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The Ultimate Guide To What Shoes To Wear With A Tuxedo

Tuxedos have become one of the most substantial attires to wear at a formal or ceremonial event. A tuxedo is an admirable choice if you are planning to attend a black-tie event with a formal or semi-formal dress code. We are here to help the gentlemen to upgrade their wardrobes that are why we have prepared an ultimate guide to what shoes to wear with a tuxedo.

Originating in the 19th century in British and other English gatherings for attire, nowadays tuxedos have evolved to become a substantial part of men’s wardrobe. But similarly, choosing the best and complementary shoes is as important as choosing the right shirt, trousers, or bow tie for your tuxedo. In this article, we’ll explain to you all the details necessary for you to know about choosing the best pair of shoes for your tuxedo so that you can look well proportioned and nice-looking at your event.

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Popular Shoes That Go With A Tuxedo
Select your favorite tuxedo shoes to look impressive

Our Top Picks

There is a huge range of shoes that are appropriate for many occasions from opera pump to leather derby. Here is a list of shoes that looks best with a tuxedo.

Select the Tuxedo Shoes

Tuxedos are an emblem of versatility. They are as classy and timeless as any other formal shoes. Loafer shoes never go out of style; therefore, they should be a must to keep in your wardrobe.


Tuxedo shoes with patent leather are the best choice for formal as well as semi-formal occasions giving you a refined as well as stylish and modern look.

Oxford Shoes with Tuxedos

Black Oxford lace-up shoes are the best pick if you need to attend a semi-formal or formal event. Oxford shoes with patent leather will surely augment your style by giving them a glossy appearance.

The important thing to remember is that broguing or any other decorative patterns don’t go well if you are wearing oxford shoes. The simpler and plainer are the shoes the more elegant they will look.


Derby shoes with tuxedos

Wearing a tuxedo with derby shoes is the best choice to wear for semi-formal events. The facing of Derby shoes, unlike oxfords, is attached to the top on the vamp for permitting a wider fit. A derby with its open lacings is traditionally a country shoe which allows the shoes to loosen more, making it more appropriate than many other shoes.


Therefore, derby shoes are more comfortable and more casual than oxford shoes. But when it comes to looks it doesn’t make it look less classy or less elegant, rather is the best alternative for oxford shoes.

Dress Loafers with tuxedos

Dress loafers are so underrated to wear with a tuxedo. These shoes are sophisticated yet fashionable.  Wearing dress loafers will add to your elegancy and gives you a more refined look. The boots can be made up of patent leather. 

If you like to look different at an event, then dress loafers are the best option to wear with a tuxedo. 


Cap Toe Shoes with tuxedos

Cap toe dress shoes are the traditional and the ultimate choice for pairing with tuxedos informal events. They are decorated with cap toe designs. They are the top priority to wear with tuxedos by many leaders of style. 

Black cap toe shoes are the best choice for formal events.


Double Monk Strap with tuxedos

Double monk straps can be an amazing choice for wearing with tuxedo. These shoes are unique because they have a sleek and modern design. Wearing it with no-show socks will be the best choice to wear with tuxedo. These have buckles and strap fastenings making them easy to wear and comfortable. You can pair them casually as well as formally.


When talking about the ultimate guide to what shoes to wear with tuxedos, the above-mentioned shoes are the most recommended shoes to pair for any formal occasion.

Shoes to Avoid with Tuxedos

Tuxedos are pivotal modern-day formal attire clothing that will make you look classy and elegant. But not every pair of shoes goes well with tuxedos. Here are some shoes that you should avoid wearing with tuxedos.


Sneakers are definitively not a good choice to wear with tuxedos. Sneakers are very casual shoes giving you a sporty and casual look that does not match the vibe of the formal events.


Wearing sandals with chinos should be avoided.  Sandals are causal and non-formal, unlike tuxedos which are formal pieces of clothing. Therefore these two should never be paired.

Sports shoes

Sports shoes running shoes or trainers should be a no-no to wear with tuxedos because trainers, sports shoes and running shoes are sporty and athletic appearance that does not go well to be worn with a tuxedo.

Shoe Material

Shoe material should also be considered when pairing with a tuxedo because that can make a remarkable difference in your appearance. Here are the most common shoe materials that can be worn with tuxedos.

Patent Leather Shoes

Patent leather shoes are always the best choice to be worn at formal events. Their luminous and shiny appearance adds to your appearance. Hence, this is the reason that we recommend this as a must-have for men. The most common patent leather choice to be worn with tuxedos is oxford shoes, though you can style them with back patent loafers and opera pumps.

Calfskin shoes

Calfskin is a good alternative to patent leather shoes. These shoes are equally as classy as patent leather thus making you look elegant and graceful. But one thing to remember is that you need to have your shoes expertly shined before the event for a better appearance.

Velvet shoes

Wearing velvet shoes with tuxedos is also a smart choice. Velvet shoes look very modern, fashionable, and modish. Velvet shoes have a plus point that they are available in different colors range.

Things to Remember while wearing shoes with Tuxedo


Tuxedos are essentially an excellent choice to wear at formal events. But choosing the best pair of shoes with tuxedos is also equally important because the flawed choice can ruin your entire formal and classy appearance. So in this article, we have explained all the necessary details on “the ultimate guide to what shoes to wear with tuxedos” that you should know before pairing your shoes with a tuxedo.

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