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6 Best Shoes to Pair with Black Jeans for Men

Black jeans are a fashion statement on their own. Not only because these jeans are classic, cozy wear but also because they exude a flawlessly relaxed vibe. Denims are undoubtedly a staple for every man's clothing. Black jeans are versatile, and you can style them with plenty options of outfits. Whether you are dressing up your outfit for a meet out or need a smart casual appearance for the office, there are a lot of fashionable shoes you can style with black jeans. The right choice of shoes with jeans not only looks classy and elegant but is also comfy and easy to wear. With various footwear styles to consider, it can be challenging to choose the ideal men's shoes to wear with black jeans. But don’t worry we have covered your back

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Popular Shoes That Go With Black Jeans
Select your favorite shoes to look stylish black jeans

Best Shoes to Wear With Black Jeans Men

Casual Sneakers

 If you want a trendy and relaxed look, sneakers are the perfect casual shoes to wear with black jeans to create a versatile and modish outfit. For a laid-back appearance, pair high-top sneakers with skin-fit jeans, or choose low-top sneakers to wear with straight-leg jeans.

White sneakers styled with black jeans look amazing, with a white T-shirt for a casual appearance or a button-down for a sophisticated casual look. 


Keep your business-casual look with black jeans and a basic sneaker, which will give a formal look to your attire. These classic white or black casual shoes with jeans are the best choices to sustain your business-casual look.

Penny Loafers

Loafers are an ideal choice of shoes to wear with black jeans for men.  The coolest part about these shoes is that they are comfortable; give you a flattering look, and have versatile nature. On casual occasions, styling the loafers with black jeans is the ideal footwear to pair with jeans. 

For daily styling, you can opt for suede loafers that can be paired with t-shirts or button-down shirts. Do not wear casual loafers and black jeans to formal settings because it makes you less classy.


Casual Loafers

Casual loafer shoes and black jeans is an awesome combo, especially for summertime. To add the elegance of these casual and sophisticated shoes, you should pair them with summer clothing like T-shirts or polo shirts. Try to choose a lighter-colored shirt with boat shoes and black jeans. When styled with loafer shoes, black jeans, a sky blue shirt, and summer sunglasses, they help you to create a top-notch, smart-casual outfit. 

Whether you plan to go for lunch or hang out with friends, you can pair cream or brown casual loafer shoes, black jeans, a button-down shirt, and a cable-knit sweater for a smart and fashionable look.



Boots are also an amazing choice for shoes to pair with black jeans for men. The only thing you need to do is search for the perfect boots for black jeans. You can consider styling black jeans with chukka or Chelsea boots if you want a smart-casual look.

But always remember to consider the color and design of your boots. Brown suede boots have a more casual and rugged appearance, whereas black leather varieties will make you look sleeker and classier. Chukka and Chelsea boots are ideal options to style with black jeans for smart casual outfits.


Oxford Shoes

For more traditional and formal shoes to wear with black jeans for men, it is the perfect outfit for you when these black jeans and dress shoes are paired to get a formal look. This traditional and classy footwear style is perfect for taking black jeans from casual to dressier and chic. Stick to traditional colors like brown, dark brown, and black with these shoes. 


You can also choose brogue oxford shoes. The perforated designs on brogue shoes make them unique and a smart choice for smart-casual settings. Style your oxfords and black-colored jeans with a black shirt and a cream blazer for classy and dressier attire.

Derby Shoes

For semi-formal attire with black jeans, derby shoes are an ideal choice. The Derby shoes are perfect for balancing the casual attire of your black jeans with classy and stylish footwear. You can pair derby shoes with black jeans, a light-colored oxford shirt, and a black or blue blazer for a modern and sophisticated look. While black and dark brown styles are neutral and classic, beige, and grey options can help you create a distinct and stylish appearance. While black and dark brown leather varieties appear classic and traditional, suede designs and brogue styles add to your style.



Shoes with Black Jeans at Different Occasions

Casual Occasions

Jeans are the perfect option to wear in casual settings. Black jeans give you a trendy and easy-going appearance. For this reason, you can opt for almost any style and pair it with any other casual outfit to achieve a smart weekend look. 

When it comes to the perfect shoes for nailing a casual black jeans outfit, you should choose between comfortable and trendy footwear, such as white sneakers or Chelsea or chukka boots.

Smart Casual Occasions

If they are styled aptly, black jeans are an ideal option for a smart-casual setting. To nail your look, you only need to maintain a balance between a formal look and more relaxed outfits.  You can rock your black jeans with a neutral-colored T-shirt and black or navy blue blazer to create a complementary look or choose a button-up shirt for a formal touch. Consider the best and most appropriate shoes to complement your outfit. Choose trendy boots, such as chukka boots or loafers, for a classy, trendy look. Sneakers can also be a trendy choice for smart-casual attire.

Semi-Formal Occasions

Surprisingly, jeans are a good choice to wear in a semi-formal setting. All you need to do is to ensure that the rest of your outfit is balanced so as not to be overly casual. For example, wearing your black jeans with a button-up shirt and blazer, or a suit jacket is a good idea. Regarding footwear, oxford shoes, derby shoes, and loafers will ensure that your appearance is classic and semi-formal.


Whether it's a casual setting or a smart casual occasion, black jeans are perfect for nailing your look. Styling black jeans with the best shoes are also significant because it can enhance or ruin your look. That's why we have compiled a complete guide on how to wear the best shoes to wear with black jeans for men.

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