The 5 Best Types Of Shoes For Walking For Men In 2022

Shoes are an essential fashion item made in different forms for our everyday wear. A sleek Oxford shoe complements men’s dress pants and provides elegance in its trendiest form. And in less-formal settings, sneakers are suitable shoes for walking men to scale through the day.

However, when it comes to men's walking shoes, there are several options.An ankle-sized shoe with a soft sole is sufficient for short-distance walking. And for long journeys, thick soles will suffice to improve your movement and prevent bruises.

But to narrow these endless options, we’ve compiled the best walking shoes for men that will also work for you. If you are in a search for comfy shoes to add to your rack, the list below best answers your quest

What are the Best Shoes for Walking Men?

Find here the most comfortable walking shoes for men:

Walking Shoes

Just as the name suggests, walking shoes are fashion essentials for every man that walks. Their well-crafted design is specifically made for men of all ages to walk with ease. Besides the comfort provided, their openings allow ventilation, and the exterior creates elegance while exuding comfort.


Walking shoes are comfortable for you to trek short distances and walk long kilometers. Thanks to their knit mesh fabric upper and flexible soles, the shoe helps with arch support. And their weightless shape makes them comfortable enough to wear all day.

If you want to keep your body active during the summer, wear walking shoes with shorts, and you are good to hit the street. Thinking about doing some long-term walking in the winter? Take jeans and pair them with walking shoes, and you will look nothing short of elegant.


Sandals are fashionable shoes that should take a good place in walking men's shoe racks. These ankle strap shoes frequently have flat and durable soles that make them more comfortable. And occasionally, they get confused when naming flip-flops. But Sandals are different.


Ankle straps Sandals are best suited for walking as they keep the feet firm and tight. Their thick soles and footbeds also help in good arch support and help to reduce foot pains while walking on terrains.

However, it doesn't matter if you are standing for a long time or walking. Sandals provide the optimum support for your feet by distributing your body weight equally. More importantly, they reduce leg strains and are wearable for long periods.


Sneakers are another type of shoes for walking men suitable for walking, sports, and other daily exercises. Often made with rubber soles, sneakers enable you to walk, run, and jog comfortably. When worn, they provide good wear resistance and shock absorption, thanks to their durable soles.

Sneakers comprise a fabric or synthetic rubber that protects and covers your feet. Their lightweight and breathable design also rule out the option of smelly feet that result from sweat when you walk. Simply say - walking sneakers for men are appropriate for walking short and long distances.

While their hues are in varieties of black and whites, stylings are most appropriate for specific seasons.

The blacks best conserve heat during cold weather in winter. While white sneakers might also be a good fit for hot weather in summer, it prevents burns on your feet.

If you want to go casual with shorts or long pants, both walking trainers for men are always a good fit.

Running Shoes

Running shoes are specialized footwear for hikers and other related adventurers. As the name suggests, the shoes are most suitable for walking and jogging through miles, including exercises.


Unlike most other shoes, running shoes have a lightweight design that helps you walk through short and long distances without weighing you down.

These shoes comprise flexible soles that make walking easier on flat and rough terrain. Their sizes are also of different types, with the oversized ones more prone to ventilation.

However, they all have straps that make them suitable as good walking shoes for men.

If you want to go on short walks on a hot afternoon, the running shoes are appropriate for you to leverage. Considering taking a breathtaking exercise on a cold morning? These shoes are durable to wear.

It may also interest you to know that Running shoes are durable to outlive annual cycles.

Flip Flops

Flips-flops might no longer be new to men; we have almost all become accustomed to owning these casual shoes as a household ensemble. Considering that the shoes are comfortable to wear even with no straps, they are one of the best slip-on walking shoes for men.

The rubber-made toe thong sandals with flat soles are durable. And they got the name - flip flops, from the Y shape that allows your feet to swerve when worn.

With a breathable design that aids ventilation, the slip-on shoes for walking men are suitable for you to use in warm weather, especially for casual purposes. And if you walk short distances, they are comfortable enough, but not for exercise.

Perhaps your feet get weakened from walking in high-heeled office shoes. You can change into flip-flops after work hours.

Style them with either monochrome or varieties of neutral colors, and they will look just neat.

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