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Men's Wide Classic Vegan Leather Sneakers - BLACK - 1

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Men's Wide Monk Strap Dress Loafer Shoes - BLACK - 1

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Men's Cushioned Lightweight Mesh Sneakers - BLACK - 1

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Men's Knitted Casual Wingtip Oxford Sneakers - BLACK - 1

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Men's Anti-Slip Fashion Mesh Sneakers - BLACK - 1

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Men's Velvet-Lined Slip On Winter Boots - BLACK - 1
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Men's Vegan Leather Slip-On Sneakers - BLACK - 1

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Men's Vegan Leather Non-Slip Work Sneakers - BLACK - 1

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Men's Smart Casual Oxford Derby Shoes - BLACK - 1

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  • Sole-full Confidence  

    Slip resistant dress shoes for men provide the confidence you need to focus on the task at hand without worrying about slipping or falling. Whether working long hours on your feet  in a restaurant kitchen or walking through a construction site, men’s slip resistant shoes give you stability and sure footing. Slip resistant shoes for men come in a variety of styles for work or casual use. 

  • Feel At Ease

    From slip resistant boots to slip resistant work shoes, you can find a non slip option for any situation. Black men's non slip shoes or brown shoes, there are choices for any wardrobe. With slip resistant soles, you’ll feel at ease moving over wet or uneven surfaces. Men’s non-slip dress shoes provide the traction and durability you need to get the job done safely.

  • Grip-tastic Fashion

    Just because they are functional doesn’t mean non-slip dress shoes for men can’t also look stylish. Slip resistant work shoes for men come in contemporary styles that transition easily from work to play. Look for options like Chelsea boots, chukka boots or lace up shoes with slip resistant soles.  Non slip work shoes for men that incorporate breathable and slip resistant soles are ideal for jobs where you’re on your feet for long periods.  For casual wear, loafers or lace up shoes with hidden slip resistant soles provide an understated yet fashionable look with all the utilitarian benefits. Options like suede loafers or canvas lace ups are handsome yet unobtrusive. Form meets function in today’s slip resistant men’s footwear.

  • Footwear Finesse 

    When you want shoes that are equal parts dependable and refined, look for footwear finesse in men’s non slip shoes. Crafted from quality leathers and materials, these shoes deliver comfort and class. With ergonomic, slip resistant soles, they provide an easy, natural stride over any surface.  Premium slip resistant dress shoes for men offer a level of style and sophistication that complements business or casual attire.  Look for classic touches like wingtip styling, brogue detailing or hand sewn stitching that lend a timeless air.  For the ultimate in footwear finesse, select a pair of our slip resistant loafers or lace ups renowned for quality and tradition. When safety and style converge, you’ve achieved a perfect balance of form and function.

Popular Types of Non-slip Work Shoes for Men

Choosing reliable, non-slip work shoes goes a long way in preventing such incidents from occurring. Here are some popular non-slip work shoes for men to consider:


Lightweight and flexible, it is excellent for jobs like warehousing and landscaping electricians that require lots of movement. Ideal for active personalities. 

Combat boots

Sturdy and durable, suitable for construction, labor, and maintenance roles. Can withstand harsh conditions. Appeal to rugged, no-nonsense types.


Comfortable, easy to clean and versatile. Suitable for service jobs like retail, kitchens, and facilities. It is ideal for easygoing professionals preferring low-maintenance shoes.


Oxfords are intelligent, protective options for insurance adjusting or site supervision. Provide dignity while allowing movement. It is suited to mature, lead-by-example personalities.  

Winter boots

Essential insulation and traction for jobs like roadwork, transportation, and utilities during inclement weather. Critical for safety-minded individuals working in harsh elements.

In any occupation, shoes matching the work and the wearer's character can optimize performance while minimizing slips or fatigue. Sensible choices support job satisfaction and professionalism.

