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17 Best Types Of Shoes For Men To Look Charming

Does the popular saying "shoes can make or break an outfit" make sense to you? Of course, it should! Styling your outfit with the wrong footwear can make you look shabby. And with the vast number of men’s shoes out there, choosing the ‘perfect’ ones can prove daunting at first. But don’t fret, as you’ve come to the right place to learn about the different types of shoes for men and how to achieve the best looks with them.

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Over here are the top 17 shoes for men, categorized into formal, dress, casual, sneakers, and boots. Whether you're looking for a pair to pull off a professional look, appear impressive for a date, or a sturdy boot to see you through the harsh weather, we've got everything covered.

Men’s Formal shoes

When it comes to giving a sophisticated and elegant look on special occasions, like weddings, corporate events, etc., you can count on these different types of formal shoes for the finest look.

Formal Oxford shoes

As an elegant man, your wardrobe is incomplete without classic Oxford shoes. Yes, you can read that twice. They're the most formal of all men's shoes thanks to their simple, elegant look. You can quickly identify Oxford shoes by their closed-lacing system, which means their eyelets are sewn under the vamp, giving them a sleek and clean appearance.

Earlier versions of this timeless footwear were made of plain leather design but have - over the years - evolved into several styles. Now, we have some with cap toes, wingtips, and more. However, the classic plain Oxford design remains the most formal.


Formal Derby shoes

One can easily mistake the classic derbies for Oxford shoes because of their similarities, but a quick cheat sheet to distinguish them is the lacing system. While Oxford shoes are proud of that sealed-lacing system, formal derby shoes pose a relaxed appearance with an open-lacing system.

Derbies are another popular style of men’s elegant shoes suitable for formal occasions and business attire. You’d appreciate them even more if you have wider feet, thanks to their loose lacing system that allows a slightly more spacious and comfortable fit than the Oxfords.


Tuxedo shoes

If you guess they're designed specifically for tuxedos, you should consider yourself a genius by now! Usually, they can be of Oxford, derby, or even loafer design, but a quick way to recognize them is their shiny appearance. Tuxedo shoes are made from patent leather and come in black or white colors with thin soles and pointed toes. Besides that, many designs feature satin or grosgrain ribbons for an extra-special appearance.



If you ever thought of those perforations on brogues mainly as decorations, I'd only enunciate you have different thought patterns than the creators. But with their Scottish and Irish origins, those holes serve as practical drainage for people navigating the wet and muddy terrain of Ireland's bogs and swamps. Hopefully, you won't find yourself in such a mess today, but modern brogues have gone beyond that.

While their distinctive decorative perforations give them a unique and stylish look, they also come in many styles ranging from classic and formal to more casual and contemporary. The most common types of brogues include full, semi, quarter, and longwing brogues. Style-wise, their dark-brown options go perfectly with formal occasions, while the light-colored ones make your casual ensembles look dainty. You can also wear black brogues with suits, but don’t be tempted to wear them to a black tie event.


Dress loafers

Dress loafers fill the gap between casual slip-ons and dresses and the boundary between the formality of laced and laceless shoes. Take them as one of the most comfortable and stylish dress shoes around. Of course, you don’t have to worry about tying laces or adjusting knots.

These classic loafers are a versatile option for a range of semi-formal outfits, and you can rely on them to appear stunning in your next business or casual ensemble with some dressy vibes. Wear them with everything from suits to dress pants and more casual outfits like jeans and a blazer.



Wingtips are a special style of Oxford shoe with a groundbreaking touch of art, with their toe cap extending around the side of the shoe for a wing-like shape. And depending on your perspective, it may resemble the letter 'M' or 'W.' Even with different types of shoes for men, wingtip Oxfords remain one of the most adaptable. That's for no other reason than how they strike the perfect balance between formal and casual, making them suitable for multiple occasions.


Except for some formal attires, you can pair wingtip dress shoes with almost any outfit in your wardrobe. From looking dressy with chinos to going out in style with blue jeans, there are endless possibilities for how you can style a quality pair of wingtip Oxford shoes.

Dress boots

What comes to mind when someone mentions a sleek, sophisticated boot with clean lines and minimal detailing? Dress boots! Neatly designed to steal the show at dressy occasions, these boots usually come in classic colors like black, brown, or burgundy in quality leather or suede materials.

From ones stopping at your ankle to higher ones, dress boots are available in various styles. Many even feature decorative features like perforations, broguing, or some extra piece of leather/threads to flaunt out unique styles. And talking of how well they pair with your favorite outfits, wear these rugged-looking boots with formal attires like a suit or dress pants, or pop out with jeans and a sweater for a casual look.


Casual shoes For Men

Among the different types of shoes for men, casual shoes are the perfect choice for a laid-back day or a night out with friends. From sneakers to loafers, there's a wide range of style and color options for ultimate comfort and style.

Penny loafers

Not only are penny loafers considered one of the most versatile and elegant loafers available, they also have a fascinating history behind them. These shoes first appeared in the ‘50s, when prep school students often put small coins in the diamond-shaped slot on the top of the shoe. Since then, penny loafers have become a timeless fashion icon and an essential item in any stylish man's wardrobe.

To identify a penny loafer among others, look for the strap attached across the top, which also functions as a slot for the small penny that gave the shoe its name. Penny loafers are available in numerous materials, such as suede and leather and come in a range of colors, including black, brown, tan, white, burgundy, and more. They are both comfortable and classic, making them an excellent choice for any stylish man.


Canvas loafers

Shoe designs are endless. And when you think you’ve got the perfect dressy loafers or casual sneakers, designers often figure out ways to take it to the next level. That’s why we have something called “Casual loafers,” if you ask me. Ok, they're a slip-on shoe that combines the casual, lightweight feel of canvas with the relaxed elegance of a loafer.

