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It's Time To Unwind

Take a break from hunting for the perfect suit and take a walk. Bruno Marc's men's business casual Walking Shoes are functional, stylish, and durable. Easily slips on and provides top-tier comfort. After a long day of work, stretch your legs, and get some sun to unwind with these stylish walking dress shoes for men.

Confident And Durable

Go with a company that provides top-quality material with a long-lasting and reliable experience wherever you go. The lightweight and flexible EVA traction outsole guarantee ultimate shock absorption so you'll never have to worry about losing your footing or being unbalanced.

Ultimate Fashion

Our sneakers are built with top-quality material to give you a long-lasting and reliable experience wherever you go. Our men's business casual walking shoes are built to last and our soft and removable EVA memory foam insole provides optimal support and cushioning... Go on those long morning walks before work or cool down after an intense workday with a stroll at the park.

What Types of Shoes are Best for Walking?

  • Walking Boots

    Walking boots are great and perfect if you love to walk. Just as their name suggests, these men's business casual walking dress shoes come with a classy design that allows you to walk in them with ease. If you are walking along or short distance, they are pretty comfortable for you to wear. More so, the shoes are at a dual advantage because they will provide you with the support and the elegance you envisage. The walking boots are durable and you could sometimes get them in varying designs, such as oxfords, combat, and more. Yet, irrespective of the diversity, everyone knows the key to good walking is when the weight of your shoe is not weighing your legs down. 

  • Oxford Sneakers

    The Oxford Sneakers are also one of the best shoes you can settle for if you look for a walk-supporting shoe. With their soft, breathable fabric, and synthetic leather upper, these shoes rule out occasional smelly feet that may arise from body sweat when you walk. Even better, their lace-up design and stitching detail are there to hold your fit firm and secure. These Oxford-made shoes come with a comfy fabric lining and padded collar that enables you to feel cozy when worn. Added with this feature are their flexibility and durable outsole that provides good wear resistance and shock absorption. Oxford sneakers can take you through the year if you're thinking of going for lasting shoes that you can wear for walking.

  • Slip-On Loafers

    If you are the type that has a great affection for nice walking shoes, then you cannot rule out the Slip-on shoes. Besides the reliable shock absorption that accompanies these shoes, there is an easiness for your feet breathing because they allow feet to breathe freely. More so, they are durable and long-lasting to take you through a year walking cycle. Slip-On Loafers are convenient for you to wear and walk in. This simplicity is because the slip-on style allows you to pull them on and off easily. More so, the elastic cloth lining, soft padded collar, and lightweight outsole provide comfort and cushion while walking. If you are athletic, then you will love these pairs of shoes.

  • Casual Sneakers

    If you need reliable walking shoes that can help you with every step you take, you can also opt for casual sneakers. These shoes come with an excellent design and will never let you down. Perhaps you are a fast walker, sporty, or athletic? Then they are a must-have. The Casual Sneaker comprises an anti-skid outsole with ultimate traction while walking. Also present with this is a breathable PU upper. While their rear pull tab enables you to slip on and off quickly, your foot becomes further protected with the cloth-covered latex insole.

Guidelines for Buying Walking Shoes

As long as getting a walking shoe is necessary for you, it is also essential to know your feet requisite and buy the right shoe ones and for all. Finding a good fit is quite simple, but having an unfit walking shoe is complex and may result in blisters developing on your feet. So here below are some steps you should be wary of when buying walking shoes.

Go for outsoles that support good traction.

The outsole is the outer and essential part of your shoes. It is vital because this section of your shoes comes in contact with different land terrain. With a sketchy outsole on your walking shoes, you might deride yourself the easiness you should enjoy while walking.

Ensure the Soles are of a Cushioned Material

Cushions are soft bag filled with foam rubbers that helps to support your feet while walking. The midsoles and the insoles are also essential parts of your shoes that you cannot rule out. These soles are both at the upper part of the shoes and the tread. Yet, they should possess cushions that will support your feet in addition to the outsoles.

Your midsoles and insoles should be soft and resilient when placing your feet on them. It is often best to buy shoes with midsoles made of gel or foam. The duo is appropriate to support your feet while walking, and it aids in shock absorption.

Ensure it's Roomy to accommodate Legs

Besides the soles of your shoes, the toe box and other parts are also essential parts that you cannot overlook when you want to buy your shoes. The toe box is the front part of the shoe that accommodates and surrounds your toe. This box must be moderate to support your leg and bend freely.

However, too much space in the shoes can cause your legs to shift unnecessarily and ultimately result in discomfort while walking. It is always necessary to ensure the boot's size and inner spaces are moderate before buying them.

Check the Snug Heel Counter and Ensure it is Lightweight.

The Snug Heel Counter is also a part of your heel that you must note when buying a walking shoe. The counter at the back should cup the back of your heel completely. Your feet become stable when it fits correctly and will not keep shifting while walking. However, they should not always get too tight as well.

The shoe's weight is also an essential feature to be wary of while selecting your walking shoes. Do not opt for shoes that will weigh your feet down as they will get you tired in no distance while walking. Always ensure your boots are moderate and not too heavy.

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