What to Consider When Choosing Slip-Resistant Shoes for Men 

While fashion and personal taste play a role in selecting everyday footwear, safety must precede work boots and shoes. Slip-resistant footwear can help safeguard men on the job from injury, but not all models are created equal. Here are some essential factors to consider when choosing a pair:

Sole Materials

The base of the shoe needs to have the proper traction capability. Rubber soles generally provide excellent grip, and oil/slip-resistant rubber is perfect for hazardous slick surfaces. Some boots also utilize composite materials to boost toughness and longevity under stressful conditions. 

Sole Shapes and Patterns

Particular tread patterns are essential for safely draining water so your footing stays secure. Options like hexagonal ridges or diamond shapes channel liquids outdoors quickly without losing grip ability. Textured outsoles allow for natural gripping versus the slipperiness of a plain, smooth design below.

Foot Support Needs  

Support levels should suit your requirements. Do you need more stability or cushioning? Motion control shoes dampen impact well for arduous tasks. Consideration for over-pronation is prudent as well since inadequate support brings higher injury risk.

Toe Protection

Your job may necessitate reinforced toe caps if heavier items reside above. Alternatively, a safety steel shank inside provides coverage for different hazards. Make sure your toe style matches your workplace dangers.

Heel Height and Shock Absorption

Very high heels are uncomfortable after shifts and add ankle strain. Lower-cut or wedge shoes balance support with energy return to ward off fatigue. Shock-absorbing midsoles prevent aches, too.

Fit and Linings

Shoes ought to be snug but not tight. Breathable linings wick moisture away so odor and irritations stay at bay all day as you stay focused on work.

When you focus on these critical areas of slip-resistant shoes, you can feel confident you've gotten the right safety features for your essential job responsibilities every workday. 

What Types of Non-Slip Work Shoes Have Most Grip

Grip is something you should pay attention to. Whether the environment is wet, oily, slippery, or unstable, having shoes with superb gripping capabilities is essential for safety and productivity. Some of the footwear with the best gripping capabilities for working surfaces include:

Combat Boots  

Designed for varying outdoor conditions, combat boots have deep, multi-directional tread patterns made of durable rubber compounds. Some models have steel shanks for stability.

Winter Boots

When conditions are icy or snowy, winter boots keep you sure-footed with aggressive lug soles and materials that don't harden in cold temperatures. 

Work Boots

Intended for jobs like construction and landscaping, work boots have extra thick anti-slip soles. Composite toe varieties feature deep chevron or diamond grips.

Oxford Sneakers

Non-slip oxford sneakers are engineered with multi-directional tread and sturdy outsoles to provide excellent traction off-road on various surfaces.

Chelsea Boots

Chelsea work boots benefit from strong grips, with rugged rubber sole units and cleats cut to handle demanding conditions.

Best types of Non-slip Sole Materials

When selecting shoes for safety in slippery conditions, the materials used to construct the sole require careful consideration. An easily readable sole can drastically impact performance and protection. Here are some high-performing options:

Rubber Compounds

Whether petroleum-based or synthetic, various rubber blends exhibit incredible durability and natural gripping capabilities, they safely support wearers even in wet or hazardous environments thanks to compounds like thermoplastic polyurethane rubber or nitrile rubber. 

PVC Soles  

Constructed from polyvinyl chloride, PVC soles allow flexibility along with slip resistance. Their defining tread patterns enable rapid water drainage without compromising traction capabilities, keeping feet steady.

Cushioning Polyurethane

While providing cushioning, modern forms of polyurethane also imbue soles with slip resistance. They withstand abrasive wear and repetitive stresses excellently, perfect for active users. 

Natural Cork 

Sustainable cork naturally resists moisture infiltration to sous through resilient properties, offering cushioning qualities and a secure, non-slip character ideal for risky locations.

State-of-the-Art Composites  

Advanced rubber-fiber combinations bring material toughness together with better gripping than single materials. Their resilience extends their lifespan under pressure.

Any of these above-mentioned sole materials are sensible choices for ensuring safety in slippery environments. 

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