This chic-looking footwear comes with a low-profile design featuring a soft, flexible canvas upper and a rubber sole. Take canvas loafers on as your foot companion for summer or spring casual wear, and you’ll appreciate the comfort and stylish feel they provide. Like Oxford sneakers and other casual shoes, canvas loafers are versatile, pairing well with arguably anything relaxed in your wardrobe.


Slip-on walking shoes

What do you think differentiates slip-on walking shoes from other slip-ons? You’re right if you think of them from the sporty side. Slip-on walking shoes often have a more athletic or sporty look than traditional slip-ons. You may find them with features like breathable mesh or perforated uppers, padded collar and tongue, cushioned insoles, and flexible soles – all for extra comfort for all-day walking.


Casual loafers

From the good old moccasin loafers to the pennies and even the two aforementioned casual shoes, the list of casual loafers is endless. Think of them as special loafers specifically designed for lid-back wears. You’ll find them in numerous styles, like canvass loafers, moccasin loafers, tassel loafers, penny loafers, boat shoes, and many more.


You'll identify them quickly with informal details like stitches, tassels, or buckles. Overall, they’re typically made of softer materials to be more comfortable and match everyday wear than their dressier counterparts.

Boots For Men

From rugged outdoor adventures to sleek and sophisticated city looks, here are the perfect pair of boots to include in your closet:

Chelsea boots

A timeless footwear staple that doesn’t appear to be going out of style soon, Chelsea boots have stood the test of time and deserve a honorable spot in every man's closet. These classic ankle-high boots feature an elastic side panel that breaks the barrier of laceless shoes. Yes, those stretchy panels let you slip on and off the boots effortlessly.

When it comes to styling, Chelsea boots are one of the different types of shoes for men that is wearable round the year. Take them as your outfit companion any day, whether warm or cold outside. And if not for anything, you need a pair of this timeless footwear staple because they're versatile and cozy. Wear them with everything from your favorite business-casual suits to jeans and whatnot.


Motorcycle boots

Originally designed to provide added protection and support for motorcyclists when driving, motorcycle boots have become a more popular and accepted fashion piece for anyone today. To offer the acclaimed 'protection,' these rugged boots usually come from thick and sturdy materials like leather or synthetic fibers, with reinforced toes and ankles for protection against impacts or falls. Some even have a steel tank for extra support and a non-slip sole for a firm grip on the road. Oh, that’s a lot of features on footwear!

Motorcycle boots, as one of the different types of boots for men, are best paired with a rugged and casual outfit that complements their edgy aesthetic. Ready to kit up? Wear them with jeans or leather pants, a skin jacket, and a simple button-up or T-shirt. And if you’re feeling extra good, add an accessory like a leather belt or bandana to give that biker-inspired look.


Winter boots

Boots are a staple footwear ensemble to protect your foot from unusual elements of the frosty season. And yes, you guessed right; the thoughtful waterproof and insulated design of winter boots comes in when you need them the most – throughout the colder months.


With insulateaid materials like wool, fleece, or synthetic insulation keeping your feet warm when it's freezing and impermeable materials like Gore-Tex, nylon, or leather helping you maintain toasty feet in wet conditions, the best winter boots are an essential piece of footwear if you live in a cold and snowy climate. And besides that, they provide good traction and closure to keep your feet safe and comfy in harsh winter weather. Meanwhile, winter boots don’t generally go by the name “winter boots.” Instead, you’ll find them in popular styles like snow boots, hiking boots, duck boots, and even chukka and Chelsea boots.

Sneakers For Men

Sneakers are a comfortable and practical option for everyday wear. They are designed for casual outfits and come in a variety of styles. Here are some:

Fashion sneakers

Designer sneakers are the new thing in town, breaking the ice between comfort and style. While most sneakers look good already, fashion sneakers take them to another level. Made from high-quality materials, like leather, suede, or canvas, they’re suitable as a fashion statement rather than for athletic purposes.

Like most sneakers, they are versatile and pair well with many outfits, from casual to dressier styles. Once you've secured a quality pair of designer sneakers in your closet, flaunt them out with jeans, chinos, or suits for a more contemporary and casual look.


Oxford sneakers

Yes, that's it. Your predictions are usually genuine. Oxford sneakers are a hybrid of classic dress shoes and modern sneakers, designed to create a fashionable piece that can elevate any outfit while keeping you extremely comfortable. You can count them as one of those designer sneakers mentioned earlier. And while they’re called “Oxford sneakers,” you may necessarily not see them in a closed-lacing system, but more like derby shoes. That’s just what it is.

Especially if you’re a fashion-conscious man who wants to add a touch of elegance to his casual wardrobe, these sneakers make a perfect choice! Whether running errands or attending a casual event, oxford sneakers offer a sleek and sophisticated look with added comfort and versatility of sneakers. You already know what that means.


Mesh sneakers

Do you still doubt that manufacturers craft athletic shoes for performance and style? You’d have to try mesh sneakers to correct your perspective. As the name suggests, they feature a mesh upper, which provides excellent breathability and optimal airflow to the foot.


If you're looking for sustainable shoes to keep you up and running during workouts, casual outings, and hot weather conditions, don’t think twice before choosing a sleek pair of mesh sneakers. And besides optimal airflow, the mesh upper allows for a snug fit that cradles your foot, as well as soles made with sock-absorbing materials to reduce the impact on the feet and joints during physical activities.

And that's it. You've made it to the end of the long list of different types of shoes for men. Whether you're trying to build your shoe collection from the ground or want to add a couple more, take the eighteen shoes mentioned above as the essentials for the elegant man! 

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