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Designed For You


Our Men’s Dress Loafers are designed for you. In other words, there is intricate attention to detail paid to every design. The loafers are sleek, cool, calm, and collected. They are men’s formal Loafers that can last through three-hour events. They are Dress Shoes that get compliments from your mother-in-law that makes her despise you less.

 Modern Designs

All of our dress shoes are designed in the USA and have a taste for elegance. Take our men’s black dress loafers for example: pair these with a modern suit or a more casual plaid laid-back look. It’s important to be adjustable to what the world is asking for and that’s why at Bruno Marc we keep up with the trends and create looks that are modern, cool, and trending.

Quality Comfort

Material and design can go a long way to deciding your night. Will it be a headache or just a fun day? We specialize in quality comfort and designs that keep you relaxed all evening. Enjoy a perfect heel height on all of our dress loafers combined with an extra padded latex insole. Check out a wooden stacked heel for traction and a durable rubber outsole for grip.

How to Wear Dress Loafers for Men 

  • Dress Loafers with Suits

    Dress loafers are not vague to wear with formal attire to present-day events. Although, this may appear to be in contrast to loafers' classification during their early days of inception. However, dress loafers have evolved, and you can wear them with your suits to complement formal menswear for outings. You don’t have to fidget on the combination. You will get it right.  

    You can wear your dress shoes with suits to semi-formal occasions such as a family get-together, wedding party and more. If you are often picky with colors or less versed with selections for such events, black suits are a perfect match with black dress loafers. While socks are appropriate to wear with dress loafers, you can add them to your apparel or rule them out if you deem otherwise.

  • Dress Loafers with Chinos

    Chinos are also suitable to wear with your pair of men’s dress loafers if you want to opt for other pants different from denim. As long as your chinos trouser is not cheesy and baggy, trust this style instinct, dress loafer shoes will go well with them. However, before pairing them together, you should carefully consider the tops you would like to wear to avoid a mish-mash.  

    Get your loafers and chinos ready when you want to see a friend nearby or when your outing is not business-related. If it is a summer daytime party, let your chinos out with a touch of dress loafers. But the best bet to complete your fashion cycle with these loafers is to avoid wearing deep-colored chinos.

  • Dress Loafers with Dress Pants

    The Dress loafers with dress pants are classic and sophisticated. If you are willing to try something classic, dress loafers with dress pants are a suitable option, and it is not a bad idea. You can wear your dress pants with loafers for work or other formal events. However, ensure you choose quality dress pants.

    While you may not need other attachments, add a suitable belt to complete the fashion cycle. The Dress Loafers are one of the most easy-to-style shoes for men and other fashion enthusiasts that want to elevate their look to a glossy purview.   

  • Wear Dress Loafers with An Overcoat

    Dress Loafers with an overcoat are dressy, and you cannot skip this style if you have a pair of dress loafers in your shoe rack. Think about trendiness, simplicity, and smart-casual appearance. The combination of dress loafers and an overcoat is edgy. It will always exude a classic outer appearance. They won’t just exhilarate onlookers, but you will also find them pleasing when worn. 

    Overcoats are versatile, like dress loafers, and have become a recurrent staple in men’s wardrobes over the years. When it comes to selecting menswear with dress loafers, different kinds of overcoats are appropriate as long as it is well fitted.  

Are Dress Loafers Casual or Formal?

The dress loafers’ shoes are versatile, and they are not made in a single type only. These shoes will go well with a range of casual and formal wear, and you cannot always fixate them on one. Although, dress loafers could seem inappropriate for professional menswear at times. But you can always tilt them from casual to formal as long as you know what it takes. More so, men's Loafers dress shoes are not only fit for casual events if we look into their body materials and colors.

Suede/ Leather Dress Loafers

The dress loafers could either come in suede materials or leather. Generally, they often vary in terms of body features and styling. However, both shoes are fashionable and broad to pair with a range of male apparel. When you want to wear suede dress loafers, these shoes are most casual-like. But they can also go well with semi-formal menswear in your wardrobe, including your trousers and jeans. Either way, they are proper and will not look bad on you.


If you want to opt for formal menswear, leather dress loafers are most appropriate. They are classic and will complement your selected outfits. Think about suits or blazers. The leather shoes are there to elevate your look.  

Black/ Brown/ Blue Dress Loafers

Like many other male shoes, you will find dress loafers in different colors. These shoes come in black, brown, blue, or several other colors not mentioned here. But as far as these shoe colors are concerned, they cannot just go with anything.  


You can pair your black dress loafers with the diverse formal apparel you have in your wardrobe. Even better, their leather materials are appropriate for suits and other sorts. While blue and brown colors often exude a casual look, they can also go well with some outfits and won't look cheesy.  

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