How To Style Monk Strap Shoes For Men

Shoes are the first thing we notice in other’s personality. Additionally, if you wear good, elegant shoes, people will be more impressed by you. One of the most traditional shoe designs ever is the monk strap shoe. The monk strap's exquisite design gives it a touch of formality and a refined texture. The straps style themselves, give any outfit a charismatic vibe. The unique feature is that specific pairs come with many straps and buckles option and there are numerous ways to know how to style monk strap shoes.

Monk strap shoes often come with one or two straps. There are pairs with three straps as well, but those are more vulnerable to trends. Although, simple shoes with single or double strap shoes appear more classic.

These shoes are semi-formal footwear that goes well with full suits as well as with jeans, chinos, and dress pants. It is a versatile shoe type that looks perfect with any casual, business casual, and formal wear.

Sometimes it's hard to know what kind of monk strap shoes to wear and what types of outfits or straps would be stylish and comfortable. Here are the most acceptable ways to wear monk strap shoes to help you rock these shoes.

Monk Straps with Suits

A pair of monk strap is most trendy and effective way to upgrade your formal look. Like other dress shoes, monk straps look best when they are dark or natural in color. For a classy appearance when wearing a dark suit, stick to dark single monk strap shoes. But several earthy-colored double monk strap shoes might draw attention to the dark, navy force, charcoal, and beige fitting tones.

Additionally, you might want to consider wearing monk strap shoes with different suits, which also have a business casual vibe. Black and brown monk straps are the perfect colors to use with suits to look excellent, mainly with any suit style. Black monk strap shoes and a black suit can give you a sophisticated style while being comfortable for a more formal appearance.

Monk Straps with Jeans

Most men wear loafers or sneakers with their jeans these days, but wearing a great pair of monk strap shoes enhances your whole appearance. You can be prepared for multiple events with just one pair of shoes you just need to know how to style monk strap shoes. Choose tan double monk strap shoes, skinny black jeans, and a white T-shirt for casual looks. Or, go smart-casual by pairing slim-fit blue jeans, a brown belt, and shirt left unbuttoned, and a jacket with brown monk straps.


Monk Strap Dress Shoes




Although tanned suede also goes great with jeans. You can go anywhere to business, a party, or just a casual get-together with friends. You may easily flaunt a killer outfit with the best monk strap shoes for a casual occasion by adding jeans and a leather belt.

Monk Straps with Shorts

Shorts are generally fun to wear with monk straps.The main point is you should know how to style monk strap shoes with shorts. Choosing monk strap shoes when wearing shorts have the advantage of being worn without socks.

They complement both light and sparkling casual shorts outfits. They are ideal for bright, relaxed, and informal environment. In the summer, a pair of brown monk straps will go best with a linen shirt in grey or blue and a pair of slim-fitting shorts in white or beige.

You can also try black monks, black shorts, a checkered shirt, a tie, and a blazer for a laid-back  casual style.  

How & When to wear Monk Straps

Men's monk strap shoes are stylish, adaptable, and, most importantly, enjoyable to wear and match. We'll provide you with some fashion advice on when and how to wear your monk strap shoes on different occasions.

Formal Look

How to style monk strap shoes with formal look is the question that arises here.The ideal way to bring personality into your formal clothing is with monk strap shoes. Stick to a black suit, a white shirt, and monk strap shoes for formal occasions.

Alternately, go for a double-breasted suit in a lighter shade and pair it with forest green monk strap shoes. Dark brown or blue suits go great with blue monks.

Casual look

Monk strap shoes are adaptable and are simple to wear in casual settings. Try pairing brown monk strap shoes with grey or blue chinos and a jumper during the cooler months.

Blue jeans, an open-neck shirt, and suede monk shoes look great in the summer. Or, for a simple impact look, wear these shoes with a black T-shirt and grey pants.

Business casual look

More skill is needed to pull off business casual clothing than smart casual wear for the office. There are number of ways to know how to style mont strap shoes with business casual look.It's preferable to stick with monk shoes and use basic dress code while wearing in a professional setting.

You can also dress up your footwear for a more professional appearance. Try a brown leather monk  with a roll-neck shirt in charcoal for a sophisticated combo for a business casual outfit.

Choose brown leather double monk strap shoes to go with a navy or charcoal suit and structured coat for an office-friendly winter outfit.

Semi-Formal Look

The semi-formal dress code is popular for parties and weddings and is more casual than formal clothes while maintaining refined air. Pair monk straps with in neutrals or trendy colors.

Choose black single strap shoes if you decide to wear a full suit, and soften the look with a polo shirt. Monk Straps with chinos, a jacket, a white dress shirt, and accessories like sunglasses would be another classy option.


Monk strap shoes are stylish, adaptable, and exhibit a certain level of flair and elegance that other dress shoes lack. You may dress in monk strap shoes using various ideas and with different outfits.

Depending on the style of monk straps, you can wear them with jeans, khakis, or a suit, but they're a versatile look that goes well with most clothes. Despite their simple style, monks are a fantastic option for formal and casual outfits.

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