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What Is a Chukka Boot? A Must-Have for Every Stylish Gent

When it comes to naming the essential boots in any stylish gent’s collection, you’ll only name a few before mentioning the chukka boots. And though they’ve been for ages, they’re a staple in men’s footwear collection and seem not to be going anywhere soon. However, being popular, stylish, simple, and versatile doesn't mean you know them. If you're one of the elegant men still trying to fathom "what is a chukka boot," this post is for you.

Here’s everything (I mean the simple things) you need to know about the exceptional-looking chukka boots.

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Chukka Boots: A Versatile Footwear in The Elegant Gent’s Closet

The classic chukka boots have had their identity dating back to the 20th century, where polo players wear them after/while gaming. Apparently, they found it more comfortable than the regular riding boots. That's not all, chukka boot has more history to its name, but you're probably not here for that. Are you?

Hitting the nail on the head, these boots were a wardrobe staple and even more popular now that they’ve gained better build, colors, and material in many varieties. You’ll find the best chukka boots for men, mostly in black, brown, and tan shades. And while there is no specific manual for what a chukka boot should be and what it shouldn’t, there are a few features that make them stand out in the crowd.

First things first, these boots come only in ankle height, meaning if you find something similar but hitting above your ankles, you've discovered something else. At least, not the chukka boots everyone knows.

Next, these boots are open lacing and come with two or three lacing eyelets, which give them that perfect spot between dress and casual boots.

Chukka boots are simply manufactured from just two pieces of leather sewn together with thin threads. They also come with thin rubber soles and a rounded toe box, adding to their classic look and comfy feeling.

Perhaps the most glamorous thing about men's chukka boots is their ability to make a statement with any outfit you pair with them. Whether you’re up for a casual or formal look, chukka boots match with virtually any outfit you have in possession (and the ones you’re yet to buy).

You can style chukka boots for a simple look by wearing a pair of jeans and a shirt. And to take it further, you can opt for a pair of nicely tailored chinos, a polo shirt, and maybe a sweater—anything you can think about. And don't think they're just for casual outfits; you can't go wrong by pairing your elegant chukkas with a suit and any other thing from business casual to a formal look.

Are Chukka Boots Still in Style?

Of course, any footwear never makes sense if they’re out of style. What’s the essence of looking bygone when others are looking trendy?

And to answer if chukka boots for men are still in style, it’s a YES. These boots are too valuable and versatile to move into extinction anytime soon. Chukka boots never go out of style, as you can wear them throughout the year with almost any outfit in your closet.

Your shoe collection is incomplete if you don’t have at least one pair of classic chukka boots. It’s either you go with brown chukka boots if you have many blue, tan, cream, and green outfits in your closet, or opt for a pair of black chukka boots if your closet is full of white, black, grey, navy, and related colors.  

Differences Between Chukka Boot and Chelsea Boot

Getting to know what a chukka boot is might be incomplete without ironing out the similarities and differences with Chelsea boots.

Both boots are versatile, featuring distinguishable properties not just in their looks but in other aspects as well.

As far as looks go, chukka boots come with open lacing, while Chelsea boots are laceless, meaning you don’t have to worry about lacing up the shoes manually. Once you’re ready, the elasticated sides of the Chelsea boots allow you to wear them easily and comfortably.

Meanwhile, both boots offer robust protection and an elegant look when matched with the proper attire. The major difference is that chukka boots pair well mostly with casual outfits, while Chelsea boots go with both casual and business outfits.

Are Chukka Boots Formal?

When compared with Chelsea boots, chukka boots are more casual, but you can wear them with suits on occasion. And while they’re not an ideal type of footwear in a white-collar business setting, you can still wear chukka boots with formal dresses without looking bad.

But if you’re to pick between dressing Chelsea boots and chukka boots for a business look, it’ll always be the former.

Initially, chukka boots flaunt the casual footwear style, making them an exceptional alternative for loafers, sneakers, and Chelsea boots. You’ll get the best out of a chukka boots when you pair them with casual, and smart-casual, and even some business-casual outfits. Nonetheless, they can also make statement with formal outfits, but not in all scenarios.

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