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Practical & Stylish Ideas for White Shoe Outfits for Men

White shoes are like a blank canvas that can inspire you to express different stylish looks. Create your fashion masterpiece by combining different white shoes with complementing outfits for formal and casual situations. White shoes are underrated yet versatile and their ability to make incredible outfit transitions has made them a wardrobe staple. Outfits that go with white shoes include pants, jeans, chinos, and suits. Let’s explore different white shoe outfits for men and see how they can make you stand out in the crowd.

Our Top Picks

White Penny Loafers with Chinos

Looking for extraordinary white shoe outfits for men? Why not give white penny loafers a try? Yes! White penny loafers work great when paired with chinos. Perfect for garden parties, summer beach dinners, and travel, this stunning combo can offer a relaxed cool vibe.

Here are some ideas for outfits with white shoes for men that you can try for casual outings. For a calm evening walk, grab your white ripped chinos and pair them with a red tie crew neck. Go ahead and try the white loafers with no socks. For a dressed-up look, go for white chinos, and navy linen shirt, and a light blue denim jacket. Complete the look with white shoes and a black belt. 


White Sneakers with Jeans

Sneakers offer effortless charm, a minimalist vibe, and a classic silhouette that’s never out of fashion. It makes your outfit sharper and portrays a cool street-smart look. Moreover, sneakers have no weather restrictions and can be worn throughout the seasons.

Men’s white shoe outfits for sneakers can be pulled off in complementing and contrasting looks. The casual combo of blue jeans, white crew neck, and flannel shirt can help you get all eyes on you. For an office-ready look, wear blue jeans and pair a navy polo shirt with a blue or grey-striped blazer. You can wear turtle necks, sweatshirts, denim jackets, or sweaters with white sneakers.


White Oxford Sneakers with Jeans

Dress sneakers have successfully taken over where you need footwear that is neither too formal nor too casual. This perfectly balanced type of footwear has exquisite appeal and can work with a variety of outfits including jeans.

White shoe outfits for men offer a clean, refined look when styled in the right way. White Oxford sneakers with jeans look amazing when paired with a striped crew neck and a navy blazer. Additionally, black skinny jeans with a white dress shirt or olive t-shirt look effortless. White Oxford sneakers can be styled with both dark-washed and light-colored jeans. You can tuck or untuck the shirt depending on the occasion. Small details also matter, patterned socks, sunglasses, a matching belt, and a watch can be adapted to make the outfit sharp.


White Penny Loafers with Suits Pants

Lace-up Oxfords, wingtips, and derbies have been the ideal suit shoe for decades but this traditional practice has been broken by modern men. Today, many fashion influencers and celebrities are wearing loafers with suits to formal and semi-formal events. But before pairing these lace-less shoes you need to know how to properly style men’s outfits with white shoes.

When styling outfits with white shoes such as white penny loafers, you can wear grey suit pants. To dress down pick white suede penny loafers and dress them with a white suit and black t-shirt. Besides, try other colors like navy, brown, black, and light blue suits. You can choose simple, striped or plaid designs as well. 


White Oxfords with Black Pants

Men love Oxfords! Because they are versatile, stylish, and timeless shoes that have been worn with formal clothing for decades. A classic pairing that exhibits a smartened-up elegant look is white oxfords and black pants. The striking contrast can be worn for weddings, business meetings, and even black-tie events.

White Oxfords serve as a focal point of attention that can turn everyone’s eyes on you! By pairing black pants, a white button-down formal shirt, and a black blazer with white oxfords together, the whole look becomes flawless. To earn some extra compliments, match pocket squares with shoes. 


White Dress Loafers with White Pants

Brown and black shoes are definitely in trend but white creates a refreshing summer flex that can be combined with black pants for a variety of events such as gatherings, office parties, and weddings.

Embrace the appealing contrast between black and white but also ensure the pants are a right fit. Choose well-fitted tailored pants that are the right length that is not loose and stacked. While contrasting shirts, choose brighter or monochromatic colors. For a striking and charming look, grab your black pants and style them up with a white shirt and grey jacket. You can also consider wearing a blue sweater with black pants for a dapper formal look.



White shoe outfits for men are a safe and trendy option for a polished and updated look. Whether it's white loafer styling options or white sneakers outfits for men, you can successfully rock any shoe look with the help of this guide.

Here is a quick tip; always ensure your white shoes are cleaned and well-maintained as messy and untidy shoes can spoil your whole look. In the end, we would say that styling white shoes is an art. So, embrace your fashion journey today with white shoe outfits for men. 

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