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6 Polished Black and White Shoes For Men

Black and white shoes for men can complete an outfit without trying too hard. However, finding a perfect match among all these shoe types is difficult today.  We have compiled some of the best black and white shoes for men that are ideal for different occasions. Whether you desire something to put on every day or need a sharper one for special occasions, we've got your back.

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6 Best Black and White Shoes For Men

Black and White Dress Sneakers

Black and white dress sneakers provide a versatile option. They offer a laidback feel similar to sneakers but also appear polished. The black and white colors coordinate well with most clothing items. Often made from quality leather and clean, simple silhouettes, they prove easy to style. Throw them on for the office or weekend errands - very convenient. Pair with khakis or your favorite jeans for a casual outfit. Wanting a formal appearance? A blazer and darker jeans do the trick.  

These men’s black and white sneakers work for any season. Easy for running errands or casual dates. They are also perfect for casual Fridays, weekend parties, travel days, or lazy Sundays. The best part involves avoiding footwear changes - they match anything. 


Black and White Mesh Shoes 

Black and white shoes for men with air holes prove ideal for warm conditions. Containing laces and made from a breathable mesh fabric, it allows air circulation around the feet for a cool feeling. The lightweight style benefits walking, outings, and tennis play. A sporty look suits shorts, stretch pants, and athletic attire. Mesh permits airflow to keep feet comfortable as warmer weather arrives. Their ventilation serves active days or casual plans outside.

While best for casual times, some styles could work in a casual office, too. To look nice on weekends, wear black and white mesh shoes with tan pants and a polo shirt or T-shirt. They help you stay cool, happy, and stylish through the very warm summer.


Black and White Fashion Sneakers

Black and white fashion sneakers help you look trendy. They have fun designs, bumpy parts, and different shapes. These sneakers can make your regular clothes look amazing. Wear them with stretchy pants, blue jeans, or shorts for a weekend outfit.

Some decorated pairs are perfect for standing out at birthday parties. While best for casual looks, some styles could work with a button shirt and pants for a casual work day. Let the black and white sneakers be the coolest part of your clothes. This makes a cool, modern outfit that catches everyone's attention.


Black and White Casual Oxfords 

Black and white casual Oxfords are a great choice for guys. They have a clean, simple look that goes with dressing up and dressing down easily. Made from soft leather or suede, they don't look too fancy. Wear these Oxfords with blue jeans or shorts on weekends to make your casual outfit better. Yet they also pair nicely with dress pants or khakis for a sharp work outfit. 

For night outs, keep it relaxed but neat by wearing the black and white Oxfords with dark jeans and a button shirt. Their understated style keeps your look polished for an evening at a cool lounge or cocktail place. While not for a full suit, these Oxfords bridge the gap well between casual days and luxurious times. They’re perfect for active boys who want a pair of shoes that easily go from a normal lunch to a nicer dinner.


Black and White Dress Loafers 

When you need shoes to complete a nice outfit for work or special nights, choose polished black and white dress loafers. They are usually made from smooth leather and look neat. These sleek shoes, without laces, make suits look even sharper for important meetings, parties, weddings, and more.  For offices with dressed-up dress codes, black and white loafers are perfect with your suit. Their clean, classic style shows you mean business. Even with nice pants or smart chinos, these shoes make your whole outfit look dressier. Save them for times when making a good impression counts.


However, don't just wear your dress loafers to fancy events. On weekends, try them with dark-fitted jeans and a button shirt for date night or a cocktail gathering. Choose black and white loafers when you want to add some sophistication to any outfit.

Black and White Loafers 

Black and white loafers are some of the best shoes for any guy to own. As a slip-on shoe without laces, loafers are very easy to put on. Made from leather or suede, they have a classic style that works for casual and dressy times.

On weekends, wear loafers with tan pants and a polo shirt or button shirt. They’ll make running errands or meeting friends look neat. At work, pair them with dress pants or khakis and a jacket for a sharp office look. And in the evening, loafers go well with a button shirt and pants for drinks or dates.  

Loafers are perfect for busy men with active schedules. Keep a pair by the door so you can slip them on easily when you’re on the go. They’re also great for travel since you can take them off and back on fast at airport security. For a shoe that looks good moving from activity to activity, day to night, black and white loafers are a winner.


Factors to Consider 

Below are things to consider when shopping for black and white shoes for men:


Think about how and where you'll wear the shoes. Options range from casual sneakers suitable for errands on weekends to lace-up oxfords better for business-casual workplaces or dressier loafers/boots fitting for formal events. While trends come and go, focus on versatile styles designed to last.


For active lifestyles, prioritize durability. Look for Goodyear-welted or solid stitching construction. The type and thickness of materials also indicate the quality - full-grain leather is the toughest but also the most expensive. Cheaper materials may compromise on longevity. 

Fit & Comfort

Footwear is an investment, so try various sizes to ensure a perfect fit. No pinching toes or loose heels. The fit should allow a full range of motion for all-day comfort, whether standing or walking miles. 


If worn outdoors, rubber soles with multidirectional lugs provide traction on wet or uneven surfaces. Slip-resistant is important for safety.

Care & Materials

Consider easy care - leather may require more conditioning than synthetic but lasts longer. Dark colors hide scuffs better. Water resistance is good for inclement weather.


Men's black and white shoes prove to offer a very flexible option for men. Their neutral coloring allows the shoes to complement a wide variety of different outfits, from formal to casual wear. No matter an individual's tastes or needs, black and white shoes for men can gracefully fulfill just about any occasion, from work to weekends. With so many excellent selections bringing different strengths, it's easy to find an ideal fit both visually and literally. 

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