boots. In addition, you should have a no socks show look with chinos this season.


In the cold weather, your choice of shoes should correlate with the severity of the weather conditions. Therefore in this season, you can try black sneakers, Chukka boots, Chelsea boots, and dress boots. You can consider them one of the best slip-on walking shoes to wear with chinos in winter.

Final Words

Chinos have become a staple in men’s clothing in recent days. And therefore pairing up your chino with the best pair of shoes can be an arduous task. But you can easily figure out the best choice for your chino by reading the above article. After reading the complete article, you have become aware of the best shoes to wear with chinos. We will be happy to know about your feedback.

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