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How to Style Black Shoes with Khaki Pants For Men

Khaki pants are a classic staple and a must-have pair of pants for men with simple fashion statements and a flair for experimenting with everything fashion. The chinos-like pants aid multi-styles, and you can dress them up or maintain them as casual as they are.

You can, however, find yourself in the loop of what shoe colors to wear with khakis, such as the choice of black shoes with khaki pants. With their casual form and resemblance to chinos, you could become affixed to styling them with everything for the latter. But it does not work that way.

Though blacks are for everything, these combinations are top options to keep you super stylish.

Our Top Picks

Black Mesh Sneakers with Khaki Pants

Mesh sneakers look good on men, and you can wear them at any time of the day, whether indoors or outdoors. There is no back-and-forth for them to fit in with your khaki pants. It only involves doing your style thing naturally with slight modifications.

Wear your gray athletic sweatshirts over a classic blue shirt on the khakis to herald a casual feel. Get your wristwatch on the black shoes with khaki pants for an appealing aesthetic. In summer, sunglasses are complementary to keep things casual. And you can maintain a comfy layout with a light t-shirt.

With a brown suede jacket and a navy shirt finished off with mesh sneakers, you will bring on a grown-up style on casual weekends. Make your fashion preferences known with these shoes that exude boldness and simplicity.


Black Oxford Sneakers with Khaki Pants

Need some add-up shoes for khakis without striking out the options of sneakers? Oxford sneakers are one of the go-to options to exude elegance. Their black colors are a viable alternative to whites. And you don't have to tinker endlessly to get the fashion pieces layout right.

You can wear your navy jacket over shirts on these black shoes with khaki pants for an eye-catching style. With black belts and a wristwatch, you will have a well-cut-out layout for this ensemble. Ramp up the black pants with button-down Oxford shirts. There are no sketchy details in the output. But all shades of elegance.

On semi-casual occasions, the outfit combination is suitable to relay a put-together look. Wear them on weekends, strolling, and shopping. You will exude a laid-back vibe.


Black Leather Loafers with Khaki Pants

Create a streamlined look with leather loafers and khaki pants that make a bold fashion statement. Beyond the aesthetics of the penny, leather loafers are not out of the box to fit with these pants. And they also come in polished appearances for improved elegance.

With straight-leg cut khakis and white button-down shirts, you can elevate your khakis with the refined touch of the duo. Add your sweatshirts to the combination to complement the look. T-shirts are also suitable for maintaining a casual form. If you want to transition from day events to night - these black shoes with khaki pants are suitable pairs. You can take them off to work and behind the desk in styles without hassles.


Black Penny Loafers with Khaki Pants

Elevate the outlook of your khakis to a business-casual feel with penny loafers that add a sophisticated touch to the appearance. These dressy loafers give a more relaxed feel with black shade options for a laidback day.

You can pair a V-neck on a white or light blue shirt over the khakis for a cute appearance. The combo perfectly fits into a smart-casual appearance. You can try your khakis with blazers for an elevated look. A polo shirt on the combination is ideal for summer evenings.  Have a date you wish to attend in simplicity? The penny loafers with khakis will accentuate your fashion thoughts. Slim-fit khakis with a plaid shirt and tie are suitable for the office.


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