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Essential Shoes Every College Guy Should Wear

Shoes are the primary item that completes your outfit look, and it is the essential one present in any man’s wardrobe. Everyone wants to dress better for the first day of college. If you are confused about what college shoes to wear for college, take a look at the article to learn the best shoe recommendations. Here are the essential men's shoes to wear on the first day of college

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Popular Shoes For College Students
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If you are looking for less dressy shoes like brogues and a little above than casual sneakers, you can instantly go for a pair of boots. These boots are versatile and can be easily paired with denim and a T-shirt which can be worn for college. 



You can get these boots in leather or suede material. If you are aiming for a rich look, you can opt for suede chukka boots that help you pull off the style. You can pick the chukkas in darker shades such as baby and brown for your college. Not to mention the lighter shades elevate your style, and it is best suitable for casual occasions. These boots can be paired with suits and limitless casual outfits.


Loafers are comfortable college shoes for men, and they are the most versatile shoe options. Also, the loafers can be worn throughout the wear, and it is not limited to summer alone. These shoes can be best suitable for formal and casual occasions.


You can pair your loafers with denim or chinos for your college first day to appear more confident and classy. Moreover, you can go for brown loafers with suede or leather and tassel to achieve a smart casual look. These shoes are easy to slip on, and they are extremely stylish to wear for college.


What can be the most casual shoe option than sneakers for college-going men? The sneakers are the best shoes for college, and you can wear the canvas sneakers on the first day of your college for a polished look.


Get a pair of canvas sneakers in gray, white or beige shades that go well with all of your college outfits. Moreover, you can opt for leather and suede sneakers to stay in trend. The canvas sneakers can also be known as college shoes- which are a great alternative for flip-flops and also helps you pull off your best style in college.

The Oxford Shoes

Grab a pair of rounded oxford shoes- to wear on your first day of college. And these college shoes have closed lacing that creates a more refined look for your formal occasions. Invest in a good pair of Oxford shoes therefore you can wear them throughout your college year.



Also, you can either- go for black or brown, which is the most suitable formal event, such as seminar sessions at college. If you like to wear Oxford shoes during casual events- you can go for lighter shades and enjoy the sleek look.

The Chelsea Boot

Chelsea boots are the popular footwear option among men, and they can be very well worn for college. These boots can be paired with chinos and jeans, and they can be suitable for both formal and casual occasions.

You can go for neutral shades to keep it simple and also go for color shades that can be worn during casual occasions in college. If you are aiming for a fashionable look during your college, you can blindly go for Chelsea boots, and they are extremely comfortable by keeping your feet stay on the floor.

To help you with the sock suggestions, we have come up with the below tip to dress better for your college.


Brogues are the staple in most of the men’s wardrobes, and you can choose brown to keep for formal occasions. These shoes are stylish since they have unique perforations on the shoe top, and also they are versatile to pair with any of your formal outfits.

If you don't like to draw attention while wearing your brogues, you can go for minimal brogue features. Brown brogue is more on the smart casual side, and it can create a compelling look for your office. Moreover, these brogues can be paired with chino pants, wool trousers and jeans for a refined look.

Tip on wearing socks with shoes

You need to pay attention to socks to match the pattern and fabric; for a safe play option, anything that comes in navy, dark gray, brown, or maroon can never go wrong. And these shades matched with dark-shaded shoes. You can keep your shoes and socks in dark shades but keep in mind the color of the pants.


Final words

Now, you have an idea about what shoes to wear on the first day of your college. Take a look at your wardrobe to upgrade your collection to look classy and smart. Also, pay attention to shoe materials to feel comfortable during the summer seasons. It's safe to pick the versatile shoe that goes with most outfits and can be worn during all seasons of the year. Explore the collections online to grab a few shoe pairs to stay on trend and look impressive.

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