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Chukka Boots Without The Sand

Adopt a western look and choose from our men’s suede or dress Chukka Boots. Bruno Marc Chukka Boots come in black, brown, and more with a lace-up design. Chukka Work Boots are a great addition to any outfit. Bruno Marc men’s leather Chukka Boots can be worn with a suit or dressed down with jeans.

Versatile And Comfortable

Versatility is the name of the game. Versatile suede Chukka Boots are adjustable and can fit any look. Choose Chukka Boots for a relaxed and comfortable day. Choose Chukka Boots for a stressful day in the office. The versatility delivered through our suede Chukka Boots Collection is more than just picking between black or brown. Being specific about your style will help you deliver breathtaking fashion.

Conquer Your Day

Anything you put on will look like a well-thought-out piece of art when your pair it with the classic Chukka Boot style. Pick breathable leather lining, classic laces, and the original four-eyelet trim. Suede leather that’s smooth to the touch adds confidence to even the most confident man's day. Charming your way through meetings and interaction starts from the bottom up. 

How to Wear Chukka Boots for Men?

  • Dress Chukka Boots with a Suit

    Comfortable dress Chukka boots are versatile and can transform an outfit from casual to smart casual or even formal. Apart from their natural ability to add glam to casual outfits, such as jeans and chinos, these boots can still go well with suits with few limitations. You can wear leather comfortable chukka dress boots with diverse suits colors ranging from blue to black, with a white shirt in the suit interiors. These boots will fit in and elevate the proposed look for the day. Suits with chukka boots are appropriate for weekends and a few professional events, including a few held with office peers. When it's time to go out in a suit, black leather chukka boots are the way to go because they don't just go with any other color.  

  • Leather Dress Chukka Boots with Chinos

    This duo is also one of the best ways to show off your fashion sense. Chinos are naturally great to wear with a pair of Chukka boots as long as it is close-fitted and not too light. They are appropriate for casual events or evening walks, and they will always be. Chinos, like chukka boots, come in a variety of colors. Regardless, all you only have to do is get them matched with the colors you intend to wear. To a greater extent, you can wear the duo to different occasions when properly styled. If suede chukka boots appear less classic with chinos, the dark leather will perform better.  

  • Wear Chukka Boots with Jeans

    One of the best ways to wear Chukka boots is with Jeans and a well-fitting shirt. Jeans with chukka boots are a popular and casual way to shape the body to the desired aesthetic. This combination elevates the look to a classic style any fashionista would want. While everyone's color preferences vary, both the brown and black chukka boots will blend into the desired casual or smart casual look.  When it is time to go on a casual outing like regular evening dates or wedding parties, chukka boots with jeans are a great choice. For an appropriate gentleman's look, brown suede chukka boots and jeans, coupled with an open shirt, are the best way to go. 

  • Suede Chukka Boots with Chino Pants 

    This duo is also one of the best ways to show off your fashion sense. Chinos are naturally great to wear with a pair of suede Chukka boots as long as it is close-fitted and not too light. They are appropriate for casual events or evening walks, and they will always be. While a short-sleeved shirt will go well with chinos and brown chukka boots, a long-sleeved shirt will look much better when it is cold outside. 

What is Chukka Boot?

Chukka boots are open-laced ankle-high boots often made of leather or suede, leather or rubber soles, and two to three eyelets. These casual boots are comfortable, ideal for styling, and elevate your look in any outfit chosen for different occasions. Unlike most other men's boots, chukka boots are durable to wear all year. In both the summer and winter seasons, they are relaxing and fashionable.  


The name "chukka" came from the boots worn by players in an archaic game, but this may not be the true origin. Then, Chukka boots were like the boots worn by polo players in the 1960s—a horseback game. Since their inception, the boots have continued to revolve around the fashion cycle. They are not out of style, and they don't seem to be leaving the spot any time soon.  


Chukka boots are available in diverse cool and classy colors, but the most popular ones are brown and black. The weight of the boot, in addition to the color, is also an essential feature. Just like everyone wants a weightless boot that won't suffocate their legs, chukka boots are lightweight and possess a cushioned footbed to support the feet even when worn for hours.  

Differences between Chukka Boots and Desert Boots

Often, newbies in fashion get confused when differentiating between Chukka boots and Desert Boots. The distinctions may be too close to notice, but they possess a striking difference.


When it is time to buy either of these boots, there is a noticeable difference to examine in the soles before you eventually add them to the cart. Desert boots often have thick rubber soles designed to last enough for a long time. The soles are durable to wear all around the year.


In contrast, Chukka boots come with thin leather soles that can last long enough to wear in years. Occasionally, this feature might become changed from time to time, but you will always be able to tell the difference between the shoe sole and body when you intend to buy them.


Another striking difference between chukka boots and Derby Boots is the color. Although, most times, it is somewhat hard to discern the boot's color type, yet both boots sometimes vary in their color appearance. While Desert boots often have a light brown color, the popular color for chukka boots is dark brown.


One other difference between the Chukka boots and desert boots is the weight and the ease of movement. Although, both shoes are not heavy up to the level that will weigh legs down. Yet, there is a slight difference in their weight. Desert boots are lighter in weight than Chukka boots because they are often not lined in the upper parts. This feature is a further advantage to make them easier to move than chukka boots.

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