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6 Best Sneakers to Wear with Chinos for Men

As one of the most versatile men's clothing essentials, sneakers are a must in your wardrobe. If you are undecided about whether to wear them to a formal event or a casual event, this will depend on how you plan on styling your look. When teaming these pants with sneakers, the ultimate goal is to look flawless and maintaining an uplifting style. Below, we have summed up our top choices for the best men's sneakers to wear with chinos.

Our Top Picks


Brown Oxford Sneakers with Chinos

It's time to rock your style with brown Oxford sneakers. With changing trends, it is essential to have a top-quality look that makes you stand out. To sum it all up, brown sneakers should be your go-to choice wherever you go. It is aptly said that with the selection of a top-notch wardrobe, you can win the style game. 

The combo of beige-colored chinos with a tailored light-colored dress shirt creates an all-time classic look. If you are into relaxed clothing, pair a red polo or graphic T-shirt with sneakers to wear with chinos. You can also opt for black or brown socks to add detail to your look.


Mesh Sneakers with Chinos

These shoes have an attractive look that does not require high-profile styling to look appealing. You can opt for cream-colored chinos with a yellow-colored crew-neck t-shirt. 

Add a solid navy-blue blazer to appear timeless and refined. The outfit is enough to give you a smart casual aesthetic while maintaining smartness and sophistication at the same time.


Black and White Sneakers with Chinos

To be honest, no guy can deny the importance of black and white men’s sneakers in their closet. The flexible nature of these shoes allows them to be worn with almost any number of outfits since they are the epitome of classy elegance. Moreover, these shoes serve as a means of self-expression when you wear them right out of the box. Perfectly style your outfit to give yourself an uplifted, enchanting look. Whether you go for a dress-down or dress-up style, you can quickly grab everyone's attention.

Opt for a button-down green casual shirt with chinos to look unique from your peers. You can layer by adding a white crew-neck t-shirt below your shirt. Revamp your look with square-shaped black sunglasses for a super cool look.


Fashion Sneakers with Chinos

Get ready and go with the ultimate fashion with these uplifting fashion sneakers that resonate with your style. Worn for both fashion and function, these sneakers exude smartness. A quintessential blue oxford shirt with khaki chinos is enough to style your daily attire. 

An alternative is to wear a short-sleeve button-up shirt if you want to bare your arms for the summer season. You can wear a black bracelet or silver ring to balance out your look.


Sneakers with Chino Shorts

The summer season has set high with lighter clothing choices. That's why short chinos are a trend. No doubt, this combo is the ultimate casual one that will make you admire them as you wear them.

Wear a casual solid green shirt with white chinos and shorts. Layer your look with a light brown shirt jacket to simplify your look.


Grey Sneakers with Chinos

Grab a classic polo shirt with gray sneakers and wear it with chinos for a relaxed, casual look. You can add a black leather belt for a classic, sophisticated design.

You can wear light brown chinos with a long-sleeved shirt if you want to incline toward a formal look. Add a patterned navy-blue blazer for a dapper masculine style. You should add minimal accessories such as a silver necklace.



If you are unsure about selecting the best clothing to wear with sneakers, chinos are a safe choice. Now, the next thing you should be aware of is what sneakers should be selected not only to uplift your look but also to create an eye-catching and attractive look.

We have summarized a thorough list of the best sneakers to wear with chinos for men. Choosing a standard fit will not only uplift other people's perceptions of your looks and style but also make you appear more confident.

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